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  1. I like the direction this is moving, allow players more leeway to customize their vessel. I'll have proper feedback after messing with it on Test server.
  2. It's account based. Did you have another vessel ('toon') in the campaign already? The items you have equipped count too, not just your inventory.
  3. In Campaign Overview for Inguzelan (EU) under restrictions it shows Min 20. I'm pretty sure it's 30 this time.
  4. It takes a lot of work to get the animations right for females who don't exist at the moment. I want the ACE team totally focused on getting the game ready for launch.
  5. Blair want's a clean slate for 6.4 so he knows he can trust the data,
  6. @undinism This code has 5 uses still but grab one quick, they go fast. Gratz in kicking Big C's butt. BUDDY-ZN7C9NB47CJG
  7. The 'various war zones' you are thinking of are called Campaign. A Campaign lasts for weeks or months even. You CAN leave early, before the campaign ends by unlocking your vessel from the campaign, you then have to option to EXPORT some of what you had equipped, was in your inventory, and in your campaign vault. IMO, the biggest core feature change was the elimination of the passive skill tree.
  8. I agree that scrapping systems has slowed then down a year or two. But, sometimes systems NEED to be replaced and not just tweaked. However, to pull that off you need a very good project office and even WITH a good PO, you need to add staff or take a schedule hit every time you do it. I suspect that ACE was too quick to replace systems rather than tweak the prior system, but that's just a guess on my part. I've never been to their studio, nor have I had a conversation with any ACEers re system design decisions.
  9. IMO, waiting to find a guild until you have level 30 characters is doing it the hard way. A guild can be VERY helpful in Crowfall. I joined PRX (founded in 1999) many years ago. We voted as a guild to investigate Crowfall. We have ~ 200 members, approximately 60 have CF access, but we don't want people to burn out in long betas so we sent an advance team of ~ 20 into CF to check out the game, document how things work, and make a recommendation if CF should become a game we want to focus on. We haven't decided yet. It sure helped a LOT to start CF already guilded.
  10. I want those same QoL things you asked for mate. I NEED better performance. I wouldn't to switch any engineers / programmers who are focused on improving performance to start working on QoL instead You might say, but why can't we have both? My answer is ACE is a smallish team and prolly doesn't have the people to do both AND they need to focus on bug fixes too. Adding features will add bugs. SO... Pick a feature set that's good enough for launch, improve performance to meet launch expectations, clean up the most impactive bugs and LAUNCH this puppy..
  11. I hear ya. In real life, I've been one of those suits pushing the product earlier (to meet a market window / beat the competition / repay the investors, etc ). I've also been on the Dev side and begged for a few weeks more (which sometimes turned into months) to get it right. There are no easy answers. The first choice always ought to be a quality product on time. The second choice ought to be a quality product later. There should be no other choices. A crap product early will usually lose money and may kill the company.
  12. All games are released too early, with missing features, handshake sieges and poor guild / alliance tools are among the biggest, IMO, that need work but I doubt ACE will implement them before launch.
  13. Yep, that shows that the marketing department is ready for a 2021 launch. Engineering prolly thinks they can be ready too but that's yet to be proven. Stay tuned.
  14. ACE seems pretty committed to launching sometime in 2021. It's too soon to say if there just one major patch away or if they'll need several.
  15. I agree that in crowfall today, race & class is most important, but almost everyone in Dregs has a good class, so then gear makes a big difference.
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