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  1. It's almost that time guys and gals! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the puzzle pieces tomorrow.
  2. I have a loved one that will be receiving the D'Orion as his Valentine's Day Card. Thank you so much <3
  3. Facebook - Crowfall Wise Ones

  4. I just saw this post. May I be added to your list?
  5. Thanks for posting this for those of us (me) from the Wizard side that know nothing of your type of gameplay, but am excited and anxious to learn. The passion you guys have for Shadowbane is inspiring.
  6. sierrad

    The Hive

    Just popping in to say hi to the Hive
  7. Everyone is welcome to join our fansite/forum. Stop by and visit, tell us a little about yourself, what you're looking for in a guild, your past experience with mmo's, pvp etc. Crowfallwiseones.com
  8. Appreciate you catching that and letting us know Agelmar.
  9. We are finally up and running and ready for visitors to our new fansite. We welcome everyone. We'll be updating the site with helpful tips, guides and new content as Crowfall gets closer to beta launch. Please feel free to add information about your guild or fansite. We look forward to meeting and playing this game with a bunch of you! Crowfall Wise Ones http://crowfallwiseones.com
  10. Take a look and let us know what you think Thanks for the interest in our guild
  11. Come on over guys! http://crowfallwiseones.com/
  12. We will be launching the forum tonight guys and you'll be able to sign up for the guild!
  13. G'mornin to you too Kimberly! Definitely too cold to go outside
  14. I love our trolls They make me happy
  15. Here you go K@rlos From Angus: Cannot be in 2 separate guilds. Guilds often form alliance's with other guilds, (I threw in a war room question for you because Karen asked about it in another post) A War Room is where battle plans, strategy, etc are formulated by guild leaders.
  16. Hi guys, yep are working to get this set up. Skype will be quick and easy, but right now we are working on setting up the site/forum set up with information available. Then we work on figuring out who will actually be elected to be in the guild. Slow but sure
  17. Hey Karlos, we have an Ask Angus section in our upcoming forum. I will pose the question to him, *since he's at work right now*. In the meantime, if anyone else wants to answer or knows this, please do so. Until we get the forum/website going have no idea who knows what about this stuff.
  18. You found the post I made the first day this forum opened Kimberly. Angus has experience with this type of gameplay. He's going to be a great help at least for me. If we just have thick skin, we will all do great!
  19. Thank you for this offer of an alliance. I spent most of the night reading posts in the JTC thread about Odd Bedfellows. At first, the Carebear (picked up from the thread) in me was like "these guys are just hateful and I need to find an ignore button", but the more I read I found myself laughing at some pretty funny stuff, especially when you made fun of yourselves. We're still getting our feet wet setting up our guild and myself personally learning more about the style of gameplay you guys are used to. We'll be in touch.
  20. I totally agree Ironpoint, and I'm sure many will drop out as the game is revealed. Personally, I plan on giving it a good go to learn it and not drop out early because it doesn't grab me right away. We do have some people in our group that have played this type of game and thankfully are willing to help us along the way to learn what we are in store for. Have to start somewhere and quitting just doesn't seem to fit. You have a great attitude, we're happy to call you an ally.
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