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    Drakkaris reacted to goqua in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    It may be a pantheon thing.  4 gods in each pantheon.  Maybe you can't stack buffs from the same pantheon, but can in different pantheons.  
    I meant to test this, but have been too busy, and I don't know where to find most of them.
    (EDIT)It may also be a sacrifice thing.  Maybe sacrificing something in particular (or anything at all) lets that buff persist...testing now.
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from Tyrant in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    I think when you are doing the Caravan quests in GR, it should tell you, you can control up to 3 pigs at a time. I am glad you added the explanation of the Whistle. 
    When you do Motherlodes, maybe it drops a gem that can be added into the ring. Or maybe you also do a stone ML that drops a mineral. Either way, it should be explained or shown the additional resources you can get from ML. 
    When you get to Infected, I like the books explaining a lot of stuff in the spawn chamber. I think you could show pictures of ToLs and Bane trees at the appropriate book. 
    On the Dregs book, besides mentioning that you can win, you could mention that their will be individual rewards available-a nice incentive. 
    Separately, accessing my Vault is very glitchy. If I try to access armor or weapons, a lot of times it won't show all the items, or even non at all, and then the whole bank glitches so I can't see anything. 
    Yesterday I was playing a Nethari confessor and from my knees down, they were invisible a lot. 
    Overall, though, it's getting better and better. Keep up the hard work! 
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    Drakkaris reacted to BarriaKarl in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    Blessings should be better explained. I have no idea how the mechanics for them stacking works. Sometimes they stack, sometimes they dont.
    Srathor confirmed my guess that it has something to do with the pantheon but I still will have to try those around to see how they work properly.
    I have no hope new players will understand it any better than me. Heck, I am not even sure new players understand how important those buffs are.
    So, I'd reccomend some rework on the NPE part to better explain those. If I remember right it went basically like 'now you got a blessing. Go talk with this other NPC now'.
    And I'd like to tie this stuff with coolster idea of an ingame wiki/help menu. Those sort of Pantheon shenanigans look like the kind of thing players would have to look up all the time. Perfect material for such wiki.
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    Drakkaris reacted to iznogood in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    The possibility to craft mutiple of basic item at once is a great improvement, but its would be far more great if instead of having to click 20+ times on an small arrow we could have a slider or could just type the desired number.
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    Drakkaris reacted to Arkade in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    The new "quest" line in infected needs work. There's no mention of the Shadow ruleset, and some of the things that aren't applicable to Infected, like city building, aren't specified as such. Players are going to be confused when they can't do these things in infected. There is a vendor in the infected keeps that sells the deeds, that can't be placed in the keep. The quest also mentions that inventory will be dropped on death, but that doesn't apply to infected either.
    And you guys really, really need a proofreader. There are numerous missing words and misspellings. 
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from Tyrant in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    On the Embargo "quest" in the player spawn area, you misspelled "out" as "our." I also think it would be helpful to show pictures of the different outposts for newer players. Maybe 2 for keeps, or explain the difference between medium and full keeps. You could also add a picture of the War Table in the appropriate quest line, like you did in GR. I would also show a screenshot of the Home Vault and Skills are and maybe show an example of importing or exporting. I know people in guilds will have this explained a little easier to them. I am just think of true new players and the LCD to make it as friendly as possible. So far, I am loving the new look and added information. Keep up the great work!
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    Drakkaris reacted to Soldack in How do I make "Stitched Leather"   
    Thanks Jah, that fixed it.  The  error message should be more descriptive about what is happening to cause it to fail.
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    Drakkaris reacted to mythx in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    It will come @drakaiser they talked about it recently in a podcast. I agree it helps a lot about the overall immersion of the world, and some small rivers would be great in grassland bion too that u dont need to swim or use a lot of time with swim animations. I do full time sea scape landscape photography it really lacks water in the world. 
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from mythx in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    I definitely hope, post launch, they get a multitude of architectural styles in the game. They've already discussed getting  swamps and deserts, now they need to ramp up the architecture styles, like they did in SB.
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    Drakkaris reacted to moneda in Dear ACE, Performance is just not there...   
    Um, excuse you, but I was promised a fiery pony and I will get my pony. 😤  
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    Drakkaris reacted to PopeUrban in Thoughts and suggestions on universe design   
    That is old kickstarter data. The confirmed bands as of NOW are:
    Eternal Kingdoms (Player Housing, Player Controlled Content, Trophies) - Player operated worlds constructed from resources and trophies won in campaigns or bought from crown store. Optional. May be PvE or PvP determined by owners. Supports leasing and subleasing land and housing rights, vendors, and an unannounced gameplay loop that is separate from existing campaign and loot rewards. No materials other than basic slag, cobble, and knotwood.
    God's Reach (Training) - Tutorial area for leveling and training new vessels. PvE Only. No PvP Looting. Spirit Bank Access. No Campaign Mechanics. Low quality resources.

