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  1. Ah brilliant, Thank you One thing that occured to me, I bought the cheapest pledge yesterday and was planning on getting the next one tomorrow, if I do, will it take away the first price as in, paying to advance, or are they standalone prices? It's ok, after some tea and finding my glasses I found the upgrade button
  2. Waves to all, I'm a mature gamer that has played most rpg's, really interested in Crowfall though. Will be playing a Fae caster for preferance, which I am looking forward too, don't mind some light RP, but please don't expect me to listen to a three page description of your hair in the moonlight :P Will obviously be learning a lot as I'm brand new to the game and I do like to make an efficient caster eg: Nuke and I really like to learn the lore, another thing I'm looking forward too Will be trying to make friends, maybe join a guild etc. as I love to play as part of a team, I ha
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