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  1. Certain races get buffs to specific harvesting or crafting, like half-elf gets a mining(ore) bonus, and wood-elf gets a wood crafting bonus. For a beginner you may want to start off with a race that benefits your preferred harvesting and/or crafting professions. One way to make money might be crafting food and drinks that enhance people's harvesting and crafting too. You would need to save up 15,000 gold to buy a vendor in one of the temples.
  2. For friend requests, you should be able to attach a little note. Especially with people having alt accounts, they may not know who the request is from, or where they recognize the name from.
  3. On my Minotaur brigand, I will sometimes get stuck in stealth mode even though I am fighting NPCs. I have to log out to reset it.
  4. So trying to kill wolves outside earth temple and they can't be hit and don't aggro even when standing next to them. You also can't leave combat. Also, I couldn't log out to lobby, I had to close the game entirely.
  5. I know your struggle and feel your pain! I know they will be updating the New Player Experience soon, and I definitely hope they have a few more tutorials than the very basic-make a basic axe and basic knife, and craft a common ring for early God's Reach quests. They definitely need to flesh these out more. It is amazingly expensive (especially solo-like me currently) to craft or harvest high end. One recommendation I got on crafting disciplines. Once you have your green disc and green belt, farm the gold to get the belt to blue first. This will cut the amount of materials you need down on many recipes, so you will be more efficient. For the crafting disc, many people skip applying the blue disc to you character, because you will need 3 unbound blue discs to upgrade to epic(purple). So you need 9 green crafting discs, plus the domination dust. You make the 3 blue discs and then combine the blue to upgrade to purple. On harvesters, I have been told you get to purple(again, skipping applying blue) disc first, before you upgrade to the epic belt. You need the epic disc to use advanced rune tools, and then you need the epic belt for the exotic discs(Foreman, Villein, Connoisseur, etc to drop. This is a very interdependent game-especially for crafting and harvesting.
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