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  1. I agree with near every observation made here, but I do not share the optimism. The level of disconnect between ACE and the players outside the whale forums makes me believe that they have no idea about how the game is being played, what they want with it, or how they would get there if they eventually settled on a vision. The fact that players need to write out essays pleading for something as basic as a trading system, this far into development of a game that supposedly wanted a player driven economy, is grotesque. And no matter how much I agree with the post here, it really doesn't matter. A studio that needs to have things that basic explained to them will not have the ability to implement it, because they do not understand it on a fundamental level. The team is long overdue a serious investment in outside consultants, because whatever it is they are doing now, simply does not work.
  2. I'd love it the other way around. Very low base damage for AoE, that then increases depending on number of targets hit. Create some counterplay to blobbing and give players a reason to develop tactical awareness beyond "Stand next to your friends". An added bonus is that it would slightly offset raw numbers advantage in fights.
  3. The point is/was for the Eternal Kingdoms to serve as the long term goal: You use the spoils from the short term campaigns to build up your personal, and permanent, area. When/if that'll actually manifest as a functional system remains to be seen. It's the feature I'm personally holding out for before I start playing again. I need them to prove that they can tie short term and long term together in a cohesive fashion, where one doesn't dwarf the other, before I'm willing to invest further time.
  4. It's the difference between playing for a reward and playing for the experience. Most do both, but the two are weighted differently from player to player. Someone that has only played Quake, as their only multiplayer game ever, will be completely indifferent to exports/imports, while someone that has only played MMOs will heavily favour that system. It's player psychology, and trying to argue it as anything else is futile. That said; if you are playing the current form of Crowfall as someone that is really into reward based gameplay, then you are likely having a very bad time. I know from personal experience. The game is almost entirely devoid of reasons to do anything, other than for the sheer challenge and experience of doing it. The Eternal Kingdoms were supposed to be that; the static place you could forever build up, improve, and expand, with the rewards you earned from the campaigns. They're (for?) now relegated to poorly implemented dueling grounds with no actual justification for existing. Export/import gameplay only makes sense because of the idea of varying rulesets for campaigns. If not for that, campaigns themselves would serve no purpose that could not be achieved by resetting keep ownership once in a while. And part of that variation is zero import campaigns that allow newer guilds/players a place to get into the game. The plan is (was?) to have multiple campaigns running at the same time, so there is always something for everyone, but doing that during a testing period runs counter to the purpose, and thus we won't see it. They will keep running one campaign at a time, in order to funnel the testers into the part of the game they're currently working on. How this will play out going forward is anyone's guess. Will they actually implement all the systems that are needed for things to come together? Will they ever have enough players to run several campaigns at once? Will there ever be a "reason" to do anything in the game, apart from the moment to moment experience? Personally I very much doubt it. But trying to draw conclusions based on an amputated state of the game is pointless. Zero import campaigns exist because they're supposed to be a part of the larger ecosystem. Trying to gauge their value as concept is pointless until they actually exist within that ecosystem. Which might be never. But that's besides the point.
  5. It's an insane problem to be facing, and one that shouldn't exist in the first place. Crowfall already asks a LOT of a new player. They're asked to find and join an established guild long before they're even half comfortable with the game, since every aspect is gated behind guild play. They're prohibited from crafting because they will never be able to make anything remotely useful compared to the established players, and won't be able to compete with wartribe drops for several months. They can't play a real part in any sort of PvP, because they don't have the vessels to be competitive. At best they can spent 20 hours farming NPCs with an AI from a few decades ago, in the hope of getting some gold and wartribe gear. And now, on top of that, they're not allowed to gather any more. They're being prevented from contributing in any way, shape, or form to the ecosystem of the game. What does the core design document say about how these systems are going to not just introduce new players, but also give them a reason to stick around after they realize that they're second class customers? Every part of the game tells them that they are not welcome. They are not of equal worth. Literally. They don't have access to the same game as the rest of us. "Welcome to Crowfall, come back in three months and you'll be allowed to play the game." There's a million and three different changes that could, and should, be made to the existing systems. Gathering being the most acute of the problems. But the underlying problem needs to be addressed as well. Slapping one shoddily thought out bandaid after the other on top of a gaping wound will do exact nothing in the long term. Hard gating fundamental game mechanics behind account age will keep out new players. You can gate effectiveness and efficiency. You can gate choice impact. You can even go as far as gating choice breadth. But you can not gate core mechanics if you wish your game to survive long term.
  6. Exactly. CCP has repeatedly stated that only ~10% of players ever enter nullsec. By any standard, the game is largely played by PvEers and very casual PvPers. But those people create the ecosystem that allow hardcore PvPers their gameplay. The irony is that most of us are unable (or unwilling) to understand that the we need that ecosystem for the game to keep going. So many of the nullsec inhabitants keep throwing childish tantrums whenever content for PvEers are introduced, without realizing that they would rule an empty galaxy if that very content didn't exist. Features can benefit a you even though you don't personally engage with it.
  7. That was very helpful. Thanks a lot
  8. I'm gonna piggyback off of this topic, rather than create a completely new one. Noob question 1: How big is the discrepancy between good character builds, mediocre builds, and bad builds? Does it automatically decide the outcome of fights, or is there still some amount of wiggle room in terms of player skill? In short, how reliant am I on aping "meta" builds? Noob question 2: How much worse is solo play than the intended group play? I know, and love, that the game is group/guild focused, but some times I'd like to just mess around on my own, doing minor stuff. Is this 100% pointless, or is there some classes and/or activities that allow me to still do something when solo? Noob question 3: Do guilds have to have access to every single crafting focus, or is there enough options for trading that smaller guilds can sell what they're good at and buy what they're lacking? Again, I'm aware that having everything covered internally is the optimal approach. My question is more about if it's possible to get around the downsides to some degree. Noob question 4: What the poorly made socks does "vessel" mean? I see the word used, and it's clearly referring to some late game way to optimize a character, but I'm unable to find any sort of in-depth description of what it is, how it's made, how important it is, or even how you use it? It looms like some arcane mystery, and it's driving me absolutely nuts Noob question 5: How often are live servers wiped, and does the passive skills reset as well when it happens?
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