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  1. Not yet they haven't. Gordon said they would but as of 5 minutes ago they haven't fixed it.
  2. Gordon has been doing this stuff longer than most Crowfallers have been alive. He knows how to threaten the stick and then give out the carrot.
  3. Yes, you can enter dregs without being in a guild. However, it will be difficult to find other unguilded players there, so your best bet is to form your guild before coming to dregs.
  4. True. Dregs GvG has 6 man groups, Shadows FvF has 5 man like GR has 5 man.
  5. I agree 100%. If we had useful World Wide Siege times this dregs could be great. I'm guessing ACE doesn't want to do if for worry that the Mega Zergs would cap em ALL if the times were spread.
  6. I played NA East dregs for several hours last night and never saw a single zone lock. With 10 adventure zones and a cap of 250 per zone it doesn't seem to be an issue.
  7. So true. This one last minute change is likely to cost ACE more accounts than a NW Vid by Dilbo praising NW would.
  8. It is easy but... NOT IN THE LAST FEW HOURS when many other guilds are out there back capping. This is a change ACE should have made prior to Launch, NOT just a few hours before the end of the campaign.
  9. I agree with Jah, the devs NEVER said they wouldn't do combined dregs wit separate timers.
  10. Because there won't be ANY dregs in any other region at first. When the population justifies it more dregs will likely be brought up.
  11. Number 1 Like. Performance in large fights has been much improved (but still needs work) Number 1 Dislike: Chat system is FUBAR, We need to be able to receive Whisper & group & guild & alliance all at the same time. Number 2 Dislike: Zone cap of 200 is too small. Please find a way to increase it without turning large fights into a slide show. Number 3 Dislike: Having to use /ek commands to manage the eks is SO 1990s. I want the ability to add nobles or vassals by clicking on the player in Social > Guild. @ACE-TiggsKeep asking these questions! And get JTood and Gordon to action the issues.
  12. There was a lot of porting from zone to zone to keep Death off balance. I will give them credit for not giving up too early. Some zone queues but never very big or very long to wait.
  13. What Lazy Peon had to say about the UI and Maps is spot on. They suck. BUT, when he complains about not being able to find any PvP in CrowFall, while never leaving the safe zone, is pure BS. If he wanted to find PvP he should have gone to Sky Point or Dregs And his complaint about not seeing other players, well he did make a character on the AUS server which has a very small population. Yes, I know he lives closer to AUS than to NA, but he never tells his viewers that he's playing on a low pop server. He implies that the whole game is as unpopulated as AUS server. And, he does know better. I was on a NA Server when he did his 2020 beta review.
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