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  1. Yeah, that was you. You started the trash talk. That seems to be your thing though, and that's ok. All I've ever seen out of you is trash talk, and that's ok too. And there is no NAP that I know of. I speak solely for me, myself, and I, but I can assure you that I have done my absolute best to kill any and all reds I see, especially Dis/Hax/W/HoA. Nobody took that castle because its a waste of gold. What guild that is trying to level and gear out all the harvesters and crafters, and provide everyone with a green or blue vessel is going to drop 75,000 gold in infected? I'll respond n
  2. I'm not sure if its been reported previously, but mino charge is being caught/stopped on almost everything that isnt another player. Tiny rocks, stairs down, stairs up, graves, etc.
  3. Correct. Now imagine people logging in at all hours of the day to do things. Right? And then, you know, they're out in the world, fighting mobs or farming whatever. Good? And then, we kill them. Boom. PvP.
  4. I am for anything that provides content in this game. We need more pvp outside seige/fort windows. If that means ranked matches, or pvp ranks, or world events, or literally anything, I'm for it.
  5. When you bind to a rez statue, and then try to recall to it, you go to the temple. This happened after i logged into an EK, then came back to infected. Is it intended to require a new bind every time you login?
  6. Look at the bullies pile on. GG. @Mysticraven that build is broken as custard though.
  7. I hear this most often out of people who spend no time harvesting.
  8. We saw significant improvement in medium scale fights last night, was very happy to see. GF to everyone last night, was glad to see a glimmer of life.
  9. @Viscis was able to kill my pit on his ranger earlier, which is clearly a bug that he's exploiting. Ban him and remove blood feeder night stalker majors because of the bug that allows them to kill pit fighters. I was told that nothing can kill a pit, so this is clearly an exploit.
  10. Is the hit distance on Barbarian spinning suppress and rend suppress different? The suppression from both seem to be inconsistently hitting, even when the powers are causing damage. Watch the attached. A lot of powers not hitting.
  11. Found a weird bug that the system does not notify you of the amount of imports you're about to bring in. Additionally, game crashed while I was 'browsing' for a campaign. I logged back in, and my harvesting toon full of loot is now in the campaign, and used 40 imports. Rough start to this campaign.
  12. Agreed! Why is there only one! Why not remove caravanasaries entirely from keeps?!
  13. I'm not sure if this goes here, but is it possible for buffs, rage, songs, ice stores to maintain zoning through portals? Everytime I go through a portal I have to drop ice armor and fill ice, or go through song twisting and leap around to generate rage. EDIT: As feedback, would love to see some polishing on after the removal of barriers from ults. It makes sense for a few classes, but less sense for others. The druid definitely needs a look at as does the frostweaver ults.
  14. There has been a glorious, handful of moments in this game in which 20 people would not be considered a zerg. I miss those moments, and hope for them again in the future.
  15. This. At the end of the day, last campaign EVERY SINGLE GUILD had farmers in infected.
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