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  1. Great group of people, very organized will enjoy playing with them and providing optimal pvp stealth support
  2. Yeah when I click entitlement it doesnt do anything, should I just wait for e-mail?
  3. Hmm just will take a long time to download client Any guilds recruiting??
  4. I guess I wont be doing alpha 2 tonight because it's singapore I am usa or Canada
  5. Yup I consumed the package it had one button I clicked. Guess I will wait for the email
  6. I just bought a hefty pledge package was hoping to test out the game, Where can I download or access it?
  7. Where can I download the alpha client?
  8. I just signed up for alpha 2 pledge package, I was wondering where I would download the game to take part in alpha testing Thanks! Also any guilds recruiting?
  9. So what's the right word then? lol
  10. That's great! Thanks for the quick response that answers my question
  11. Hi there; I was just wondering how Kingdom's worked being that they are kind of like a safe zone? Is it just one big map per server that all Kingdom's are in? Like where everyone can visit eachother's castle if they like? Or is it just instanced to each Guild or Clan? If it is instanced can people from outside of your clan be invited to visit that instance?
  12. Lightning strikes fast

  13. Amazing! This is the kind of creativity we need in the MMO gaming genre. Big props to you man, only the creator of Shadowbane could come up with such a fresh new idea. I truly look forward to playing this game after reading this thread! I love the idea of having multiple campaigns that your clan or kingdom can conquer and strategize over, instead of just team a vs team b. Brilliant!
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