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  1. I will definitely check them out. Thank you
  2. Hi folks! Grubbysack here in search of friends and home in this crazy prebeta world. I am available most days and night - Love PVP, Crafting and learning shizzle. If you have a spot - shoot me a message please with an intro and what your guilds focus are. Thanks again and really looking forward to experiencing this world with you all. Cheers, Grubby
  3. Surelia, The link was invalid. can you repost that please.
  4. Hi everyone, Just started and was itching to dive in - Sadly, I ran directly into a wall. Tried to log in to the live server but I cannot log in. Been playing MMOs for many a decade and still going strong. Looking forward to exploring and testing things out. Cheers, Grubbysack
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