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  1. I think that's the whole point. If you split up the zerg, its no longer a zerg. and if all 12-16 forts go off at the same time, it becomes incredibly difficult for a zerg to really function until there is only a handful of forts left late in a window. I agree with your feelings on a cap though, at least at this stage. Right now, even the zergs are pretty small. An alliance cap wouldn't do anything, zergs operated pretty well pre-alliance.
  2. This is all well and good, but it has to be tough being a crafter and watching war tribes drop loot exponentially better than what you can make. Addressing passive training is one thing, its another that I can loot better items for weeks before the crafter can make anything comparable. Both of these have to be addressed.
  3. Best way to meet people is to carry all your gold on you, as well as keep all your armor in your inventory, then stand in Emlee between all the gates, between 7am and 1030am CST. Ill be there tomorrow recruiting people.
  4. You took away plentiful harvest from grave digging? Cool stuff. Great thinking. More changes that make the game more fun.
  5. Seems like my gravedigging is bugged. Only 2 plentiful harvest, during spring in infected, and deep into training. My mistake, you took away plentiful harvest from graves during spring. Great stuff. Super fun game.
  6. Looks solid. Delete this post though! Don't give away secrets bro!
  7. Frostbite doesn't mean frostbite? Then maybe change frostbite to something other than frostbite. Because to make a build around frostbite and then find out that frostbite means frostbite, but definitely not frostbite, is ridiculous.
  8. On frostguard: Frostbiter Major does not apply blackmantle with 'Cold to the touch.' 'Thawing Ice' passive power doesnt work, period.
  9. This game is hanging on by a thread, and you made the lives harder of the people who play the most. Us 'murder hobos' as @Anhrez likes to call us are good for 1-3 hours in this current state... why would you take a swing at the people who play the longest? Either a stupid idea and/or terrible implementation. Get your poorly made dergs together.
  10. the lifesteal AOE on exorcist is not working, or at least not healing the caster. additionally, the 20% blocked damage to group heal is not healing the caster either.
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