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  1. if I remember right this was from mid 04 and ToO was released dec 04? -Edit mid 04
  2. at least for city range wise you could get grids stacked pretty close, if I remember correct SM had a few different tags leveling wise and gold on test were through the roof I'll look around and see if I got any pics from toon creation giving test server info
  3. To be honest I forget , would be best if one of the WP guys could chime in on that
  4. the quick turn around from test were fun and besides it was a fast way of testing new builds. At least when a main server got stale hit up test and good to go
  5. Old test server, I got more pics just go to go through them
  6. Dig a tunnel to siege a town you say? Equipment check, yep ready to go
  7. Man I see wings! better be able to fly Once again where the thieves at now??
  8. fail!!!! bring on stealth and thieves!!!
  9. Probably is in the equine biz, I would seconded quality horse models Further to wonder with the announcement of our Centaurs friends, will they be able to take a companion on their back into battle?
  10. I 100% agree van how many times have we dealt with a dead server? I know we are all looking for fun. 1 thing that brought me back heavily was us testing teleport points onto a city grid to bring groups in heavy. I am sad we didn't get to use what we tested Attack points and siege points I look forward to on city's or nations. Once again if death is full loot so be it. It won't stop me from divide and conquer tactics!
  11. can't forget good times of random summons
  12. Half up front! I still can't believe that worked, you would figure people have learned over the years
  13. I know we all farmed our butts off on dread to drop rocks and carpet bane the ones against us. But having a few open vendor city's where our cash cows lol. I agree I don't think people from SB will quit over lost pixels. They will quit from nothing to do, and then return later
  14. I'll be 100% honest with ya freeze never duped a thing in SB. Macro Farmed yes. All in all I would like to see inventory loot, but if its full inventory loot it wont bug. For the people that are more or less casual players I could see where they will just up and quit which would be a bad thing. So item decay is a valued solution
  15. Fats! good to see an og OPP around. At least on RNG would like to see something like say procs on weapons like in sb , it does make it spicy in pvp , yes unreliable but per say when back to back procs happen it can turn the tide of battle pretty quick.
  16. I am really interested in the traveling between worlds, the crafting does peak my interest, but gateways to other lands is great stuff. Looking forward to hearing more about traveling to other worlds and what can be claimed on the other side
  17. pfft I got to deal with Spanish man
  18. meh u should here them both speaking Italian in ts
  19. and being able to put that banner poll through the dead on the ground
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