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  1. I've always heard it called Cat and Mouse. I come from Survival games, rust/ark/Arma/etc. I would spend tons of time farming, lose it all many many times. But I only wasted my time hitting stupid rocks because of the value they had in that environment. As Zybak pointed out the risk made getting those things valuable. We would go out in teams so we wouldn't just lose our stuff, it promoted not only PvP but teamwork. Make friends. Of course if you can just chill and farm shiny things in GR why bother getting into the game loop. When I started my guild every gatherer/crafter type I recruited would quit the game or say they would be back. You know why? Passives. Being unable to catch-up means they won't ever make as good of a sword, they won't ever hit that rock as hard, realistically passives are gating this "environmental content" in such a way you will never draw nor keep a large share of this player demographic. Turbonerds are barely crafting wartribe quality gear. If bill got in today and says I wanna be a crafter! It's like well In a month or two you can make non-awful things. Maybe in a few more they will be handy, but it'll be over a year before you can cap it out finally catching up and not just being inferior. So what does bill do? Guess he goes and hits rock in GR. That riveting gameplay fails to draw him in. Maybe if getting resources took more than time you do not value, it could be rewarding. I appreciate that Ace is working to make this game for a wider audience and I am not advocating for anyone to be thrown to the fire, but if non-lootable PvP in infected(where roughly 1 in 3 players is on your team anyways) is too spicy and not worth the risk, then the numbers are clearly off. This is a PvP game and it's gameplay functions around that central point. In GR there are no players, just NPCs hitting rocks
  2. Assassin is being pulled out of stealth/visible inappropriately and not being pushed out of the stealth tray. Leaving the assassin un-stealthed and able to fight and cast abilities off of the stealth tray.
  3. I have to say that I absolutely loved my first dregs experience and thought you guys hit it out of the park so far with 5.11 . I am selfishly sad along with many others while we wait for the next campaign to come out, but if it is detrimental towards overall development to have a dregs server up I can understand.
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