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  1. I think a perma-death server is a great idea. The amount of drama produced from that single server would be incredible. The murders, the backstabbing, the risk associated with just being outside. I want in.
  2. I hope it's not full-on flight wings. I like the idea behind flying, but it always trivializes so much content. I'd be fine with a scaled down glide mechanic. Something like ArcheAge has without as much carry. Handy, but not required.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing chat limited to groups (party, guild, ect) or atleast have a ruleset without general or world chat. Too many times has a well organized raid been foiled by a noob running into the wall near by and spamming global about it. If it's too much for the general game, that's fine. Just give us a hardcore server option.
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