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  1. Hey Crows! Today, we changed the start times for Campaigns along with export numbers. We'd love to hear your feedback about those changes and campaigns in general (not referring to the suggestions for open sieges, or handshake sieges we received a lot of that feedback in our other thread), We'd appreciate if you can take a few moments and answer the following questions. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). The NA Times are perfect! (est timezone) How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see differ
  2. so why not pick up bard? and then songtwist? u get your movement speed and racial ....
  3. so in test the centaur has a plus 15 percent out of combat movement speed bonus with trailblazer. but the elken has a 25 percent movement speed bonus out of combat with trailmaster. does this mean the elken is faster or is the base movement speed different. seems like an incorrect tooltip or typo
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