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  1. Congratulations and good luck. The release timing makes a certain sense, in that it is between when the sparkle starts to come off TBC and before the release of New World (and several other MMORPGs coming out most likely before the end of the year). However, even with the thrashing Amazon took for its shady monetization practices, I think that when NW opens up, it will be crickets and tumbleweeds in CF. But, if people bale out of NW after the money grubbing sets in, then maybe CF will have a resurgence. We'll have to see.
  2. So, if ACE puts in a faction based campaign, a legit one (not a leveling zone), you are saying that will bring in new players who would not normally prefer gvg. I am not arguing against that idea, in fact, I like the it and wish they would do so. Although, I would note that ACE seems to think that HD is a more viable way forward, probably for similar reasons I suggested in my original post here.
  3. I am not sure what you are disagreeing with precisely, but CF doesn't have the population to push both game types currently. If they had established a faction based PvP campaign (or if they do), perhaps more would be playing now--I would like to believe that more would. However, there is nothing certain about that, and I am not convinced that would be the case. I assume that at least part (large part) of the reason ACE decided to go all in on HD is the fact that they recognize they need to introduce people to the game, without detracting from Dregs. Therefore, they implemented a short duration, low population arena to accomplish just that. At this moment, this is how they are choosing to deal with this catch-22, which stems from the core design of the game. So, I think that the evidence points to my conclusion. That being said, when release happens and population peeks, it will be a make or break moment for CF. Prior to release, I assume they will have a few campaign types to choose from, set up and ready to go to "catch" as many players as possible without making the whole experience overly confusing.
  4. IMO, faction based PvP is still the best MMORPG PvP (3 faction specifically). I know that people love their GvG and would argue otherwise--that's cool too. However, faction PvP offers a wider range of play style and commitment, from the learner, to the casual, to the dedicated, and facilitates more opportunities for new social interaction and cooperation. It isn't perfect, but in the last 20 years a 3 faction system, as a way to organize PvP in an MMORPG for the benefit of the largest amount of players, has yet to be outdone by any other system.
  5. CF is in a unique and unfortunate situation where, by virtue of its innovation, it has a core design that divides its already niche player base. CF doesn't have the population to push both a faction based and guild based campaigns. This is why, currently, the Infected is essentially reduced a leveling and tutorial zone where, in theory, "...new players [have] a chance to group up and meet new people while they take objectives and complete tasks." If CF becomes popular/populated enough, then multiple simultaneous game types could be a regular thing--BUT--how does it become popular enough without connecting with and retaining new players with game types that appeal to such players? Catch-22: A problem, task, situation, or course of action in which the outcome or solution one desires is especially difficult or impossible to achieve due to contradictory, illogical, or paradoxical rules, regulations, or conditions.
  6. I'd say that MO2 is definitely a competitor in the MMO PvP market, as is Corepunk (which is potentially a sleeper hit, IMO) and even Myth of Empires (MMO survival). Of course, New World is going to take most of the players this year, though it is not strictly a PvP game. So, I disagree that ACE is lucky here--in fact, I think just the opposite. Had CF come out last year, they would have been quite lucky indeed. Right now, they're staring down the barrel of some pretty stiff competition. In addition to all this, most Youtube MMO review channels do not rate CF very highly, especially when you compare that to the way they talk about some of these other titles. Either CF finds a release window where it is indisputably the new hotness, delays until it can offer something unique and compelling, or it gets crushed. Potentially, CF will be able to bounce back, but out of the box and head to head with these other games, I think CF is the clear underdog.
  7. Wait, wasn't Shadow supposed to be GvG? So, let me back up, I am pretty sure that it went like this: God's Reach was the 3 faction campaign, the Infected was the 12 faction campaign, Shadow was GvG, and Dregs was free-for-all (which is functionally GvG, but I digress). I am pretty sure that's correct.
  8. Interesting. It was supposed to a "campaign", like an alternative to Dregs, with less risk and reward. I was going to say, "Wasn't it supposed to be..?" but I caught myself, because I know for certain that it was--but let me put that aside. So, since the 12 faction campaign is functionally removed (at least for the time being) and the Infected is now tutorial/leveling zone, that leaves Dregs, and now Hunger Dome TM, as the "real game" for lack of a better term. Well, I can see why they did that (ie, population), and I hope it works out.
  9. Is it just me or does the Infected seem like a tutorial/leveling zone? Maybe that's just a population thing at the moment, though it seems like it could use more love and fanfare.
