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  1. Is this standard imports, or is this equippable-only imports?
  2. I don't disagree with this, but the last several changes they have made to crafting since December have all trended in the opposite direction from this. A higher-tier crafter can make some white gear that you would bother to use, especially for the durability, but nothing in the progression up has been worth using. They also have steadily increased the resources needed at almost every step along the way. Notably, every time they finally implement a quantity dial on a crafted element, they also increase the cost to make it, across the board. So the only reason the costs were lower before is
  3. Any given individual isn't really going to go through that many intermediate tools. I did a run up to purple quarryman last week and it took about 6-7 tools to get the 9 disciplines to drop that I needed. It would be nice if the intermediates had a lower chance to drop Runecrafting disciplines, but I suspect the reason that they don't is because the recipe is not exclusive to Runecrafters and doesn't require the discipline to create them. The last revamp took away a lot of the things we used to produce, and most of them are sub-components in other people's crafting anyhow. Doesn't leav
  4. I'll agree with this much. Other crafting professions have to grind out a ton of gear that everyone can use but nobody wants to. Weaponsmiths, Armorers, Leatherworkers, all have to vendor the bulk of their level-up craft. For those that make consumables, like the Runecrafter and Alchemist, at least the people that can use the results want to.
  5. So, if it's only a speed bump, and not really going to be an issue for you, then...what's all the complaining for? 'Optimal' typically means the best results with the least effort or time. So sub-optimal still seems to fit. Also, it sounds like you might be a Known MMO Crafter.
  6. I wouldn't say it's an erroneous or incorrect playstyle. It is sub-optimal, as they have already figured out. The game rewards groups of specialists over generalists or do-it-all-yourself approaches.
  7. If you choose to also make your Runecrafter a gatherer, that's your choice. This is you making a poor decision, as you really want that gatherer to have an exotic exploration discipline to be the most effective. Nothing about being a Runecrafter itself requires you to use the tools it makes.
  8. Okay, but what does it matter if the Runecrafter can use what they make? At best, they can use one of five tool types they make, they can't slot the disciplines for anything else. What about my Armorsmith that only has the traits to use leather armor? He can't use any of what he makes. Like I said earlier, the design philosophy of this game appears to be about specialization and working together. The more you try to stack on the same character (or even player) the harder a time you are going to have being effective at it.
  9. Most things in the game, especially the gathering/crafting cycle, appear to be designed with groups, not individuals, in mind. Most things favor specialization, rather than a generalist approach. For example, as a Runecrafter, you need the support of a Miner, Quarryman, and optionally a Jewelcrafter. That's 4 exploration disciplines for only 2 slots. (And an optimal gatherer will want to use their second slot for an exotic Exploration discipline.) Most crafts need at least one other craft discipline involved, plus the resources from gatherers. So my advice would be to find a group to
  10. So in the week up to the live tournaments, they're removing the ability to practice in the tournament environment? And before anyone says 'just use the archetypes on the live server', we were doing that by building them on the Test server before, and the tournament builds at lvl 30 are far outclassed by custom builds at 35. If anyone was still trying to decide team comps, they're out of luck. You cannot get an accurate idea of how they perform when you have custom build 35s in the picture.
  11. During last night's HungerDome, after the first match our team was in, when the match dropped and we got to the archetype selection screen, the game auto-selected the archetypes we had used in the previous match. Some of us reselected, some of us did not. Once we joined the match, those of us that had not reselected an archetype had our names in the party list show up as "Waiting for Reconnect" for the entire match. Everyone was there and playing, however. When the next match occurred, the same thing happened, and some of us made a point to reselect archetypes this time. Again, those
  12. I'm not talking about the commerce around the resources. I'm talking about how the game systems reward the activities in game in terms of progression in their chosen path. In the current system, that is progression on disciplines and belts, and the associated benefits that the advances on those things give. I think that gatherers and crafters should be able to expect similar rewards in progression for the time invested. I could entertain an argument for an imbalanced system if the premise were that you need more gatherers than crafters in the game and you wanted to encourage more of on
  13. That doesn't change my opinion that players should be able to expect parity in rewards vs time with regards to the professions. Now if factories reduce the time by half (for sake of argument), then I'm fine if their discipline drop rate is similarly reduced from what it would be manually crafting the items.
  14. I think it would be unfair to give the crafters a significantly shorter time investment required than the gatherers to obtain their discipline drops. Unless you provide a greater reward to those investing more time, or come up with a way to similarly shorten the time investment of the gatherers.
  15. I mean, if I were a gatherer, I'd be salty that I had to go hit rocks for a week to get my disciplines if the crafter I was handing over the mats to could just drop them all in a template and hit "100 copies" and get his in one shot. So, parity with the other half of the crafting system (gathering) would be my argument, I suppose. If you want a game design reason, rather than a narrative reason.
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