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  1. Turrible idea. Why would you want anything that would remove people from the game world?
  2. This is an unacceptable change. Out of all the changes, bugs, crashes, and custard-ups, this is BY FAR the worst. If someone is behaving poorly, its your job as developers to address the person. Punishing all of us is absurd and clearly that response of people who don't put a lot of thought behind changes. Get it together.
  3. I'm not really willing to read through 5 pages of feedback, so I'll include mine below. If its been repeated, perhaps that's a sign. - Crafting is still in a tough spot. The changes that were made more or less threw the baby out with the bath water. Lowering durability and increasing durability hit has not had the intended impact. - There is nothing to do outside siege windows, outside of farming. You can go hours without finding a person to kill, which wouldn't be terrible if killing mobs wasn't a mindless activity. Even finding anything short of a herald isn't an exciting encounter. - All campaigns should be 0 import. - Territory control is non-existent. We've been talking about this for months. Gaining a fort should mean something beyond some mats. If a guild owns all the outposts in a zone, they should receive some sort of buff in the zone. If they own a fort, they should receive a buff within a certain distance of the fort. If we own all forts, those buffs should be zone wide. - Zerg control. You need some. We've been talking about this for months, years even. You have talented groups of people who are interested in playing with their small core group of 10-15 players that are totally insignificant outside of a larger alliance. I see and hear a lot of talk about release and it worries me. With the lack of content combined with the seemingly endless about of bugs and crashes, any release soon will result in a DOA game. Other studios, with much larger budgets and fan bases, have pushed out games with less issues only with the same result.
  4. Video? You have our perspective, would love to see the engagements between Hax and W.
  5. Another perspective from the same fight.
  6. Yeah, that was you. You started the trash talk. That seems to be your thing though, and that's ok. All I've ever seen out of you is trash talk, and that's ok too. And there is no NAP that I know of. I speak solely for me, myself, and I, but I can assure you that I have done my absolute best to kill any and all reds I see, especially Dis/Hax/W/HoA. Nobody took that castle because its a waste of gold. What guild that is trying to level and gear out all the harvesters and crafters, and provide everyone with a green or blue vessel is going to drop 75,000 gold in infected? I'll respond now like I responded when you dropped the tree and immediately started talking trash in general, what a custard idiot. I don't understand this thread though. I think veteran players have had open arms when it comes to new players. All my buddy codes on all my accounts are used up. I've spent a ton of time guiding new players and offering advice. Dis/Hax/whoeveridontgiveapoorly made dergs created a sub guild specifically for new players. When I kill people, I even try to tell them specifically what they're doing wrong so they have a better shot in the future (not all players, just names I don't recognize.) If you are more interested in small scale pvp, you can search for the insane amount of threads and comments from people in the giant (read:30-40 active) guilds asking for smaller scale pvp. We WANT smaller scale pvp too, hell we're practically begging for it. Guys, I say this to every 'new' player on here. If Infected is too tough for you or too toxic, I'm letting you know now, its going to get worse when dregs drop. Bag loot is coming.
  7. Correct. Now imagine people logging in at all hours of the day to do things. Right? And then, you know, they're out in the world, fighting mobs or farming whatever. Good? And then, we kill them. Boom. PvP.
  8. I am for anything that provides content in this game. We need more pvp outside seige/fort windows. If that means ranked matches, or pvp ranks, or world events, or literally anything, I'm for it.
  9. Look at the bullies pile on. GG. @Mysticraven that build is broken as custard though.
  10. I hear this most often out of people who spend no time harvesting.
  11. We saw significant improvement in medium scale fights last night, was very happy to see. GF to everyone last night, was glad to see a glimmer of life.
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