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  1. The game was never intended to be a drop in/drop out call of duty-esque zero commitment game. Leveling does two fold: It makes you take some kind of ownership of your character by forcing you to invest time into it. It gets people out in the world doing things besides beating on doors and blobbing around the map. It's another thing that gets people (hopefully) out in the campaign world doing things, making the campaign feel more like a living breathing world / mmorpg and less like an instanced battleground.
  2. Free form building is very hard to balance. Players will go out of their way to abuse whatever they can. The forts/keeps DO need to be more distinct tho. They have absolutely no personality and no strategic importance other than just existing and generating points.
  3. 30 fps is totally playable, anything below that is not.
  4. Crowfall will definitely suffer from the "uncle bob" scenario, except it will just be on a shorter duration per campaign. The reality is that alliances that dominate campaign X are probably going to dominate campaign Y if they're fighting the same opponents. Maybe the story will be different in the "tournament" campaigns.
  5. Pretty sure the GCD exists so attack animations aren't broken. The animation of the basic attack has to play out before you use an ability (i.e. you can't weave an ability in between basic attacks). This seems like a technical limitation. If you're looking for an extremely well polished combat system crowfall will 100% not be it. The "aiming" is a farce with ranged abilities all being ray casts and having a huge margin for error. This is intentional and done so the server and client aren't too far out of sync and you don't get a false positive (i.e. you hit a target on the screen [client
  6. Elder Scrolls Online. If we look outside of the genre, battle royales. The seasons is basically the circle closing in on you, except it's a bit more hospitable.
  7. It's arguable to even say crowfall has skilled targeting. I actually think the action part of Crowfall is more of a gimmick than anything. The targeting needs to be more stricter with more emphasis on aiming.
  8. It's arguably one of the most successful MMOs currently on the market...
  9. Leaps still behave kinda weird. You can dodge/leap in mid air, this looks highly unusual on the champion. Like wise, more times than not you land awkwardly on top of your target. The map needs a lot of work, no where near beta quality. Lacks all the modern day functionality you would expect from a map.
  10. I'd like to see lunge on a different keybind, like shift + lmb.
  11. The passive system is designed to drip feed / string people along in an attempt to keep them coming back. Unfortunately It has the opposite effect and just pisses people off; passive progression has outlived it's usefulness and it's an artifact of the past. People don't want to progress through waiting, they want to progress through DOING.
  12. It could very well be that's why people are not playing, but crowfall never really had a large testing population. Even back in 5.8 the population was very low. Over 20k backers, and they don't want to even test the game? That seems very unusual.
  13. A lot of the reason why it's 1 hour of action and 23 hours of grinding is because the population. The action and grinding are supposed to be happening at the same time. I kinda frowned at the game when I realized side stepping attacks (even ranged attacks) wasn't really possible because of how big the hit scan was.
  14. I guess the obvious answer is the player base is already fragmented. While force groups of players that don't necessarily want to play with each other to do so? Also balance on pve servers and pvp servers won't have to diverge, because at the end of the day a pvp server will just be a pve server but auto opt-in flagging.
  15. More UI and map functionality should be some where on that list as well.
  16. If you could remove mantle, sure buff it. Other wise it just becomes a death sentence that no one can do anything about.
  17. People forget that getting CC'd to death was actually a think awhile back.
  18. Easy solution. Active progression, limited # of things you can actually specialize in tho. Let's say you have an allotted amount of "points" that you can accumulate and use to spend on things. Perhaps you could have enough to specialize in two or three things and that's just about it. I'm not sure why the devs decided to go with passive progression, it's arguably the worst thing about EvE and you don't see many games actively pushing it. Why? Because active progression is more interesting.
  19. I don't envy the developers, they have a huge task ahead of them. Performance is still my (and everyone who cares about the welling being of the game) #1 concern. Yea the combat is scuffed, every green hills looks like every other green hill, but none of that ultimately matters if the game runs like doodoo. Obviously performance is something they're iterating on and holding off for a big push till they hammer in their features, but it's the most noticeable issue at the moment so it gets the most focus from the player base.
  20. I'd like to be able to toggle a health / resource bar over my avatar or beside my character (shadowbane style) instead of having a large portrait with vitals. The UI doesn't just need to look good, it also needs to function good as well.
  21. Large contributor; druid orbs and frostweaver stable ice. The game goes above and beyond to try and reduce the clutter (by hiding these until they turn hostile and "pop", but by then it's usually too late). These should be visible all the time whether your friend or foe. The problem here is the visual clutter. The current solution is to hide friendly orb/stable ice placement from the enemies untill detonated. The real solution is to change the fundamental nature of these abilities. You can't have abilities that are determinant to the performance of the game, at the same time the solution shoul
  22. Obviously the video is a completely fluffy scripted marketing asset, but I thought it was interesting to compare what we have in-game, to what is actually in-game. The reality is that video doesn't really reflect the game. Most of the terrain is relatively flat, not like the terrain showed in the video in the castle siege segment. There are no villages in the classical sense, and the visuals of the "ghost" town aren't actually in the game. In fact I have yet to encounter an area inside the campaign that looks as good as the locales displayed in the video.
  23. I feel like if food was to be a thing, it should be used to maintain your thralls that are used at your factories, fields, etc in or near your strongholds. On a character by character basis the food meter is just tedious.
  24. No animation plays for unsheathing your weapon (human female - paladin, dunno if it's the same for other classes / races). Righteous Parry on paladin has weird interactions. The walk animation seems off.
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