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  1. No info, no dates, no patch note, no user experince, .... this is a joke
  2. If that would be a free trial, a wouldn say a word. I would test it, decide its a crap, sorry deeply unfinished product, and leave. But I already bought this as a game, yes in testing period, but still a game, and in today scale very expensive one. I would understand if there would be some bugs, unbalances, lack of content, or anything else. But if a studio with 60+ ppl, and budget of dozens milions of USD, as someone said here, are not able in 5 years of development made such a banality as a talent reset button, make a few pages of describtion text, or even a chat where you can type question mark its very sad. And with current dev speed and atitude i feel from everywhere i do not expect this game will ever be finished/good. So here is my suggesting: Do not sold this as a game, if you do not think its a game. Make a giant red sign on a website saying "This product is far away from being done, and lacking even absolutely main gui functions and basic user experience.". Because im really disapointed. More, i feel robbed. I bought very expensive tree, in a fancy package and when i opened a box, there was nothing. So i came here and said hey there is almost nothing in a box and your answer is "Look again young padavan, there is a seed. And if you plant it at good spot, treat it carefully, and be patiently waiting long enough, you probably get your tree."
  3. But you again looking at this issue with eyes of experienced player. And it surely will not be complicated to bring limitations to prevent abusing. For example you can give common vessel 3 resets, and lower this number in better tiers.
  4. This game is not new-players friendly, I have absolute opposite feeling, it's very unfriendly. You join the game and have to choose server (or realm, or how do you call that) and have no idea which. No simply info which is PVE or PVP anythink. You start to make a vessel and you again have no clue what to do. There is no info about race deferences, no info about classes, again nothink. So you pick one randomly just because is looks nice and start to play. As you start playing you again have no info about anythink, you have to find out that your skills depends on talent thee, but AGAIN without any describtion, so you have to click it to see what that skill actully do, and the second you did it, you are custarded up. Then you spent half an hour typing in global asking for way how to reset points, before some good person will tell you its not possible, bcs this game is far from beeing finished (its far from beeing playable too btw). So you spent few days by farming dosens of vessels trying to find what is good, and which class suits you, but at start to be booring very soon. So yes, if you know this game good, if you are playing it for years you can mark talent reset as negligible, but for any new players which just loged in, and there will be majority of new unexperienced players once this game will be released (if ever), they will all be just confused and disapointed like I'm.
  5. I would like to suggest to add talent point reset function (by some npc), at least now for testing purposes.
  6. Is there any idea when the beta shoud be released? From twitch video released in start of march i get it should be any day, but its a week and still there is no info at all.
  7. I agree with you in general, but this system will made game dead and bleed out players same way like in Darkfall, Mortal, and many more games did. You have to distinguish between pvp player who want to kill and be killed, and player which want to sit in their house of gold. If you cant leave city because you know anyone you meet will want to kill you its bad mechanics. Years ago, when we started to play Darkfall with friends we were group of 9. After month we were 3, and after another month i was alone i stopped playig even i liked the game. And only reason was when you are a noob with no gear, no money, and no skill you dont want to be owned over and over againd and lose everything you had. So like i said before, i dont have much experiences with crowfall and local PK preventing mechanics. I played this game for very limited time and atm waiting for new overhaul patch which (as far as i understand) should be very soon. Im only hoping that my friends i will drag to this game dont quit in one month.
  8. You disagree with my reputation system, or with idea that everyone should have to right to everyone?
  9. Honestly not much. I have 20, maybe 30 hours played in total. That was reaction mostly for someone at the biggining of thread who said darkfall pvp model was good.
  10. Darkfall was very good game, but unfortuantely wrongly designed. You have to have right to kill enyone in case you need, player is toxic, or because you simply want to. But the game mechanics should prevent you from doing it. For example in darkfall penalities for killing ppl was very low so it leads to anyone you meet anywhere always wanted to kill you. And that is wrong. The right mechanic will learn you dont want to be PK: For example for killing mobs, farming, crafting, etc. you will get slowly "positive reputation", which will give you some % of PK defence. For killing any enemy players (fraction, open world) you will loose "positive reputation" quickly, but not get "negative reputation". And for killing inocent players/friendly fire (high positive rep.) will give you negative rep. points geomeriraly and lower your pvp dmg/heal output up to 30 or 50%. That means you still have an option to kill anyone you want to, but if you will do it often your account will quickly became broken.
  11. I would like to add my comment to this one. In every game i strongly prefer the healer or buffer classes. Even when Im mainly PVP focused type, I love to be in position who decides who will live and who will die. But i like when dmg make dmg, tank classes are made for tanking, and healers are for healing. This setup will ensure, that you need other ppl for playing, and you will group up. That is main goal for MMOs. So i think there should be one class, or one build with strong single target aimed heals (mana spent and sacriface), strong party aoe heals, in-battle ressurection, even with long cooldown "panic button" which instantly heal up party member with lowest HP. But for cost of very low, or no dmg. Btw my most favourite heal across the all MMOs i ever play was "balance heal" from Lineage2, which equalize HP of all party members. Calculated by party member 1 100% hp, pm2 100% hp, pm3 20% hp >> 100+100+20 / 3 = after banalce heal all party members would have 73% hp. I would love to see this function here. Could be use as that mentoined panic button.
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