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  1. In HD, cannot hover an item to view stats while moving. Quite annoying. Also think the overall time for the stats popup is a bit slower even when standing still.
  2. Differing playstyles are available yes, but those pvp skills 100% translate. Name me one BR where they don't.
  3. You do understand that it's still a PvP battle, right? It's not hide-and-seek royale. The only difference between arena/deathmatch (lets say 5v5) and a BR is that there are many more variables (getting third partied) and RNG factors. The skills from a deathmatch-gamemode still translate into the battle royale.
  4. I've done my fair share of complaining, so also chiming in to say nice job 😀 - definitely the right direction with this patch/change! One possible concern here is that it shifts a lot of the positives onto the "last kill". So a team that kills 4 but one gets away doesn't get rewarded, while the team that maybe 5v1s that person later on gets the reward. Additionally, IMO, fighting at the end should have the teams that are still full 5man concerned with other 5man teams primarily (at least if going for win) - not chasing solos around. This change kind of shifts the field a bit and I'm not su
  5. Increasing the difficulty for 1 person to backcap a point in 10seconds is definitely a good one, thats +1 from me. One additional or alternative easy win for the devs here would be to re-implement capping speeds to be based on how many people are on the point - making it slower if less than 3 perhaps. That logic already exists ingame, so low-hanging fruit for sure. Overall these changes would be really nice as it initiates more combat, as you can leave the keep and be out on the map but come back to fight a contesting scenario some times. Gryphons spawning at start I think is still best tho
  6. I think we all know there are some large improvements to be made, some that are probably hefty-development tasks like fixing the elevation-pull bug. Understandable that such things are not quick nor easy to fix, but here are some ideas that I see as low hanging fruit with maximum improvement: Add a stacking-cooldown for respawning, just like in dregs/gr. First death could be increased to say 15seconds, next death is 30seconds, etc. This will make pushing keeps a possibility, and holding them during a losing-fight an actual risk. Speed up seasons 1 & 2 in particular (making you
  7. > I feel the Third minor is needed for toughness, drop Resurrections for Weapon Finesse You'd have to give up the best stat bundle at the top for another minor. That would be unconditionally a terrible decision. Their stat tree is good for a starter healing-focused inquisitor. - Weapon Finesse would be better than rez, but High Elf helps offset the need and the healing fessor will be using Fervor quite enough anyway. - Stay in the fight is useful when leveled up for the basic attack dmg, but as a white disc it's gonna be rather useless for the healing fessor (see above regarding Fe
  8. You haven't used chain heal recently then I suppose, so maybe reserve judgement ;p. It's low cd, and can crit for 1k+.
  9. Here's the build for those that may want to read more about the skills/passives: https://crowcaine.wiki/builds/@me/new?class=confessor&race=high-elf&talents=a1-b1-b2-c1-c2-c3-e1-e3-f3-h1-i2-j3-j4-k2-l4&majors=naiad--transcendent-warrior&minors=phantom-armor--resurrection __________ Agree with Fayde, definitely playable. My suggestion would be to switch out the Transcendent Warrior major disc. Pixie & Sun Worshiper are a better pair IMO if you want to focus heals, you still get the cleanse from SW and get two chain heals with synergy of the pixie minor. As for resur
  10. Might have a hard time putting this into words, but stick with me . For starters, just wanted to say the PvP and fort/keep mechanics are really cool in this game and have a lot of potential. But there seems to be a big window where there's not much to do. The outposts are a neat idea, but there are so many, with small points, that they don't really incentivize constant medium-size PvP. And forts/keeps rightfully need to be on larger timers due to the building mechanics and such. But I think there is room for another objective type. In Realms Online for example, there were three factions t
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