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  1. I think when you are doing the Caravan quests in GR, it should tell you, you can control up to 3 pigs at a time. I am glad you added the explanation of the Whistle. When you do Motherlodes, maybe it drops a gem that can be added into the ring. Or maybe you also do a stone ML that drops a mineral. Either way, it should be explained or shown the additional resources you can get from ML. When you get to Infected, I like the books explaining a lot of stuff in the spawn chamber. I think you could show pictures of ToLs and Bane trees at the appropriate book. On the Dregs book, besi
  2. On the Embargo "quest" in the player spawn area, you misspelled "out" as "our." I also think it would be helpful to show pictures of the different outposts for newer players. Maybe 2 for keeps, or explain the difference between medium and full keeps. You could also add a picture of the War Table in the appropriate quest line, like you did in GR. I would also show a screenshot of the Home Vault and Skills are and maybe show an example of importing or exporting. I know people in guilds will have this explained a little easier to them. I am just think of true new players and the LCD to make it as
  3. I definitely hope, post launch, they get a multitude of architectural styles in the game. They've already discussed getting swamps and deserts, now they need to ramp up the architecture styles, like they did in SB.
  4. Was there a specific reason or reasons to prune the Cooking menu? Taking out Red Wine(needed to make Bon Tippers for crafting) , Pot Pies(also used by crafters), Carrot Juice(3m ranged distance buff) and many other recipes, I am not sure of the logic or reasoning behind this, and of course, no mention of the changes in the patch notes. The maps look really good as well as the sound effects added to sacrificing, and the art overhaul of some of the inventory items/drops. Also, I still can't place a Throne Lodge on a Shire Parcel, and I believe that was supposed to be fixed with this
  5. I was going through the EK tutorial when the new Dregs campaign opened, so I closed it to go into the campaign. This morning I went back into my EK and it says I have completed 5 of the 8 starting quests. I should be on Learn About Wall Panels(#6), however the Quest is stuck on Learn About Building Placement(#1). So I can't complete the EK quests. I took screenshots, but it seems i can only submit pictures from URLs
  6. Thank and good luck in your future endeavors Pann! Make sure you take care of yourself first.
  7. It would be nice if several categories would be added to the Account Vault. We currently have Armor, Weapons and Purchases as subcategories(although Purchases has some crafted stuff in there-I don't know why). I would like to see Categories like Food, Animal(could be both hides and animal meat, bone and blood), Ore, Stone, Wood. There are others, but I think these would be a good start.
  8. Overall, I love the new patch! Here is some of my harvesting and crafting feedback on the current build. Is it an oversight that forts(and especially keeps) don't get cooking stations in them, or is it purposeful? It seems like the keep and forts should come with them, or be able to place them(for a small resource cost). Exporting items and not being able to stack them with similar items in the account vault must be fixed. How can gold not stack with other gold, for example, once it's imported? I feel in-game mail would be a big QoL issue(Guild Banks as well of course) if it
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