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  1. My epeen has always loved leaderboards but I am not sure how fitting they would be with Crowfall.
  2. Was a lot of fun watching both @Arawulf & @Chief_Sarcan stream Crowfall tonight, nice job guys!
  3. Exciting times, can't wait to get in! Everyone that is already in, good luck testing, happy gaming and kill something for me!
  4. I guess it is just a matter of opinion because I really liked Necromancers in both Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot.
  5. Legomylegolas shall be mine! In all seriousness though, I have around 5-6 names that I would be happy with
  6. While I would rather have drag and drop method over the alternatives, I would also be happy with your proposal as well compared to some of the other options such as loot all.
  7. Looking forward to playing and making some videos when called upon
  8. I remember when testing seemed so far away and now here we are with this pre-alpha testing news!
  9. Whenever it arrives, my body is ready
  10. Hehe, used to PvP against a guild named <Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts>
  11. My spare time is lacking but best of luck to whoever puts their name in the hat
  12. Looking forward to hearing the answers. I have always thought that sitting should make regeneration faster with a possible trade-off of a damage increase against the sitting target.
  13. That was honestly a lot better than I was hoping for, keep up the great work!
  14. I didn't read the responses but WoW will be the only WoW killer and slowly but surely it is doing a fine job
  15. I don't think i will ever be tapped out on fantasy
  16. My thoughts exactly, well said
  17. Why do I stop? Usually when I am not having fun. Unfortunately I don't stop playing a game until long after I stopped having fun. Whether it is realizing I am only logging in because of the friends that I have made, not wanting to give up the time investment or not accepting the truth that I am no longer having fun, I always end up leaving long after the ship has sailed and the shark has been jumped.
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