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  1. Veteran players shoud get a massive debuf when entering lowbie areas, WAR turned em into nearly helpless chickens.
  2. IMO, it's very unlikely that ACE will make these changes in the middle of the tournament.
  3. Infected is PvP with training wheels. It's not smart to make it inventory loot.
  4. I know LOTS of people that WON'T Beta test a game even if they have backed it. Most of those folks WILL log in for launch and THEN we'll see how many stick around. Even folks that DO log in during a short beta, to learn the ropes are quite unlikely to stay focused during a very long pre Alpha, Alpha, & Beta. So, we don't know how unhappy most of these backers are. All we know for sure is that not many play / test today. I believe that if ACE were to announce a launch date, many folks would hop into Beta for a few weeks to relearn the ropes so as to be ready for a fast start at L
  5. People do have a recourse if they believe the game as it has become is not the game they backed... They don't have to play, and that's exactly what we see. Almost none of the backers are currently playing / testing. I do expect many of them to give the game another look at launch, but I also expect that once again most will leave after a few hours or days.
  6. You can only patch the Tournment Server client IF you have been selected as one of this weekend's Tourney participants.
  7. A very good guide! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. /salute
  8. There will be a complete database wipe at Launch. This includes our characters. It wouldn't be fair to allow some folks to keep high leveled / equipped character at launch to compete against others that were starting fresh, so we ALL start fresh.
  9. You can split a stack via SHIFT+RMB to sell less than the whole stack.
  10. I'm playing classic DAoC right now and I'm leveling up a lowbie IN the frontiers (PvP zones), but that's cause it's my choice, DAoC encourages people to level up in the frontiers because we get a bonus to our XP there, but they also support leveling up in safe zones (with slower XP) if that's what a player prefers. Of course, DAoC isn't a sandbox game, and I'm not proposing that people 'should be safe until they are max level'. I think players should have options.
  11. Some games, even when the focus is PvP, have safe zones where folks can level up before they get tossed into a PvP zone. Crowfall started out to be a no level game with folks PvP ready from the get go. Now, it has changed a LOT from that original design into a grinder game and, in order to level up, lowbies are forced into a ganker zone. This is NOT good for player retention.
  12. There were ~ 77k backer ACCOUNTS, and since many people bought several accounts, the number of backer players is probably closer to 50k. As you can see here, about 400k ACCOUNTS registered for a beta account but very few still play / test. https://crowfall.com/en-US/funding
  13. Yes, but the entire guild has to be changed by the Guild leader
  14. I have played DAoC since the closed Beta. I still play DAoC almost every day on a private 'classic' server. I can never remember a time in those 20 years were there weren't people ganking lowbies in the frontiers. DAoC was set up so players could avoid the frontiers if they wanted to. Crowfall is designed to funnel newbies into PvP zones within the first few hours of game play. Ganking here is encouraged. Old time DAoC and Crowfall couldn't be more different. This month, with the major focus on HD, I rarely log into CF and my DAoC time has gone way up.
  15. That's because you're ALWAYS in sprint mode when not in combat.
  16. My guess is that you have entered and exited a campaign several times and thus used up the 50 import tokens. The amount of tokens an ACCOUNT has don't reset until the next campaign. And, yes, it is account wide so if you took several characters from the same account into the same campaign all with items equipped, that can eat up your total imports.
  17. Back in the day of early UO, I was one of the folks in an Anti-PK guild. Of course it didn't solve any issues. And, of course. Anti-PKers were ALSO killing players, players whose playstyle we disagreed with. So I stopped. Stopped caring if another player was a Glorious Lord, a Dred Lord, or anything in between. Let the devs decide which types of behaviors to encourage or discourage.
  18. @KvathrosI'm sure that MANY players have been turned away from the game by the mindless ganking of lowbies. I wish ACE made it extremely difficult to gank lowbies. Unfortunately, ACE encourages it!
  19. I'm not anti ganking... I'm anti ganking new players. Let em learn the game without the big kids driving them away.
  20. The sole purpose of the 'quests' in Crowfall are to teach new players how to do things. One of those things is sacrificing.
  21. ACE has created a game that encourages ganking. Most players don't gank newbies and don't like folks that do BUT, there is little the player community can do to discourage ganking when ACE see's it as a key part of their game.
  22. A well written guide for new players. Thanks for writing this. I do think you should add something about opening the chat system and asking questions in GENERAL Chat. Lots of vets will be happy to answer your questions IF the new players know where to ask.
  23. IMO, the vet players are using game features, not 'taking advantage of loopholes'. Features that all players should be using but that new players are mostly unaware off. This game doesn't communicate it's features very well.
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