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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Augustus Schenck "anguish" 1878   
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Comparison Of Crowfall And Camelot Unchained   
    I get that you don't support CU or the type of PvP that it has to offer, but calling a game without any PvE a PvE game isn't fair. While player looting, whether it is full, partial, or inventory looting adds a certain layer to gaming compared to those games who don't, I will still support a PvP game like CU over a PvE game any day of the week. There is room for different types of PvPers in both games and I will gladly support both.
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from Makishima in Gordon Walton - Are You The One Who Brought Us The Nge?   
    Years from now I can't wait to read Gordon Walton - Are you the one who brought us the amazing game Crowfall?
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from piikaa in Crowfall #1 "top Voted Games" On The Front Page Of Mmorpg.com   
    At the time of this post, Crowfall has the top spot on the "Top Voted Games" on the front page of mmorpg.com which means everyone can see the Crowfall name and logo. Regardless if you are about hype or not, the exposure is a good thing. If you want to cast your vote head over to  http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1214/view/hype
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from baerin in Crowfall #1 "top Voted Games" On The Front Page Of Mmorpg.com   
    At the time of this post, Crowfall has the top spot on the "Top Voted Games" on the front page of mmorpg.com which means everyone can see the Crowfall name and logo. Regardless if you are about hype or not, the exposure is a good thing. If you want to cast your vote head over to  http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1214/view/hype
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crowfall #1 "top Voted Games" On The Front Page Of Mmorpg.com   
    We first cracked the top spot on January 18th when the original post was made and then fluctuated for the next week or two but have been staying strong at the top of the mountain most of the time ever since. Like you mentioned, being number one over there has been great for exposure.
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Let's Change The Slogan.   
    *shakes fist*  
    Crowfall: War. Allies. Enemies. Empires. Betrayal. Risk. Conquest. Play to Win, Play to Crush!
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to PoopHat in 5v5 battle today, fun stuff ;)   
    Group sizes changed to 5 toward end of testing. Had a fun battle with Neji, Sunejii, Drkboo (SR8D) and Calamity Mage.
    Hunger closing in on both teams, turns into a real cluster. Especially when I'm not good with confessor yet. Lol.
    Is there going to be a forum for posting user videos and screens specifically? Not sure where it's appropriate to post this. Please move thread if needed.
    Thanks for the fun today!!!!
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to headlight in [Info leak] Ranger next archetype for the Hunger Dome?   
    I don't think ACE will take kindly to breaking into their assets and posting it, so I don't think it's safe to post on officials. But here's a bunch of leaked assets someone dumped on The Dregs.
    Original thread
    Ranger speculation
    Crafting assets
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to corvax in Devs please help hacked acct   
    I woke up this morning and my wife was holding up my Special Edition Crowfall Tee-shirt and was laughing at me, she had hacked my USPS parcel, and had stolen my tee from my guild bank. 
    Because we are on the same faction and Friendly Fire is not yet activated all I could do was chase her around the zone and  beg her to give it back, she just LoL'ed at me.
    Then just to troll me she threw the tee into the Eternal Washer and Dryer (on high) to shrink it so it won't fit me, and then she logged out.
    I promise, I have never used a third party program outside of our marriage, or cheated on her by clicking on another woman's link.
    I don't know how this could have happened? 
    Please help! Can I order another Tee-shirt now that she has mine? 
    Sad Crow, 
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to warcrimes in [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!   
    It's an unofficial community hub to gather and present players with both official, fan-made, and original content. We have plenty in the works (as well as already made) that will make this more apparent as game development progresses. There is little point in releasing it now at the current game state. As it stands right now, it's a forum, a wiki, and a gameplay video/streamer directory.
    We all volunteer our time for the love of the game...centralizing information is a great way to help build a growing community, which is what every backer here wants out of CF.

    In short, yes. Picking up the slack of the official forums by providing a loosely moderated and political environment for both players and guilds is the endgame of our forums. I come from a shadowbane background, I would like to see a stronger presence for Crowfall. This does not mean, however, that the forums are tailored strictly to that type of crowd. As our website grows and expands into a supplemental source to the actual game itself (again, at it's current phase the production of OC is limited which can be seen even here) I completely expect all crowds to find their niche inside of the TD community. With that being said, the forums are just a very small part of the overall content/resources we plan on having, so it's completely optional. Take advantage of the rest...that's perfectly fine with us!

    As I said, for the love of the game and to build a stronger community. We're in it for the long haul and glad we can help out both potential and current backers. The cost of the contest is small in relation to all time we've spent coding the video system and putting almost 250 consistently updated articles into our wiki, and that was out of the kindness of our heart too.
    If you have any other questions...I'd be happy to answer them.
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Bramble in [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!   
    One of the prizes must be a new 2015 Lexus.
    Thank you, most generous.
    Well done.
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Adall in [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!   

    Greetings all Crowfall members!

    We at The Dregs are looking forward to the opening of pre-alpha for our testing pleasure! We understand that the streams and videos posted around the internet will spark some more discussion than normal and we wanted to give you a chance to get in on the action! Given that these forums require a pledge package in order to post and share your thoughts and feedback, we are going to open up the gates and give away a few packages to our new Crowfall members!

    In order to qualify for the package we only ask that you post your answer to the title question in this thread, "What do you look forward to most in Crowfall?" An answer from an individual without a package (Guests) will enter them into the contest for a chance to win one of the packages we have reserved. If they also register at The Dregs under the same user name and contributes to the forums, they will earn an additional entry. Each individual can only receive a maximum of two entries for the contest. At the end of the entry period we will be randomly pulling names for whom to give the packages.

