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  1. 100% everything you said... Today, Corvuses team won, which was their THIRD freaking qualifier.
  2. When dead, the Cairn is higher off ground, and i couldnt move the crow afterwards. It seems the mesh of the grave collides with the crow and makes it stuck!
  3. yes..i was too hype i missed the link..i love assassin too much..sry
  5. Ohh i get it now. So the dominance ult is the correct one and non domi ults are broken and do more damage then they should.. Ok makes sense
  6. Im at work. Ill outline this tough. Dominance ult: 1588~ Non domunance non crit ult: 1613~ Non domi crit ult: 2.4k~ So how can u say that the dominance ult adds a crit damage modifier when it even does less damage than the non crit one. Something is obv broken and from what i gather, its that Dominance Ult does not add your crit dmg modifier. Because as far as i understand it, using dominance pip, makes your Neckbreaker 100% crit chance, AND IT DOES register as crit in combat log, but the damage is EVEN slightly lower than the non domi non crit ult. And the non domi CRIT ULT is clearly larger by the amount of Critical Damage %, where domi ult obviously isnt.
  7. How can u say it uses my crit damage modifier when it does less damage than a non dominance non crit neckbreaker. It does say it crits, but damage is as low as it can be on that ult. Using neckbreaker without dominance and without criting is still better than the dominance "crit".
  8. The Dominance guarantedd Crit doesent take the crit modifier into consideration at all...ive tested it...alpha ult is BEST used without dominance cuz something is broken It isnt in the video but NON DOMINANCE crit, does 2.4k+...which conicides with my CRIT DMG increase. So IMO dominance crit ult DOESENT take into consideration the CRIT DMG percentage increase
  9. @Jubenei Ape was very respectfull to you, but i wont be, This game is not deep, this game is not hard, and this games combat has little to do with mechanical skill. The foretought that goes into this game is same, or less as expansive than other games. The reason you think this game is alot more challenging is probably because you are still preety bad at the game. There is alot of "flavour" missing in the game, and the concept of it is the only thing that is sort of unique and appealing about Crowfall, and ill add that it has the best crafting system ive ever experienced, that is somewhat deep, that is coupled with THE WORST advancement system there is in passive skill tree system. This is false..Crowfall is as carebear pvp as it gets...mobile banking and banks everywhere for safely depositing loot. No gear drop on death and perma stealth for easy and safe depositing of your earned resources etc. There are no rewards. Hell, even winning campaing gets you NOTHING except some bragging rights (and 50 more exports that are circumvented right now by people having 5+ accounts anyways). The fact that u get jitters can be atributed by the fact you dont have as much hours put into the game compared to other people, but to me that also says how inexperienced you are, and what type of mentality you have, cuz me personally and many other people had 0 "fear" or jitter, whatever you wanna call it, even first days out in dregs. ESSPECIALLY LAST 2 dregs, which were ghost town. Oh yea, customary Git Gud.
  10. Cuz im cuttroath. Daggers are a must. And knife grinder does add slicing which i sacrifice for twnderize. In new patch knife grinder is piercing so thats a plus
  11. Take those 2 videos with a grain of salt. Ranger is straight up bad player, and yianni is a great player but he failed a bit. Majors, illusionist and knife grinder. Minors sparring, weap finesse, and uhhh.. Forgot.. Uniform leather i think and maybe pound of flesh for opener
  12. Ambush is 100% crit on exposed targets...ult blinds...
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