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  1. I've only been here for a month but even I have noticed and been impressed by your dedication to this community. Thank you for everything you have done! Good luck and best wishes on your road ahead. 🐹
  2. I just don't understand why release the patch to Live without the Dregs and the NPE, instead of waiting until those parts are ready on Test (especially the NPE, if new players are a concern). Why would there be a greater volume of new players now than there have been in the past couple months or will be in the next couple months - unless a shift to Beta is imminent? Is NPE going to be part of a different patch in the future, instead, then? If it's not in the 5.110 data on Live, it would then require a new patch, I would think.
  3. Hmm. I'm somewhat confused. I thought 5.110 going live would be the transition to Beta but that there would be a phase 3 of the patch with the first part of the new player experience on Test, before that happened.
  4. It means, and this is from the dictionary, "an unprincipled, dishonorable person; villain." That just seems the exact opposite of what they represent. I'm thinking they are meant to represent more the Zorro or Three Musketeer sort of swashbuckler hero. They are trying to create a semblance of justice in what is presumably a largely lawless world. Edit P.S.: I do understand the intent in choosing that word. But there are words that could have better conveyed the concept, especially in regards to who Guineceans are, that's all.
  5. To catch up with the history here, since I'm newer, I've been watching through all the videos on the Crowfall Youtube channel, form older to more recent. It's really been fascinating to see how much has changed over the years of development.
  6. I don't know about Duelists being "scoundrels". If you read their lore page it seems they are driven by justice, honor, and the common good. The only reason they are grouped in with assassins/rogues, as it were, is that they rely on being stealthy. Being sneaky physically does not always coincide with being sneaky morally (even though that does happen in RPG's often)
  7. Hmm. But Live is essentially a live service in name only, it's still a test build and it's still going to be wiped, multiple times. "Live" is currently the more outdated of two test builds. Or rather, it could be said, the Test server is as much of a live service as the Live server is. Both are always up and still in development.
  8. I was on "live", at first (because I didn't know better), and it does seem to be the case - based on the chat I saw.
  9. It is strange, in general, that there is even a separate "live" server when the game as a whole is still in Alpha, it's all in development and in testing. Why not just have Test? And save a Test/Live separation until after launch, for post launch patches? That's how it's been in other games I've tested pre-launch - I may be new around here, but I am definitely not new to that experience.
  10. You had me at Guinecean. I was confused by the addition of "or". That seems completely unnecessary.
  11. Ah, ok. New here, so wasn't sure. It's not gamebreaking, of course. But I do hope it gets fixed, eventually.
  12. You're not alone. I notice the same thing. Kinda irksome. Heh.
  13. Cosmic Greetings! Long time MMO veteran. I've played most of the major ones over the past couple decades (and many minor ones). I was a very active part of the Marvel Heroes community when it was around (I inspired an item on that game) but WoW has seen my most playtime overall. I tend to play MMO's solo and don't PvP so this game seems like one that will pull me completely out of that comfort zone. That makes it somewhat risky and even scary, heh, but it is also makes it a new adventure. After all, I don't need another MMO that I'm going to play exactly like the ones I already frequent. I joi
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