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  1. Most people aren't Nostradamus (light at the end of the tunnel), so they don't know what combat CAN or WILL be. Admittedly the game is in it's infancy and things are sure to change, but whether that change is good or bad is dependent on the feedback the devs receive. If there was no descent back in the HD days with people criticizing the combat, do you think they would've changed it? Maybe, but there was also push back from the devs in some instances when it came to things like damage splitting and root motions even tho most of the feedback was negative.
  2. Not a fan of the new offset on the reticle for melees. I'm not a fan of it for ranged either, it's pretty jarring.
  3. You Get NOTHING!

    Really interesting to see what rafting and harvesting will feel like without potions. I can’t imagine it will be pretty.
  4. I think that classes SHOULD have limitations and weakness. The solution shouldn’t be to make everyone vanilla. on a side note, I kinda think they should put class icons on the targets health window. Harkens back to shadowbane.
  5. Myrmidon Power Costs Are Insane

    PCM is just a terrible mechanic, not quite server side movement controller, root motions or damage splitting bad but it’s pretty close.
  6. You Get NOTHING!

    “This doesn’t effect me so I don’t care”. It’s not the 30 successes that are a problem, it’s the failures that an potentially waste hours worth of time that are. Someone who is new that decided to go out and harvest for an hour to make s slag weapon only to fail will mostly likely quit. Hell, I’ve had people who are use to it that quit for the night. id like you to come up with a valid argument as to why critical failure on final combine should exist, caught right now its “it doesn’t happen to me do I don’t care.”
  7. You Get NOTHING!

    I’m pretty much against critical failures on final combine. Critical failure on components might be alright, but to lose everything is enough to make me throw my keyboard and monitor out the window. Infuriating.
  8. I’ve killed plenty of people in this game and just about every other. Wouldn’t say I actually profited very much from it unfortunately. Maybe if it was full loot.
  9. My suggestions as of November.

    Personally I think you should just move on; the developers have gone on record saying they don't want a twitch fest shooter-esque game. All we can hope for is some aiming changes. Combat is better than it was, and I think this is as good as it's going to get this late in the game. It's unfortunate, but it's what it is. I never really ever assumed that this was going to be dark fall 3.0, I feel bad or those that did tho. I think in another year tho the game will be pretty presentable and as long as combat doesn't regress (which is all we can hope for now) the game will be enjoyable for the masses. You'll have your disenfranchised players talking about skill ceilings and how they're far too low and those might be justifiable opinions; but having a "high skill ceiling" isn't the lone primary ingredient for having a successful game. Plenty games have had high skill ceilings and failed; some times it's even the cause. Clearly they CAN'T do dark fall-esque aiming for what ever reason, plus they don't want to do it. We got rid of those sh!tty animation locks and root motion and that's a big win in my book.
  10. Stuck in a hill

    Call da ambulance.
  11. Life is Feudal MMO

    Looks like straight ass.
  12. It would be easy to design the knight around small and large scale. No reason to do one or the other. Simply give it a passive which lets it’s defensive stats scale based on how many enemies are around them (like overwhelming odds) up to a cap. The current ability kit for the knight isn’t bad for what it is (outside of maybe C). I agree with moving from rigid predefined roles (tanks, assassins). I liked gw2 ‘s way of defining them as heavies, mediums,and lights.
  13. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    We don’t need esports aiming, but we do need actual aiming that works. Right now we have faux aiming.
  14. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    Well for what it's worth, ACE and myself want to thank you for your generous investment in making the game I always wanted possible .
  15. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    Building an expensive mmorpg around the "hardcore" rarely works out. I have a hard time remembering such a game actually being successful. Wildstar was working under the motto of being for the "hard cores" and not enough of them showed up to keep it alive. Every so called "hard core" game has had to make massive compromises early or later on in it's life to stay afloat. Even the recently revived DFO projects are making compromises because they're unable to attract enough subscribers outside of their small established fan base.