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  1. You’re right. But in order for the vendor-based, player-driven economy to work, you need more than just a few vendor spots. The issue is there weren’t enough to begin with, and 1/3 of the spots between Infected and GR were eliminated.
  2. That’s just entirely untrue.
  3. 2/3 of the vendor slots in the new GR appear to be missing.
  4. If you're not going to make unlimited vendor slots, an AH, or make EKs a place we can actually use, you need to cut the crap[ on saying you want a player driven economy. You cut 2/3 of the GR slots. A SINGLE GUILD GOT MOST OF THE NEW ONES. Of those left, 4 have NO ITEMS on them, one person has THREE slots, and another has FIVE. This happens in the Infected temples, too. I estimate there are only about 50 actual players with vendor spots. You need to fix this immediately.
  5. If you want a player-driven economy, then cutting 2/3 of the available slots in GR is ridiculous. Of the single GR temple, there are cure currently 4 people with nothing on them, 1 person has THREE slots, and one person has FIVE slots. This is true in the other temples as well. I'd say there are probably only 50 actual players with vendors at the moment. If a player driven economy is really a focus you want for the game, you either need to make unlimited vendor slots, set up an AH, or allow EKs to stay up and have vendors. This is absurd.
  6. The universal dodge timers are 1 second longer than they are supposed to be. This was true for me, as well as other group members who tested it.
  7. Knight NPCs are pulling at ranges of up to 50m. This has happened on Embarri, Underhill, and Thralls. Knight NPC charge continues even if they're stunned during it. I've stunned them 20m away, and still end up stunned at the time when they would have connected. There have also been a couple of times I've retreated to ~15m away from where they end their charge, and still end up stunned. This has happened with Embarri, Underhill, and Thralls.
  8. I logged in this evening, and went to assign my skill points. When I got to the skill tab, the selections were blank, as though I'd never chosen skill trees to train. When I clicked in, I still had all my previous points assigned, the proper nodes of the tree were selected, but I couldn't assign the points I'd gained, and no points were accumulating. I relogged, and everything straightened itself out.
  9. -Trees have an invisible layer too high for players to reach, but items can get stuck there. I'll frequently have wood/dust get stuck on that level when chopping trees. Even if the tree is chopped down, the items still stay floating at that level, and remain unreachable. -If you try and split a stack of items on the lowest row of the inventory, or in the right-most column, you can't see the full window for splitting. If the inventory is closed while this is happening, the splitting window remains on the screen, sometimes even if you log out to character select. -If a mob dies at a range of 40+m, but I turn away and don't watch the death graphics, it pauses and finished when I look at it again. This has been repeated multiple times on Embarri, Satyrs, and Underhill.
  10. I've been playing about six weeks now, so from a relatively new player's point of view, here are things I would have liked to have seen early on: -First, for the sake of test suggestions, a "Future Features" section to compare our notes to. That way you aren't receiving suggestions on things you're already planning. - Please, PLEASE don't force a tray change after logging in, using a portal, or dying. As an Archer who has only a rare need for his melee tray, this is particularly infuriating. It has definitely wasted precious seconds in PvP for me, which is all it takes to leave me with a huge disadvantage. -Trivial Non-aggression. Somewhere in the range of 10-15 levels above a monster, it would make sense for it to not attack me unless attacked first. -A Guild Bank. This would include general access, and items designated for specific people. -Allow pressing the "W" key to abort autorun along with the current methods. If I'm using it, I meant to take over again. -Major adjustments to the chat system. I need a spot designated for whispers. Everything else can go to the combat window. Customization would also be nice. -Allow arrows/quivers to be placed in ALT spots. I know some players would say this is OP, but it has the same effect as switching trays, which people already do as their situations dictate. -While I won't argue for the need for a longer wait on the Combat tree, Combat Basics is very unapproachable as a new player. Maybe break it out to Basic Combat>Intermediate Combat>Advanced Combat, and then into a specialization.
  11. A very well organized group! I'm glad to be playing with y'all!
  12. Just for testing height, I went up to 250ish meters. At about 60m above, other grouped members said it was registering my character as being on the ground.. I was able to see other characters (but not names) up until my full Perception value of 125 meters, though they couldn't see me above 80ish.
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