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  1. I'm not sure all this has made it to the current test patch. Is more incoming?
  2. I don't understand. People are dying too quickly, so you're creating a way for that to happen even faster? Am I misunderstanding something?
  3. I guess I need some clarification. This seems to destroy the tank classes, and remove the ability to counter the constant tornado and chaos orb spam that is the meta right now.
  4. I had a blast at the sieges last night. Optimization is still needed though.
  5. The seem to be generally ignoring every other bit of feedback we've presented, what's one more? +1
  6. Thanks making my alt accounts worthless. Thanks for making the game consistently less fun, everyday. Thank you for failing to address bug after bug after bug. Thanks for making crafting a convoluted bag of poorly made dergs, and then punishing us when we figure it out. Thanks for ignoring thread after thread of good advice. Thanks for wasting our time. Thanks for consistently proving that you don't play your own game. Who needs wipes to chase people from the game, when we can just ignore the major custard issues.
  7. I was talking about UDL, but the fact that ACE cant get 1000 people on at once with all that going on is amazing.
  8. I'm glad this implementation is happening. I was worried that we wouldn't have a super strong showing in New World, but this essentially guarantees that happening. Players complaining about nothing to do most of the day. EU and Aussie players complaining of one dregs with zero timers they can participate in? 1 dregs that forces all guilds, big and small, onto the same map? custarded up mob spawns, bugs and bugs for days, with no response from support? Let's ignore all of that, create instanced sieges that take away 3rd party options (which ACE heavily relied on during marketing) and punish guilds for recruiting, having multiple accounts. I hope whatever whales you're kow towing to have provided you with some pretty lucrative jobs in exchange for the cuckoldry. I've never had the opportunity to watch developers kill their own game within 90 days of release. Thank God for ACE. Truly the gold standard of hubris in game development. First kickstarter game to release though. Dead in 3 months, but I'm sure you'll leave that off your resumes.
  9. This would make more sense if there was an alliance cap in a campaign. Hell, I'd absolutely support that. On a guild level, its crazy, especially with the absolute trash guild management system this game has. You do understand that you're not solving zergs, correct?
  10. This isnt a handshake. This is a mediocre version of an instanced siege. You're being outclassed in siege warfare by NW with this. No 3rd parties? 1 keep per zone? Handshakes are supposed to be a time that both parties agree to, not a time slot that nobody else is allowed to participate in. This is a swing and a miss.
  11. Pet peeve? The custard game doesn't work.
  12. Anthrage is being awfully nice in this post. You guys need to get your poorly made dergs together.
  13. You need to reroll dude. He didnt fight back because he was dead before he knew where the attacker was.
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