    Infected (Advanced Training) - Extended tutorial area for allowing players to experiment with PvP. PvP without looting. Spirit Bank Access. Campaign mechanics exist, but have no reward mechanisms to encourage new player experimentation and discourage experienced players from hanging about and dominating them. Middle quality resources.
    Shadow  - Main long-term campaigns for players interested in RvR style play. PvP Looting. Import/Export mechanics. Factions are led by the server and have no player leadership or ownership mechanisms. Mid to high quality resources. Intended for new players, small groups, or solo players. This band may or may not also include 12 faction variants.
    Dregs - Main long-term campaigns for players interested in GvG and Alliance style play. PvP Looting. Import/Export mechanics. Factions are led by guild leaders and POIs cost gold to plant and replant. High quality resources only. Intended for large guilds and alliances. This band may or may not also include variants that allow or disallow alliances.
    Within these bands, ACE wants to make avaliable variant rulesets through the use of specialized cards, different import/export limitations, and they have also mentioned potential for some campaigns to have other unique limitations or features, such as race-limited campaigns. For example, an Elves versus Minotaurs campaign in shadows that only allows those races to lock in. Campaign scoring in kickstarter was initially build around specific single victory conditions but that systems has been changed to seasonal cards, and cards are designed to provide a range of objectives that cater to different types of activity, supplemented with "evergreen" cards that always encourage the basic gameplay loops of sacrifice to the gods and taking and upgrading objectives as valuable activities, but these are less valuable and more accessible than specific seasonal objectives.
    In addition the reward systems are not finalized. Todd is currently working on the final reward systems for campaigns and has mentioned he wants those systems to be multi-vector and to reward relative scoreboard placement in multiple categories in addition to fully winning campaigns in order to keep all players engaged and keep them from cancelling out of campaigns just because they aren't doing well early on.
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    Drakkaris reacted to Ivellian in Please limit DREGS to be actual guilds.   
    Personally, I think it adds some extra life to Dregs that felt like it was missing before.  An unorganized earth guild is unlikely to be seriously competitive due to the organization, management, and effort required as crafting (especially vessels) becomes increasingly important in the coming weeks.  
    Additionally, I am not sure what the alternative would be.  Exclude unguilded players from Dregs?  That doesn't seem very fair or fun - especially when no other options are present but it would also limit a meaningful choice in the long run.  Require those individuals to play solo?  That also doesn't seem very fair or fun.  This would place those players at an impossible disadvantage, and we would lose the aforementioned additional life (and PvP) those players bring to the Dregs.
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from JamesGoblin in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Thank and good luck in your future endeavors Pann! Make sure you take care of yourself first.
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from Tyrant in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Thank and good luck in your future endeavors Pann! Make sure you take care of yourself first.
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from Tyrant in 5.110 TEST Bug Reports for 6/12/20 v2   
    I was going through the EK tutorial when the new Dregs campaign opened, so I closed it to go into the campaign. This morning I went back into my EK and it says I have completed 5 of the 8 starting quests. 
    I should be on Learn About Wall Panels(#6), however the Quest is stuck on Learn About Building Placement(#1). So I can't complete the EK quests. I took screenshots, but it seems i can only submit pictures from URLs
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    Drakkaris reacted to BarriaKarl in 5.110 TEST Bug Reports for 6/12/20 v2   
    Use imgur. You can post without an account. Pretty easy. You will get an URL you can use there.
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from SAM_BUKA in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/12/20   
    Was there a specific reason or reasons to prune the Cooking menu? Taking out Red Wine(needed to make Bon Tippers for crafting) , Pot Pies(also used by crafters), Carrot Juice(3m ranged distance buff) and many other recipes, I am not sure of the logic or reasoning behind this, and of course, no mention of the changes in the patch notes. 
    The maps look really good as well as the sound effects added to sacrificing, and the art overhaul of some of the inventory items/drops. 
    Also, I still can't place a Throne Lodge on a Shire Parcel, and I believe that was supposed to be fixed with this patch. 
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    Drakkaris reacted to Wilbur in 5.110 TEST Bug Reports for 6/12/20 v2   
    I put no points into reaping.  Yet this node is fully trained.
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    Drakkaris reacted to Sirktivo in Target Dummies.   
    Why are the target dummies in keeps and forts? I mean the reason most people are going to use them is to test their damage or healing. So it requires swapping major disciplines, which you're only able to do in temples. That's such a huge hurdle to actually get the information of certain builds. Is there anyway we can either 1 allow for swaps inside keeps and forts? Or move the dummies to the temples?
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    Drakkaris reacted to Soulreaver in Looting makes the game less enjoyable.   
    I think you'll regret getting "auto-looting" once a stealther pops up and "auto-loots" everything from the chief you just killed.

    Yes it happens *wink*
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    Drakkaris got a reaction from Chrissy The Blesser in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Thank and good luck in your future endeavors Pann! Make sure you take care of yourself first.
  22. Haha
    Drakkaris reacted to yianni in Dregs War Story: A New Tide Rises?   
    As of last night W is officially part of Death Alliance. They fought with us during the siege. Proof is all over.

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    Drakkaris reacted to Arawulf in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Wishing you all the best and may the right door open for you when you're ready.
  25. Thanks
    Drakkaris reacted to Pann in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Hey, Crowfolks!
    For five years, it has been my incredible honor and a privilege to serve this community. Sharing a passion for Crowfall was always a joy, even on the hard days, because I knew that every conversation came from a desire to see the game succeed.
    Today, I am announcing my departure from ArtCraft. I have decided to take some time off to focus on my personal life for a while.
    I still believe in Crowfall as much today as I did when I saw the first Kickstarter video. Knowing Todd and Gordon as well as I do, I am convinced that they will follow through on their commitment to make the best game possible, and I’ll be waiting and watching from the sidelines with all of you for the big day when Crowfall is released to great acclaim.
    There are no words to express my gratitude to all of the content creators, forum warriors and guild leaders who have made my job seem less job-like and more like hanging out with good friends. Please continue to support the team as you’ve supported me.
    Wishing you all the best,
    “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”  - Tinkerbell, “Hook”
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