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  1. LOL Thanks for replying to this and letting me know. The prices must not have been entered properly. Looks like you lucked out and got a good deal
  2. Two items just sold on my vendor which were listed as: 1000 (a potion of logging) and 1500 (bon tippers). I was only able to collect 225 gold in total from both of the items instead of the prices that I had them listed as.
  3. Indeed. I updated my forum post after I tested it out a little more.
  4. Every time I log back into the game on my ranger I have to re-slot the invisibility spell provided by the illusionist discipline back onto both of my bars. I tested this with my confessor and it stays on my bar when I log out. EDIT: I should add that I did a bit more testing and this is happening when I put the invisibility spell on my 9th action bar slot that the human race gets. When I put it on the 8th slot it stays on my bar when I log out and back in. EDIT2: I am now noticing this when travel to a different zone as well as when I relog
  5. Two things: 1) Stacking: Last night and this morning I have found some issues with stacking certain items. The body parts that I exported from this weekend's Dregs campaign cannot stack with the ones I already had in God's Reach. I have also found that the gold I am collecting from my vendor won't stack with the gold in my Spirit Vault. I now have two separate stacks of gold that won't combine. 2) Exporting: Last night I kept getting errors when I was trying to export ethereal dust and artifacts from my campaign vault to my Spirit Vault. I was able to get them to export out by going back over to God's Reach, taking them out of my vault and onto one of my characters, and then exporting them into my Spirit Vault.
  6. The toughness spell granted by the Juggernaut discipline doesn't work. It is supposed to increase you and your group's maximum health by 20% but when I use the ability nothing happens. Our health doesn't get bumped up at all.
  7. My experience with the test patch last night was very enjoyable. This was the second time I have played the game now. I played live first last Thursday. The first thing that immediately jumped out at me was the new UI. It looks awesome! Definitely a nice change from the current and a little easier to navigate. Something else I enjoyed was not having to switch back and forth between the harvesting and combat trays. The game felt a lot more smooth. Especially since I was bouncing back and forth between killing mobs and gathering herbs and other resources. Having to switch back and forth felt clunky and less intuitive. It also took up keybinds which I could have used for something more useful. Having a slot for each tool and automatically switching to them was nic and made things more smooth. Not getting the dizzy debuff when I strayed a little too close to an enemy was really nice because effects like the screen wobble make me slightly queasy. One thing I missed about the split havesting and combat trays was being able to sprint. I actually found myself still holding down shift all the time even though it did nothing! All in all, it was enjoyable. I think the game is definitely on the right track and I am every excited for what is to come.
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