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  1. I’ve had these speckled black dots appear as some form of graphical error. It’s happened a few times over the past two weeks (when I first began testing). Possibly occurs after viewing the map. When the glitch is active, the map and skills screens are fine. It’s only when on the screen I can move character around. To resolve it in the past I have restarted the client. Today I was able to fix it by Alt tabbing while I was porting back to temple. Maybe the alt tab is enough to fix it. 16mb ram. i7 8700k. Radeon rx 5600xt.
  2. Thanks for the info! It seems the Mining disc was giving access to the passive buff that describes the system while the Villein disc was giving access to the UI. I started recently and haven’t trained deeply in passives so I was confused that I had a bar full of pips but not the appropriate skill to use it. I think it’s confusing to gate it through the passives system, but at least I know it’s a game issue and I’m not missing something obvious.
  3. Energetic harvest is gated? Through passives? That would answer the question I was about to post. I have a vessel with the villein and mining discs. I noticed I have the passive buff describing the energetic harvest pip system, Villein has the one ability to add pips... but I couldn’t find a skill or keybind to use energetic harvesting. That’s buried in the Exploration Passives somewhere?
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