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  1. That’s not really a rebound, that’s a start over. Imagine storing some gear in a fort/stronghold during the early half of a campaign only to lose it. With the purposed system at least that player won’t suffer a total loss so early, especially important if we are to believe that campaigns will last weeks to months. There needs to be a population to sustain it that long. You shouldn’t be able to win the campaign in the first week, nor should a player suffer utter defeat in such a short amount of time. It’s not good for sustainability and ultimately unhealthy for the game. Also consider that forts and strongholds will be open to attack at all sorts of hours of the day.
  2. The devs should take note of this, like seriously. Yea, it's not really a "game" (although I'd be willing to wager that it's more game now) , but you've opened the doors to this critique and this is what you're getting. Most of the "new" players don't want to sit around and bang on rocks, they want to see their characters grow in strength and be competitive (quicker). There are no alternatives to character progression behind the walls of harvesting and crafting, you can't even grind mobs for your gear like in other games (DAOC, Warhammer, ESO). The lack of alternatives to harvesting and crafting will definitely hurt the player base, cause not everyone wants to do that, and "forcing" people to do those activities will lead to a bunch of disenfranchised players. There are a few things they can do to at least improve the New Player Experience (I'm talking people who won't jump in with a guild; don't have hundreds-thousands of dollars invested in the game). For one, they can get rid of the silly need to craft basic weapons. Start everyone with Basic Weapons, unarmed combat is garbo and having to stand around for 10 minutes to get a basic weapon / armor only to spend another 30-45 minutes ( or longer ) to harvest and craft for a slag advanced weapon is insufferable, especially when you throw in RNG failure rates. In terms of progression and alternatives to craft and harvesting, I'd just have humanoid mobs drop slag/white equipment. If you want the best equipment you gotta craft it obviously, but you should be able to get at least moderately competitive equipment from mobs.
  3. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Those MMOs let you play the game as a solo because the tasks they require of you don't necessitate any social interaction in the form of grouping, etc. Crowfall is nothing like that. You need a group to play with, a guild to harvest resources, crafters to use those resources and control territory. Crowfall is crazy high on interdependence no matter what anyone says, and the best crafters and harvesters will be those that know how to network, not somebody who clicked on a skill node. There is such a thing as too much interdependence, and that's where we were. Even the developers admitted it. That harvester or crafter that can't do anything till people log on or decide to buy a second account to enjoy the other parts of the game was a huge issue.
  4. It's not just the fact that gathering is boring, it's the fact that gathering is the ONLY way to get your gear and progress your character. If you're not gathering, what the custard are you doing? A whole lot of nothing, because you need to gather to get mats to feed your crafter (or yourself) to make gear, to mac out your character, to be competitive and actually contribute in fights and sieges, etc. The lack of alternatives is what's really an issue, and the developers (misguided IMO) view of trying to make gathering an actually viable play style (when everyone knows it's work and boring) is definitely going to lose them customers. Once potions go away, gathering will be even more of a clustercustard. Gathering is boring and nothing will really change that. Maybe when there is a thousand plus players on the server and you're constantly getting into fights i'll be a little more fun, but you'll end up fighting more and gathering less, which if gathering is your main objective is a major distraction. Plus that's not gathering, that's fighting. Want to gather? You're going to have to find an army of suckers to protect your ass so you can gather in peace, and even then you better count your blessings that an even BIGGER group doesn't come to steamroll you. Anyone that says that gathering shouldn't be "fun" and should be work is wack af. Gathering shouldn't be be a barrier to fun; since when did people want games to be a second job?
  5. Hold F to Harvest

    I think the idea of not being able to look around is to create that sensation of "suspense" when it comes to not knowing when you're going to be attacked. It's your adrenaline pumping and so. I agree with hold F tho, hopefully we get auto run too.
  6. Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

    Gw1 had great team based pvp, but now you've got an arms length list of games that do similar things and in some instances even better. I'm not sure there is room for a gw3 within the current landscape of MMOs.
  7. I think this problem is compounded when you're the only support in the group (unless you're running heavy on Druids). Not letting groups interact and support each other really irks the poorly made socks out of me. If Johnson in group two is getting trained and I'm in group 1, as a fellow support and because of the 5 person / group limitations (where unless you're in my group, you get nothing) in most scenarios I can't really do a whole lot. i can see most groups running with two healers, because it's entirely too easy to out pressure and overwhelm a singular one. Groups are way too encapsulated atm for no good reason either.
  8. I'd like to see projectile deflection or absorption bubbles / fields / walls type abilities from disciplines. Would definitely help when you're fighting against a range heavy group.
  9. This is a good point. I think they had a direction they wanted combat to go back in early days, but the critique made them realize it wasn't going to work. They never really got root motions and animation locks to work like they wanted so now combat is kinda stuck in limbo. I wish combat got as much love as crafting. That's not to say combat is bad; just that it isn't anything special. Perhaps that's enough.
  10. Personally to me, harvesting is a bore. Not sure they'll be enough people who enjoy it to warrant building an entire game around and building your game around the most boring aspect possible seems like a sure way to misfire. I also don't think solo harvesting will really be feasible once soft launch comes around and the population (hopefully) balloons. High competition and low resource node availability will turn everything in a group fiasco. You might end up doing more fighter than harvesting (which, imo is a good thing). Grinding mobs in SB and DAOC was fun, fighting over spawn points, etc. I don't get that same thrill in crowfall tho, and you usually end up stripping an area clean and moving to the next. There is no territory to control (yet), and the POIs in their current (and purposed) state are lackluster to say the least.
  11. The newer purposed pip system is far more punishing and tedious. Having to train each node as a non-VIP user is way easier to swallow. Auto-queue for VIP would be a huge perk but not a must have, tho I can honestly say it's something that would entice me to purchase. It's not annonying not having it, but it's a nice QOL selling point for VIPs.
  12. What are the chances we get a UI API so that we can completely mod the UI? Is this even a possibility?
  13. Performance Massive skill delay. Lots of stuttering, latency spikes and fps dips.
  14. Party Crasher

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."