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  1. I apologize first of all if this is a repeat topic. If you like the idea of competitive modes (skirmishes, battlegrounds, etc.) reply to this topic! LETS KEEP THIS ALIVE! My recommendation for Crowfall is to initiate a true competetive mode. What is/are competetive mode(s)? Competetive modes would be game types that are small scale game modes in which small groups of individuals work together against similar sized small groups to accomplish a common objective. This differs from Crowfalls normal game modes in that each mode is more specialized and is much shorter. Examples of this are: 1) Deathmatch 2) Point control 4) King of the hill Other common names of these game modes would be: Skirmishes, Battlegrounds, 5v5 modes, etc Why is competetive mode important? Competetive is important because many players like to play (PvP) games to be the best they can be. Not all PVP games cater to the same type of PvPer. Players use competetive modes as a way to directly compare their skills with others on an equal playing field. Who benefits from competetive modes? 1) NEW PLAYERS As it stands right now with the current crowfall skill system and gear system, this system HEAVILY favors those who have been with the game the longest. I may have missed something with the ACE Q and As, but it sounds like the devs have not found a good answer to fix the problem of new players coming into the game far down the line. These new players are at a MASSIVE disadvantage and no matter what they do, they cannot overcome this disadvantage until months/later because of how the skill system works. 2) E SPORT and COMPETETIVE ORIENTED COMMUNITIES It is pretty much a given that when a new game with hype comes out that it draws a specific crowd of consumers who want to test the E Sports potential of a game. I understand Crowfall does not have intentions at the moment to have E Sport oriented content; however, If Crowfall were to have a competetive system in place, many of these players would be more inclined to stay with the game. If these players aren't allowed to directly compare their skills to other players on an equal playing field they will leave to find another game that will allow them to! 3) CRAFTERS/GATHERERS AND OTHER NON COMBAT ROLES Crowfall is designed to have the players specialize in certain roles. If a player wants to be a crafter, for example, he has to devote a majority of time, skills and resources to fulfill that role. But what if that player wants to switch to a combat role? After all, this is a PvP game. The player in a non combat specialized role will always be at a disadvantage compared to the others who are in a more specialized role due to the skill tree system. In theory, after enough time that player should be able to compete equally with others in his new role, but why should it take months to reroll to be able to compete with others in a new role? A competetive system would allow those who want to fulfill the itch of competing against others equally while still being able to commit to their role in the main campaigns. 4) CASUAL PLAYERS/SOLO PLAYERS/ THOSE WHO WANT TO PLAY FOR SHORT INCREMENTS OF TIME The Crowfalls campaign worlds appear to be vast and intimidating for players who want to play alone. In order to accomplish anything in these campaign worlds, players have to take the time to organize groups or traverse large portions of the map to do anything. For a player who wants to play alone or only for about 20 minutes at a time, this is not helpful. A competetive mode will allow QUICK PLAY game modes that a player can instantly dop into and IMMEDIATELY have fun. How would you implement a Competetive mode? 1) MAKE IT EQUAL AND FREE OF EXTERNAL STATS OR SKILLS. Players joining these game modes should be on equal playing fields as everyone else. This ensures that only those with the best teamwork or individual skill come out on top. Cosmetics items are ok. You have to make it so everyone has an equal chance of winning! 2) MAKE IT SHORT These game modes should only last about 10 to 20 minutes in length. 3) MAKE IT EASY TO ACCESS These game modes should be accessable from either the main menu or in the eternal kingdoms. Players should be able to easily jump in and out as they please. Solo players should also be able to solo que so casual players are encouraged to play (other game modes specifically for teams can be created as well). 4) MAKE IT SMALL Team sizes should be same as opposing team. Good team size should be 5-15 players in size). 5) REWARD YOU PLAYERS Players who devote much of their time to a competetive mode should be able to recieve unique rewards for their time and skill. Recommendations include: Titles, items for eternal kingdoms, name portraits, etc. Competetive players like FLASHY rewars that they can show off to other players. This lets other players know that this player is good at the game and is to be feared. Competetive players who are not properly rewarded will feel left out and will be more likely to leave the game. GIVING REWARDS THAT ONLY BENEFIT PLAYERS IN THE MAIN CAMPAIGN, SUCH AS RARE MATERIALS, IS NEVER A GOOD REWARD. 6) DONT BE AFRAID TO BALANCE OUTAIDE OF THE REGULAR CAMPAIGNS Many games who balance PvE content or various PvP content always run into the issue of balance. If someone balances around one game mode then it affects another game mode. My solution is simple. Balance your competetive mode(s) SEPERATE FROM YOUR CAMPAIGNS!!!!!! It is ok to seperately make changes! Implementing a competetive mode but being afraid to balance it because of the campaign mode balance is a guarenteed way to lose your competetive community (cough Guild Wars 2). Just leave some balance notes at the front of the competetive mode access menu in game. That way people know immediately what will differ from the main game. In conclussion. I love competetive PVP and I hope Crowfall will have something to satisfy that itch. I hope the devs take the time to at least consider the possibility of Competetive modes. -Pintresting
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