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  1. 1.map size is to small .. a big group can zerg the maps and take all forts in a zone with a steamroll during siege. 2. why is there no mechanic to defend a fort before the timer to give small groups a chance... 3. why do fort walls not require siege equipment?? not having this mechanic only bolsters the zerg guilds ability to wipe everyone off the map at no cost in a shorter period of time.. 4. why not make the pad on portal spawns a safe zone ive been killed by a 10 man group before i can even zone back through... 5.why when taking a fort does the gaurd group reappear in the throne room before the timer actually runs out, or before the fort is captured again
  2. so why not pick up bard? and then songtwist? u get your movement speed and racial ....
  3. the ground in x19 moon temple running as far as i can render is offset vertically as tall as my charecter around all of christopher's area
  4. I disagree.... it didn't break everything it needs balance and with out a true campaign and active pvp how could any dev or tester see what works and doesn't work for a new class in 5.110.. fix the framerate issues and let us further test and build to see what does and doesn't work after that..
  5. 1. frostW- to suggest that even being in render distance of one makes my framerate plummet is an understatement. that being said two or more * one becoming the resource generation and the other becoming the healer stacking on the ice takes my gameplay to about 10 frames and as a cleric healer it makes it impossible to land a rescue or any aimed ability that requires more than a simple click for an aoe. . 2. that being said I have noticed big changes in majors , people seem to agree that its no longer a clear cut decision to take two healing majors due to the changes in the basic mechanics of majors- it just doesn't feel good. druid orbs are lasting forever and or disappearing. field surgeon no longer offers enough resource return to druids healing and clerics even in plate are not able to escape or sustain any form or combat with the hopes of recovering from the massive dps from frostW dps or from a solid nock down effect and damage to more than one party member .. thus creating a weird void when healing is no longer working well to allow me to have any major impact on a fight without taking only aoe healing choices and thus creating a feeling of just standing there pressing buttons wile all my teammates who depend on me drown in high burst dps. 3. the range of choice for a cleric healer is now gone. specifically when it comes to majors and movement. although I like the new UI alottt. the inability to dodge and block has made the game feel stiff and I find myself trying to swap from my spellbook to accomplish the feeling of a balanced movement and sustain from block during a fight. and that at its core suggests a change could be made. the ability to block or dodge for all healing classes & classes such as knight or shield bearing classes would allow us to combat the frostW high dps burst with skill and position. as well as allow us to dodge tword and away from danger creating a more free and sustained fight experience.
  6. so in test the centaur has a plus 15 percent out of combat movement speed bonus with trailblazer. but the elken has a 25 percent movement speed bonus out of combat with trailmaster. does this mean the elken is faster or is the base movement speed different. seems like an incorrect tooltip or typo
  7. had anyone else noticed that centaur cleric had weapon proficiencies for two handed weapons? polearm/ hammer
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