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  1. Crowfall Digital Edition VIP Access for Two Months Forum Membership Hamlet Parcel Manor Building 2 Merchant Pack Pigs Quarterhorse Mount Play Now and Forever one would think the parcel would match the house..?? When reading this bundle
  2. The hamlet parcel that the package for 200 dollars says fits the manor...decently don’t come with a large token to fit the manor.. please correct me if I’m wrong
  3. House and parcel should match in a 200 dollar package? this is misleading as to what you actually get..
  4. So Ive been watching this game for a very long time and finally broke down and bought a pack that gave me the Hamlet Parcel and the Manor... Parcel is placed but it seems the Hamlet Parcel does not come with a large token? It clearly says the Hamlet Parcel can have a Manor on it.. any help would be appreciated thanx
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