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  1. Cuz im cuttroath. Daggers are a must. And knife grinder does add slicing which i sacrifice for twnderize. In new patch knife grinder is piercing so thats a plus
  2. Take those 2 videos with a grain of salt. Ranger is straight up bad player, and yianni is a great player but he failed a bit. Majors, illusionist and knife grinder. Minors sparring, weap finesse, and uhhh.. Forgot.. Uniform leather i think and maybe pound of flesh for opener
  3. Ambush is 100% crit on exposed targets...ult blinds...
  4. that was very dissapointing not gonna lie
  5. like other tab targeting mmos...when u hold right click it locks cursor... and no..that is a bad idea..this game is action combat
  6. @veeshan @SAM_BUKA I forgot there are different types of players. There are people who care about pvp, fights, skill and competitiveness, im there personally. And then there are people who likes drama and backstabbing etc. For those alliances are probably great.
  7. All of this sounds amazingly good.. The reality is the opposite will happen..big guilds will ally smaller guilds to secure victory..and have small guilds funell them.. people are losers and helping big guilds win makes em feel important.... Add alliances and i guarantee you you will have a dominant guild ally 50% of the server and just roll
  8. For solo ganking and roaming u dont need a bow at all. Assassin is a bit higher skillcap class to play but its managable. For bigger groups, assassin is kinda gimped, but equipping a bow helps out You can burst opener on a squishy and if thibgs gets dodgy you pull off to the team and spam arrows.
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