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  1. Like: HD Dislike: Respec behind VIP, fix this you are making people leave, what game have respec behind a paywall Convoluted Crafting
  2. Stop with dregs for now, close infected, open shadows. This will allow new players and guilds to side car with other guilds. We need player retention now. Open infected only between campaigns.
  3. Why did the developers give Pit Fighters 300 AP? Alpha doesn't even get that much in their promotion. Pit Fighters promotions should be about resistance as they're a tank. Taking the 300 AP to 0 and giving them resistance in lieu of AP will keep them as a good platform to provide buffs or debuffs and harass while being nearly unkillable. The ability to dish out heavy damage and tank anything seems like an oversight.
  4. Some thoughts that I wanted to get out on the forums. Forts are a nightly objective for PvP but allow the biggest groups usually to own them. Forts also directly pull the need for harvesters off the map. My suggestion is to keep the Forts a nightly occurrence but have them only be able to drop building materials ie. metal ingot, boulder, timber nothing that would be beneficial to crafters(get rid of gold and dust too). Also, to enhance getting harvesters back out on the map, why not add an interactive stand in the forts that directly buffs harvester's rarity drops. Implementing this would directly benefit the owners of the forts but no longer be a fountain of crafting resources that people collect and alt P with. Next, thrall workers, why not add these to captain, chief and king loot tables. Simply walking over and buying them seems like a big let down. If you make these special thrall workers be part of the loot drop you encourage people to get out into the world in order to upgrade their structures. Finally, please bring back Hunger Dome.
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