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  1. Have you guys heard of The Battle for The Middle-Earth 2? The game has an interesting (turn-based) mode called War Of The Ring where the map is divided into territories and each move players make decisions like moving your units around to defend a territory or attack one, building an army, equipping it and so on. Each territory provides different bonuses and resources. What if the Kings in Crowfall were able to make decisions in a similar way in Campaings?
  2. What if the Hunger could infect players? Cold blue crystals popping out off your wound after a battle with the infected creatures. The Hunger`s hold over you keeps getting stronger as the time passes. Your eyes starting to glow strangely... And the only way to stop it is to drink some potion or do some cleansing ritual.
  3. Why is everyone talking about money? Alpha this, beta this, premium, kickstarter... Slow down! It is killing the charm. This was meant to be a way to show our support for the project, not buy early game access. Enjoy the beautiful art, play with your imagination, dream of awesome combat and game mechanics you`ve never seen before! When the time comes we will all support the brave team with fire in our hearths! Until then, please don`t spoil the beauty of it.
  4. I`d like to see an assassin`s creed style of stealth (use of the environment and time). It is the best game about assassins The wings look cool! Can`t wait to see them in action!
  5. What is the point of creating one world that is better than the others? All the worlds should be ballanced in this aspect (protection from hackers, support, etc.)
  6. I think that world travel methods should be diverse
  7. Hmmmmmm... I have a bad feeling about this.
  8. Maybe the Templar is much more agile and probably a much better figther (DPS). I think that the Templar is good at getting the attention of foes, but not so good at soaking damage. The Knight, on the other hand, is much slower, and equiped with heavier armor. 1) Imagine a Knight and a Templar facing a group of archers. The Knight raises his shield and keeps deflecting incoming shots, while the Templar is gets heavily damaged by the arrows. 2) Now imagine a Knight surrounded by Hunger infested zombies. They keep hitting from all sides and he can`t cover all those angles with his shield. On the contrary, the Templar could clear those suckers out with a few swings of his sword
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