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  1. /crotchchop /puke /moon -Signed
  2. I thought you excelled in counting deaths and kills? <3
  3. http://youtu.be/-u-HCHCuHMg hope this give my awnser
  4. ah another from Corruption tho I don't remember a crew doing a bunch of lvl 1's at a bane but TSB I do remember on the map oi so many moons ago great times on Corruption with a fresh start coming from Dread. ahhh the good ol days
  5. MaT its been a while since I was reminded of A/C pvp good times there besides farming olthoi lol
  6. Sib come on now we are use to using striped down graphics to get a better game play. Think quake Besides that was only a char making screen, no clue what they have in store for what the world looks like. It could be heavy in depth ect
  7. meh Stealth and invis is a blast, there will all ways be ways to counter that.
  8. looking forward to more on next Tuesday ! where the thieves at now
  9. Would love to hear a Dev pop in on this for tuesday or something saying yes to Thieves! =D
  10. the adrenaline rush from stealing or just going into a city and taking out a target or a few targets and dipping out before the guards getting to you or a group getting to you is 100% priceless
  11. I got pics of city's burnt to the ground reaching back to dread but , yea no after math fields of skulls on stick :/
  12. totally got to have combat thieves hmmm I might have to open the cage door and let my bird thief run around tonight
  13. Pantera does hit a good spot but, I would almost say Hatebreed " everyone bleeds now" or "In Ashes they shall reap" would work also for fighting over a city with mino's also
  14. Would hope for some blood and gore to the game but but not Mortal Kombat style , but hey if it goes Mortal Kombat style for blood and gore hell ya pvp will be come crazy lost an arm no problem its just a flesh wound
  15. Metal for pvp fights =D
  16. if there is no classes there better be some sort of thief traits or skills
  17. I don't think many want to take hours on end to get from Point A to Point B
  18. I could see where people would be beyond disgruntled if their high level weapon was equipped and stolen, but persay it was in there bag not equipped shame on them lucky for us
  19. having a runegate system would be nice or heck something like the subway in AC where all the portals were to get around would be cool also
  20. At least playing a Thief in SB for me has some found memorys of being on the hunt to find people and steal from or pillage, down to the dirty backstab's with quick bursts of damage and stealthing up for crazy escapes or for returning for more. I would hope to see a master burglar class make it into crowfall.
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