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  1. Six weeks prior to Launch is when the bulk of my guildmates want to join the game. I'm in the advance team. One of my accounts (not my MacDeath forum account) has been here since Alpha 2.
  2. Beta invites IS a subset of marketing, so they have been doing some but, IMO, not nearly enough even considering the current state of the game. How about getting LazyPeon to re review the game now that we have visible mounts, etc? That would be marketing too.
  3. I live in the EU, Denmark specifically, and nothing stops me from joining this Campaign. True, it doesn't START at an EU friendly time but it's gonna be up 24/7 until October 7. Plenty of opportunities for EU players to participate. Thanks @ACE-Tiggs /salute
  4. I would agree the game isn't ready for release, but not ready to be marketed? Of course it needs to be marketed.
  5. The last line describing the First Aid Manual says "severe hemorrhage and and stab wounds" Thats one 'and' too many. Mac
  6. Real life sports teams my not be the most appropriate metaphor for 'Real Life PvP'. How about real world warfare? Do the opposing armies have the same weapons? Nope The same number of soldiers? Not even. The first rule of warfare is to hit the enemy with an overpowering attack. Or, as a famous American Civil War General (Nathan Bedford Forrest) said, it's my policy to "Get there first with the most." Real world war isn't meant to be fair. It's all about winning.
  7. That is an ancient Chinese saying and it means that if ACE (the seller of a service) wants to reach lots of Players (the buyers) they need to speak to us where we can hear and understand the message(s). Decide on who the target market for the game is (I'm pretty sure they HAVE done that years ago). Now, where does that market hangout? Redit? Facebook? Game Forums (for other games)? SPEAK to us there and speak in words that we gamers understand. Mac
  8. I DO like pixels and I spend much more time on LIVE than on TEST. I did spend a few more hours on TEST this weekend though. Why? Because @ACE-Tiggs asked us to.
  9. This game has a lot of promise. I hope the folks at ACE will be delivering more implementation of the promise soon. In the meantime, when I am solo I do gathering to help out our guild crafters.
  10. Launch the game and have thousands playing? Yes please. Not the patch we have now, of course but with 6.200
  11. Wait!!! Are you saying there IS a way to keep an EK open even if the owner is logged out? Please share. @RookMH Thanks, Mac
  12. Thanks @ACE-TiggsIt's much appreciated. I'm hoping Crowfall will be a game that's easy to learn but difficult to master. Without your getting started articles, it was difficult to learn. /salute
  13. Yes, my goal is to get guildies interested in the game BUT I know that most of them aren't going to put in several months prior to launch. We believe it's ideal for us as a guild to enter the beta about 6 weeks prior to launch and build up momentum to push hard at launch. If we thought the game was planned to launch in mid Feb, 2021 then we would want most of our folks in here by early Jan, 2021. If an April, 2021 launch is more likely, then we would our main forces starting here in March. I salute you folks that have been helping the devs for 5 years now! But that's not our style. W
  14. Shortly after Live came up, I logged into my EK and opened my vault. My wife called me to dinner. I was AFK with my vault open for 90 minutes! This seems like a way to defeat the AFK kick timer. Mac
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