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  1. sli won't get you much if any performance boost in this game seeing as it's heavily cpu bound. Now a better processor with potentially faster / more cores could give you a boost depending on how they have the engine configured to utilize them.
  2. There some is definitely off with crowfall. Right now it's quite tedious to play, but that's because you really only have harvesting and crafting to do. It's still missing a significant game loop. I'm not sure, however, even with the game loop if crowfall will be fun or a chore to play. When crowfall was announced and kick started there really wasn't much if any competition. Now we're sitting in a literal sea of potential competition (which is a good thing). Camelot Unchained, Asses of Creation are both aiming for 2019/2020. We also have other triple A projects on the horizon that are similar to crowfall. New World and potentially even The Lineage which is a direct sequel to the first lineage which was basically korean ultima online and heavily pvp focused. I kinda feel like outside the "grindy" nature of crowfall the biggest hit they'll take is the actual combat. They worked on combat for a year and had way more misses then hits. Now we're left with something that's not necessarily terrible, but at the same time doesn't really help crowfall stand out. I'm hopeful at least.
  3. Hunger-What positive thing does this add?

    I'm not a fan of the hunger system, never really been. It's both obnoxious and tedious, but I can see what they (the devs) "want" it to be. I just think it isn't fun and having fights decided by it is a big turn off. The penalties need to be less drastic when it comes to character avatars, but there should definitely be an incentive when it comes to your thralls / vendors / etc.
  4. Crafters: Why log in?

    I still believe that the majority of crafting (and harvesting to some degree) will be done on alts. This is an unfortunate side effect of having a "single character, single account" set up. Will there be interdependence? Sure, but I think everyone will be surprised at how little people actually want to be joined at the hip. Those people will most likely have alternative accounts.
  5. VIP, I must be missing somthing

    VIP means I don't have to buy 10 more accounts; I can be satisfied with 5 .
  6. What direction is the game going?

    Have you visited the bless subreddit lately? Why is it so hard to believe that people would refund a game they're so clearly not enjoying? Bless was so bad that steam was actually giving refunds to people with over 20 hours of play time (the policy is 2 hours). Someone in my own guild got a refund TWICE. There is an actual site that tracts refunds on steam I believe, I'll see if I can find it. Here's a video that actually talks about refunds (and how poorly made socksty bless was). Basically my point is if your game sucks, regardless of their dollar investment, they'll leave. I think you misunderstand my position tho. I don't want the time commit removed, I want the time commit made more fun and feel less like a chore.
  7. What direction is the game going?

    People payed $39-150 to play bless and dumped it after only an hour, trust me when I say they'll leave if they don't like it. You've got people with hundreds if not thousands of dollars giving negative feedback about the current implementation; some of which have stopped playing altogether. I agree that there needs to be a "hook", but it has to be something that's covertly "grindy" and yet still gives the player the impression their progressing and having fun while doing it. Right now we have something that is a horrendous boring slog and just like eating a $hit covered oreo, the creamy white center might taste great (the pvp) but you gotta get through the poorly made $hit covered exterior to get there. Many people won't eat $hit. Telling people to go play another game when they want to enjoy the best part of this game but have to slog through is not the answer.
  8. What direction is the game going?

    My problem isnt harvesting so much as the time invested in harvesting. There is a good reason why other games trivialize this part of the game; it's boring. Lower the requirements on the upper tier of gear and you'll less likely to see these type of threads now and 6 months from now. Keep your head in the sand and responding with the "hurr durr, this game isnt for you" mantra and you'll find yourself playing a game by yourself. A lot of this stuff can be fixed with a better New Player Experience and adjusting some nobs and so forth, so we'll see where it goes from there. Crowfall isn't the only pvp focused mmorpg so the devs should be weary of this.
  9. What direction is the game going?

    True, but in Darkfall there was far less barriers to harvesting, it was way more inclusive and there were alternatives. Your character could effectively do everything which is a big difference from crowfall where you're basically forced to nut cup. Even with the accessibility and flexibility with character freedom the game died (not specifically because of harvesting, but the grind definitely hurt it among other things). Crowfall has replaced the "go out and kill 10 rats" quest grind with the "go out and hit 100+ of x node" grind. They're both boring, but at least the rats fight back and keep the experience engaging. All these experiences might change when the population is larger, who knows.
  10. What direction is the game going?

    I think he's talking about the core of the game, which basically go out, farm resources, craft items so you can farm more resources and craft the next tier of items so you can farm more resources. People farming hundreds of resources atm don't realize that won't be the case when there is an actual population that's trying to kill you and stop you from progressing. Harvesting and progression is even going to be more of a slog. The problem is that this is the introduction to the game, that in itself is the problem. You punch a tree 3 times, and then hit a rock for 10 more which increasingly is multiplied when you factor how long it takes to acquire advanced gear (the only gear that really means anything). If your players first impression is that the first part of the game sucks, they're not going to stick around for the later halves. Think about it.
  11. 2v1 in a fort

    So is block just not worth it anymore?
  12. I wasn't comparing them, I was talking about genre fatigue, of which both MMORPGS and MOBAS suffered from. Remember all those games?Heroes of Newerth, Infinite Crisis, Dawngate, Sins of Dark Age, Blood Line Champions, and few more that I vague remember. Where are they now? Dead or on life support. Most triple AAA studios won't even touch the mmorpg market anymore, they've settled for implementing MMO lite features. BR and survival games (which are starting to die out, because BR games are killing them) will inevitably suffer the same fate. You'll have 1 or maybe 2 games at most that will survive, the rest will die out and developers will move on to other things as they have in the past. Crowfall is an amalgamation of a lot of different genres, so hopefully they've "future proofed" it against such fatigue.
  13. I'm not sure what you're trying to say since I've already mentioned that LoL is one of the few mobas still standing. Popular games are successful? Are there many mobas springing up outside of maybe the mobile market which has a vacancy when it comes to the genre? Fortnite and PUGB are the LoL/Dota 2 of the battle royale genre.
  14. IMO, Yes. Everything else outside of combat feels way more refined. Harvesting looks and functions great (the animations, the weight, the feedback you get from mining a node). Crafting is fairly involved and intuitive. The world itself looks significantly cleaner and sharper. Combat in comparison to these systems is extremely shallow and 1 dimensional. Characters movement is rigid and clunky, tray swapping feels slow and awkward (although considerably better than it once was), and the ability to do "flashy" play options doesn't really exist. I'm of course comparing this to other games (some finished, with all the polish and "oomph") and some not finished. Combat was in the oven for quite a while, and it is in a better place, but it still feels extremely limited. It feels like it hasn't received any significant changes in quite a while. I fully understand that combat is one system, and the devs need to continue implementing any more if this game is to make it to harvest. However, combat really is one of the MORE important features, and while classes have received changes, the foundations of combat haven't really been touched in quite some time. To the devs: What are the developers thoughts on the current state of combat? What do they wish they did or could do? What do they perceive as possible enhancements to combat? To the players: Do you think the devs should put some focus on the actual combat? What would you like to see in terms of combat changes? New Mechanics? What are your current thoughts on combat, where do you see it going from here? Are you satisfied with it? Since crowfall has been delayed again (rightfully so, if they soft launched in it's current state heads would roll), I can only imagine what changes will be coming to the game. Hopefully some of them involve combat cause the dust is starting to collect.
  15. A lot of mobas did kinda die, and you don't see nearly as many being made (practically none). We've got the big 3, Lol, Dota2 and HotS. Will BR die too? We can only hope at this point.