  10. Off format, but I hope this helps: What is CF, exactly? From an insider's perspective, it is somewhat confusing, and for an outsider, well, that goes without saying. New, prospective players, see the advertised "Hunger Dome" and think it is a battler royal game, yet people who've been following the project may be thinking, "I thought CF was a MMORPG? What's this Hunger Dome thing?" And, if new players buy in for HD, then they will expect the game to provide HDs all the time (that is what was advertised, and that is what they paid for). And, people who've been here a while will expect faction based and guild based campaigns (that is what was advertised, and that is what they paid for). If someone asked you what CF was, how would you describe it? Perhaps you could in a way that would make sense to someone who has never heard of it. Yet, could you really say that your description will be accurate at launch? How about 6 months from launch? A year? ACE can have all the different game modes they want (and I personally think that is a positive attribute of CF). However, they need to be clear about what they providing to customers. Right now, it looks a bit like confused grasping (even if that is not what it is).
  11. You are correct in your assertion that the "whole focus" has not changed (at this time). However, can it really be said that the game has not moved in directions that diverge from what early backers were led to believe they were investing in (even if you personally find those changes to be secondary or inconsequential)? I don't think the people who are recognizing the shift are entirely "hysterical" about this--I think it would be more accurate to call them justifiably sensitive.
  12. I am rooting for them as well, and I am highly critical for two basic reasons: 1. I want CF to be successful. 2. I am admittedly ticked that they have moved the game away from much of what I felt confident was the early vision of the game. So, for me, I have this dissonance going on where I am trying genuinely trying to be supportive as well as clearing showing my irritation. I guess when push comes to shove, I'd rather have ACE create a unique and fun base game experience, even if that means pushing even further away from what the sold to early supporters. ACE, if you happen to go through this thread, I think you risk finding yourselves sharing the same list as City State, beHaviour, and Soulbound. If the association is fair or not, is beside the point (perception is what matters). Please don't become yet another group of antagonists in a cautionary tale; boogeymen used to warn future fans and consumers. "Kickstarted MMO" is already a pejorative term among gamers. I don't know what you have to do to precisely, but find a way to avoid a similar fate.
  13. I tried to respond to this twice, and both times I hit backspace and it deleted my post, so here is the cliffsnotes: CF needs a cohesive, baseline game to present to and hook players, which is dependable and ever-present. To that, they can add interesting campaign types. This is tricky, because it has to be balanced with player population in mind, because the only way to have multiple concurrent campaigns is to have to population to support it. What I am saying is that this baseline game, which I argue needs to be consistent, must also be a viable alternative to other competing games that aren't CF. An inferior core game with the possibility of creative campaigns running along side may not (my opinion: will not) be enough of a draw to keep people interested. Hence, I argue that they should focus on making a cohesive core game (pick a direction), and to that they can add creative and alternative campaigns or game types (eg, HD).
  14. I wouldn't use the term eliminate; I would use the term refocus. That is to say, that they take the fast paced action style of the battle royal and use that to influence the rest of the game--simplify, game-ify, make more accessible, more bite-sized, more Twitch friendly--in short, to make a more consistent game which is clear to its players (and prospective players). I would argue that they have been doing this for quite sometime, but haven't really achieved cohesion. Or, of course, they could go the opposite direction (my preference) and still keep HD. However, I argue that to do neither is ultimate failure. Obviously, I can't know for sure.
  15. I hate saying this (it will become evident why), but I think that ACE has two options. They either double down on the lobby shooter/MOBA/BR game, or they return to the original vision in a profound way. What I assume is the easier way--the double down--is apparently the way they are leaning based on the direction they have moved. This, for lack of a better term, is a betrayal of the early supporters and backers of this game, which I believe is why they are reluctant to commit fully (and they should be). However, they may have a more distinct niche if they go that route, and may appeal to new audiences. Of course, they risk alienating everyone who supported and defended the game for so long, and therefore risk PERHAPS other, more concrete, repercussions. The other direction is probably the more difficult path--to return to the vision they sold, and commit to that. They'll have to give up cross genre trend chasing, and go back to work creating the best sandbox MMORPG they can, where Shadowband meets SWG. This is the way I would love to see them go. In reality there is a third option, and that is to let the game die. Basically, they throw their hands up, put the game on life-support, and let it fade away. This is probably the easiest option, and therefore the most likely. I hate saying that, but unless ACE comes actually addresses these concerns and commits, this is the silent choice they are making. EDIT: I am NOT saying remove HD OR remove the campaign. I am suggesting a refocus (see below).
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