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  1. Father God (Oberon) disappears, His Children (Princes of Amber) start fighting for the throne in three main teams. The worlds are being corrupted and die, aka the black road arc in Amber. Even the heroes own personal worlds (A Prince of Amber could always find himself a nice little shadow to live in) Are these parallels intentional or coincidental?
  2. What you've described here seems like a specialists work, since support is probably buff/debuff/crowd control. Though I can definitely see a specialist druid promotion.
  3. The problem is, they don't look like much of a tree spirit.
  4. kurush_ii.

    Druid Weapons

    No love for sicles? : (
  5. They've not thought of cool phrases yet : P
  6. On the old one he looks like a Guinea PIRATE!!! I love it!
  7. Druids! Yippie-a-yay! (I'd like it more if they had 1/3/3/3 stats though...)
  8. From a screenshot at their kickstarter page it seems like there only will be 12. Ist that true??!
  9. Would you like to have a Meerkat race? They're very smart, organized and altruistic. I think they'd make a great support/specialist archetype, or maybe a tank, since they're resistant to multiple kinds of venom, including scorpion venom.
  10. kurush_ii.

    Was It Gaea?

    I also assumed twas Gaea, but you do see Yagas sigil on the duelists box, so I'm not so sure anymore...
  11. Duelist -> OMOCIKAERIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!!!!!!!!!!!! But, In all seriousness, they're awesome : )
  12. This seems an awesome choice, if there won't be a Druid-esque class.
  13. A Druid without pets, controlling the roots. (So pretty much support, crowd control through entangle, to be precise)
  14. It also seems Frostweaver will be 5 points cheaper than the kinght. (Knight has 30 points free, Frostweaver seems to have 35)
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