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  1. Hello, and welcome Crows! I am forging a brand new community exclusively for Crowfall. This will be a community dedicated to helping each other succeed in-game while competing for the best of everything. We think of our guild-mates first then ourselves, We are One. We accept all types of player types, but will be especially in-tune with crafting. There will be sub-officers, for certain aspects of Crowfall. Examples include, but are not limited to; PvP Officer, PvE Officer,Guild Forum Officer, and In-game Chat Officer. These positions will be chosen based on loyalty and dedication. We are all about having fun and helping others here, so if you got what it takes to salvage join us! http://salvationarmory.shivtr.com/ http://salvationarmory.shivtr.com/
  2. I believe you will re spawn at a graveyard, I believe there was an icon for a graveyard, on a concept map of some sort i forgot what content drop it was under tho.
  3. How is gear not important, yet crafting is one of the main aspects of the game?
  4. So basically, if you try to enter a campaign with gear on and the specs are to be naked, it will prompt you to take your gear off. and this means there will literally be a storage or chest to put your weapons and stuff in at eternal kingdom before you go to certain worlds correct?
  5. How does your personal armor play into this again tho, so does the armor stay on your character no matter what campaign or what?
  6. Duh, thats what the countdown timer is for.. to countdown the next full moon! I thought everyone knew that.
  7. Okay, yes I understand we don't have the details to really set anything in stone. I like your guilds loyalty seems as if you guys have built your own lore and back story as a guild of dwarves.
  8. So this guild will be rolling stoneborn's correct?
  9. Yes, this seems to be a gender locked male. Not a big deal to me, Pre-Set Lore works for the best sometimes, people need to understand that.
  10. I love how they clearly stated this, so many games try to perfectly balance characters and classes that it becomes a never ending struggle. This is basically stating that you must create your character for what you will be participating in, because if you go into a different environment some characters will be better than you no matter what.
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