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  1. Gratz on 1000 posts! The whole concept of HD is avoiding fights so you are there at the end. Prolly not a fun to watch twitch?
  2. Now that you have a basic understanding of the game, would you be willing to create a new character that can be effective in PvP? It only takes a couple of hours if you do it solo, and a few minutes if you group with guildmates.
  3. There is very little in Crowfall that PvE focused players will find fun. I would agree that if you don't want to do PvP, don't play Crowfall.
  4. I'm not opposed to free respecs during beta, BUT... On the test server you can level a character to 30 in less than 5 minutes (using the free leveling dust found in chests in the temples). So, you can experiment with different specs, Discs, etc there.
  5. ACE doesn't host many Russian players these days. The Russian site 4G hosts Crowfall.
  6. I don't play MOBA / BR type games so I can't judge if HD will be a valid competitor in that genre, but, aren't most of the well established / polished games Free to play? It's hard for me to imagine folks will pay ~ $50 to play HD. Now, if somehow HD was integrated into the MMO version of Crowfall, then it could be seen as a fun thing to do when you don't have time for a campaign. Of course, then the MMO game would need to have appeal compared to it's competition. IMO, Crowfall, the MMO, is lacking a lot of features to compel many people to want to pay for it. Indeed, ACE's CF road map s
  7. 5. You can leave a group by typing /leavegroup. You can also see the full list of / commands by clicking on the '?' in the chat window.
  8. You sure CAN choose your faction. Go to the Tree of Life room in the temple. look over at the tents, in one tent you will see 3 faction banners, click the one you want to join. Vessels: Your character starts out in a gray vessel, after you reach level 30 you can equip a white vessel, with better stats. Then you are allowed to continue leveling, via XP or sacrifice to the gods. Once you reach level 31, you are allowed to equip a green vessel, etc. You can craft your vessels with a necro crafter or buy them from another necro. A good source of vessels are in the Trader Eternals Kingdom
  9. I was referring to communicating to his guild via their discord (or what ever they use for voice comms.
  10. It's not about diverting funds. It's about diverting dev time. They used to focus on getting the MMO ready, now they focus on getting the MOBA ready. Prolly need to do both, but do they have the staff to do both at the same time? Doesn't seem like it.
  11. If it's not your first character, you can rush to 30 in about 20 minutes using sacrifice tokens that your big guys left in the account vault for you.
  12. You don't need to find vendors in Infected to sell the loot you want to get rid of. There are many Hero outposts that all have account chests. Drop your stuff off there and have an alt in the temple take it out and sell it to NPCs there in the temple (so that your account vault doesn't get full). As to the lack of communication, join a guild and talk with you guildies in-game guild chat, or with out-of-game voice comms such as Discord. This game was designed for Guild vs Guild. Playing it solo is gonna feel lonely, cause it is.
  13. There are 3 islands for each faction in the FvF (Infected) world. Where you first port in the mobs are low level and the nodes are low rank. As you move to the east, the mobs will become higher and so will the nodes. By the time you get to Sky Point, most mobs are level 30, the nodes go up to rank 6, and the other faction players are likely to kill you if you are solo harvesting. [EDIT] I play on Earth, where the lowbie island in FvF (Infected) is Avison. When we enter in the far west, the nodes are rank 3, in the mid and west of that zone they are rank 4. Those are the glowy nodes, there
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