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  1. I'd like to thank Artcraft for assisting me in my accession: Immediately before ascending I dropped some orbs and then switched to death tray. Apparently people report only being able to see my ascended form while I am in death tray. That makes sense, as I am the coronavirus! Also very concerning is that when people disable bloom my ascended form appears less radiant. Only me glowing green as opposed to blinding non-believers with my holy rays of pestilence. You should probably remove the ability to disable bloom so none can escape my inevitable glory.
  2. Dev team is putting up a fight but I'll do what I can to keep this down as long as possible!
  3. @Armegeddon - You talking smack about me? Catch me in-game brah.
  4. No need to be so formal. I prefer this name to COVID-19. Makes me sound too much like my father.
  5. Sorry guys. This is my fault... isn't it?
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