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  1. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    This was taken from a conversation on a dark fall reddit and it really struck a cord with me. If crowfall takes too much effort just to enjoy the bare essentials, will people stick around to even get to the good stuff? What’s even a kicker is axilmar worked for the company that originally developed dark fall.
  2. Harvesting quantity vs quality

    I think a lot of the complaining is not the skill training as it is the task; which itself is quite boring. I along with many others don't think a large component of the game should feel like work. I feel like a lot of people who are FOR grueling grinds fall into one of the following: They're retirees who want something to occupy their time and give them the sensation of "work" without having to leave their chair. They don't really care about the other aspects of the game and just want to hit rocks. Harvesting is the entry point for the game at the moment. You login, pick your character and are immediately compelled to hit trees to craft your basic tools so you can hit more inanimate objects to gather the resources to find someone (either your alt account, or someone else) to craft you the next tier gear and up. Can you pvp with basic gear? Sure, but you'll be doing yourself a disservice since the bar to be competitive will most likely be intermediate and above. Unfortunately making the game a tedious harvester grind will hurt it more than help it. Especially considering all your character progression is walled off behind crafting / harvesting, and to put your progression in the hands of a select few people who might or might not be able to do it seems extremely foolish. Obviously, you're going to be compelled to go out and do the harvesting yourself. Mark my words, there will be very few pure breed harvesters / crafters, but many combat / harvesting hybrids and alt crafting accounts. Harvesting being more accessible is not a bad thing, although I'd wager harvesting is about as accessible as it will ever be with VIP and it will be compulsory.
  3. I need an answer!

    Goddamn, I was just thinking about a few good man when I was reading the title of the thread.
  4. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    I think the problem is most players aren't going to stick around to find a guild. A large percentage of the player base won't start in a large organized guild with an established hierarchy. More likely smaller groups will jump into the game and two things will happen. 1) They'll get run over by the larger groups, thus forcing them to join a larger group (willingly or unwillingly) just to enjoy the game. You definitely don't want to "FORCE" people into doing things they don't want to in your video GAME just so they can semi enjoy it. 2) They'll get run over by larger groups and since also being bogged down by harvesting and crafting requirements, might ultimately decide that the game isn't for them. It might only take a few minutes to make a basic weapon, but no one I know who is even semi-competitive in this game runs around in basic slag weapons. Are players going to stick around to harvest enough material to craft an intermediate weapon / armor? We'll see.
  5. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Didn't SWG have gear outside of crafting tho? That game also had a reasonable amount of pve as well and suffered from a lot of the issues older MMORPGS did when it came to "tacked on" pvp and makeshift pvp servers. SWG also had character progression outside of crafting, while crafting / gear IS crowfall's progression. I'm not sure grafting the methodology of SWG onto crowfall will really work.
  6. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    You could quite possibly be in a minority. What YOU want, might actually not be good for the game in the long run. While I agree with some of your points (I don't want gear to be trivialized either, but at the same time it, I don't think it should be ball busting hard to obtain or MAINTAIN). Games should ultimately be fun, and not work. Right now CF feels like work, but let's see what happens in 6 months time.
  7. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    I think this has to be stressed. Should the game have consequences when it comes to players dying? Sure. Should those consequences be mired in repetitive and tedious tasks? Hell no. GM equipment was some of the "best" stuff you can get in UO and it was crafted. Sure, you could get stuff like "vanquishing", but the majority of time you would only take those out in VERY special occasions, and they weren't that far above GM weapons. Regardless of how easy armor was to gain and lose, crafters and by association, harvesters were in high depend (although crafters and harvesters were usually one and the same in that game). Death is a common thing in crowfall, so to have gear be so excruciatingly slow and mind numbingly boring to acquire doesn't really make sense, especially when we're talking about retaining players and the overall health of the game. The devs know this tho, they aren't stupid. The next few months will be interesting to see how people react to the changes. I'd imagine some who want a grueling, unforgiving experience will conflicted if not down right unhappy. Oh well, whatever is good for the game.
  8. Distance VS Damage?

    I’d like to see LMB damage come down on some classes and ability damage go up. Right now it’s LMBfall.
  9. Distance VS Damage?

    How complicated is if you’re within 40m of a target your attacks hit for 100%, if you’re > 40m - attacks hit for 75% (an hypothetical) and so on. I'm not a mathematician but that seems really simple to grasp. People who want to play that ultra long range can do so, but at diminished results. No need for a hard 40m limit. In a game with perfect range combat we might not even need to discuss such things. Unfortunate CF is far from perfect at the moment in this regard.
  10. Myrmidon 5.5 statement

    All good suggestions, but I’d go further to say crash damage shouldn’t be fatal. It should custard you up with 5-10% of your health, but it shouldn’t flatline you. You’d still be very vulnerable, but in super large fights where youre lagging or other server shenanigans are happening you won’t flat out be dead. I think the current system relies too much on performance being good to great when history in this game and others have shown us otherwise.
  11. Grind feels excruciatingly worse. Dust is a huge %+@!$#?&*^ block.
  12. I think it solves the issue of people having to wait on others that might of died during an encounter even tho they're the victors. It might not be an issue now with a smaller map, but with a larger map it will be an issue. Long as it's improbable to resurrect someone in combat, I don't really see the problem. Winning a fight and having to wait for johnson who spawned who knows where is kinda a piss off.
  13. Those knight and ranger changes...
  14. So how is this different from any other game where on encounters raid stacking is an acceptable strategy? In arena and WvW there was quite a few different builds, but bunker was definitely the most popular since surviving is pretty important in those environments. In terms of speed and fluidity, and just over all "feel" GW2 is definitely up there. Even Mark Jacobs committed a while back on how he thought the feel of gw2 combat was great. Was it messy? Sure, aoe all over the place. Was it easy to decipher? Not to outsiders no, but it was fast and fun. If your argument is you don't like games that don't have a trinity you're totally right tho. Without objectivity we'll never even come close.
  15. What’s more bannable?

    A+ for both creativity and effort.