    In addition to the main contest, we are also hosting a caption contest for everyone (INCLUDING CURRENT BACKERS) to join in on. The best caption as voted on by the development team at The Dregs will receive a 2015 Backer bundle which includes a variety of great perks!

    In total we are giving away:

    Main Contest (Guests)
    - 5x 2015 Supporter Packages

    Caption Contest (Everyone)
    - 1x 2015 Backer Package - 1st Prize
    - 1x 2015 Contributor Package - Runner Up

    Our goal is to get you up and running in this amazing community and hopefully provide wonderful feedback on what you see so we can all assist in making Crowfall a great game!

    Main Contest Thread

    Caption Contest Thread


    Good luck!

    Contestants are limited to one prize per person. Entries will be drawn through the use of a random number generator. If a duplicate name is drawn, the generator will be ran again until a new name is pulled. All 2015 Supporter Package prizes are reserved for the Official Forum newly registered users without a package. 2015 Backer and 2015 Contributor Packages will be gifted to the winner and runner up (respectively) of the caption contest located at www.thedregs.net. Contest ends 9.30.2015 and winners will be drawn and announced by 10.10.2015.
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Swiftly in Leader Boards   
    Realm Points and Ranks please...  I am on the fence if ranks should give any benefit though.
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Helix in Leader Boards   
    DAOC had guild leaderboards which displayed kills and 'realm points' per member. I'm hoping for something similar here
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to thenebrosity in GamingExports: PRE-ALPHA STREAM - VIEWER GIVEAWAYS   
    Hey everyone I'll be streaming the Crowfall Tests!    Make sure to stop by and say hi, I'll be giving away some Crowfall stuff (for new and current members of the community) during the stream so be sure to hang tight or leave me tabbed on a separate window to be able to participate!   Hop in and ask me about the giveaway! So much excite!   Everyone has a chance to win, every 10 minutes you guys watch the stream for grants you a token which you can use to participate in a drawing. The more tokens you acquire the more you can enter and use to increase your chance of winning!
    (For now, Tokens reset after every stream. Long term tokens will be adding up soon for even better prizes! Players can win prizes once a week.)
    Follow the stream at: http://www.Twitch.tv/GamingExports
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Pann in Streamer Week is coming!   
    In the near future, we will be inviting a small group of streamers to participate in a limited number of the Crowfall pre-alpha combat test sessions. Here’s what interested streamers need to know to claim one of these coveted golden tickets.
    Qualified participants will:
    Be at least 18 years of age Have a registered Crowfall.com account in good standing Qualified YouTube or Twitch channels will:
    Have a channel that is polished and complete and was created before April 1, 2015 Provide top-quality audio and video Not require a subscription fee (donations are okay) Have at least 100 consecutive viewers for live streams or a total of more than 5,000 page views  Have at least 500 followers/subscribers At least 24 past broadcasts/videos available Feature content that falls within the boundaries of the ACE Rules of Conduct and Terms of Use How to sign up:  
    Contact press@artcraftent.com with the subject line “Streamer application: [Channel name]”
    Please include the following information: 
    Your Crowfall account username Your name Date of birth Location/time zone Channel name:  URL:  Stream schedule: 
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from Furyk in Whats The Best Mmo That You Played?   
    Despite many of us starting off and loving different MMOs, the above statement is something that most of us will have in common. Whether your first MMO was Shadowbane, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest or anything else in between, we are all chasing that original high. A lot of players will accuse us of looking at the past with rose tinted goggles, but as you know that isn't the case. I hope that Crowfall can bring back some of the magic that has been lost since the Golden Age of MMORPGs. We have the right Dev team in order along with the right vision so hopefully everything else can fall in place to make this something we will never forget. 
    One month to go before the big announcement, I can't wait! I am happy to be here with you all during this journey, it has been nothing less than amazing and the excitement grows daily.
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from Furyk in Whats The Best Mmo That You Played?   
    Ultima Onlie and I would love to say why but unless you played it is hard to give an explanation without getting finger cramps and writing a book in the process.
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from Albert Rock in Founders' Update: Pre-Alpha News! - Official Discussion Thread   
    I remember when testing seemed so far away and now here we are with this pre-alpha testing news!
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Tyrant in Want to know something about Crowfall, ask away!   
    We have not committed to native controller support.  The design guys do believe a controller mapping is likely to work fine with our combat though.
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to Tyrant in Want to know something about Crowfall, ask away!   
    But do yourself (and the folks here answering questions) a favor and read and watch some of materials listed above about Crowfall first. 
    If you are looking for a game that is almost like the MMO you are playing now, with just a couple of changes that would make it more awesome, you are in the wrong place.
    This is not a cookie-cutter MMORPG, so a lot of what you may expect will not match the experience we're building.  We don't have a 15 second elevator pitch for the game that sums it up nicely. 
    We're building an experience that will challenge you as a player on multiple levels, so if you think that there could be more to an MMO experience than you've currently found, this might be the place for you.
    We ask that you check us out enough to figure out if this game might be something you'd try.  No problem if it's not, we appreciate you giving us your time to look into Crowfall.
    P.S. I'm hiding all posts that aren't new people's questions, or answers (no matter how profound or witty).
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from Albert Rock in Compiliation Of Crowfall Pictures   
    Thanks for the updates
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    noobzilla_youtube reacted to ObsLoD in Vid: Last man standing   
    Stream will be up for the 5pm CST event as well. Great fights!
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    noobzilla_youtube got a reaction from Albert Rock in Live Streams Spotted - *OFFLINE*   
    Thank you for posting this oberon
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