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  1. I really hope this is a bug because requiring 4 stitching awl charges to make a single set of armour is ridiculous. With only 5 charges you need to keep the last charge to even add it to a recipe. I am submitting this as a bug since treated steel hasn't received this change. If this is intentional, the change will completely negate lower quality leather gear (whites and greens) from competing with wartribe drops as you will need to save your stitching awl charges for higher grades of gear
  2. Factories -When copying higher quality gear in factories, dust consumption is no where near what it would be crafting the items, Even with armour and a single polish per piece, it is still significantly cheaper. I can only imagine how much cheaper it is for jewellery that can take 500 dust to make a single piece fully polished before. Dust should be balanced at roughly 60-75% of dust used if a piece being made is polished every step, including the subparts. -Durability hit to seed item is waaaaay tooo low. It needs to be balanced around 4 or 5 copies maximum. If you want more, then
  3. who says everyone is supposed to hit a the max stat cap with just a vessel?
  4. The gear you posted was suffice for me to work out that Crafted gear does significantly out pace wartribe gear. I dont need to waste my time further in test to come up with similar examples, All i was saying was to better your argument towards your intent of the post, you should compare apples to apples, blue to blue. WHat you did was work against your premise by showing the power gap that exists even with armour between legendary and wartribes. To re-iterate: The all stat rolled example you provided shows you get double the Stats you would get on a wartribe piece, saying its "only 4% m
  5. A decent night of pvp will decimate your WT dropped gears durability. You will be lucky to leave without almost every piece broken. This forces people unwilling to enter the crafting loop to hit the WT camps harder. Also forces guild members who do not want to gather to acquire the gold needed to upgrade their crafters. While i get it you want crafted gear to be so much better, but at the same time you need to keep progression flattened because in the end its a pvp game. You want competitiveness, you want new people to even stand a chance. People do a lot for a slight edge, and craft
  6. The old system would have had a player waiting much longer to do anything useful. This new system at least lets people use better intermediate tools, as well as greatly increase the speed in which they can specialize a harvester. The cost for an epic disc is a drop in the bucket if you actually spent some time farming wartribes, looting outposts of your factions control, killing thralls for soul essence to sell, etc. Dont forget, if you are not crafting, you can sell dust/embers or even what you harvest in general chat. Decent minors can also still be sold easily to people.
  7. My opinion is crafting is more alive now than it was with the Passive system. I am a crafter, I actually play this game, and I've been around for several wipes. I never have agreed with the premise that someone should get an unfair advantage simply because they bought a game earlier than someone else. If a catch-up mechanic was ever introduced, it would have been buried behind a paywall which I would consider pay to win. People being forced to buy multiple accounts to craft is not a feature, its a huge red flag when trying to attract new gamers. Any person who took combat seriously,
  8. So you want to get rid of the rolls on subparts completely? Being able to roll on hilts, enarmes, bowstrings, etc allow for much of the customization in regards to stat weighting. I personally don't want to see these details removed. With your example, i think the line for streamlining should be drawn when its requires another profession to make the subpart. with your example from a weaponsmiths pov: 1, make Metal Bars 2. combine bars into Weapon Blade (rolled item) 3. Combined Hilt from WW/LW (rolled item from different craft) 4. Final Combine This still removes Pommel/cross
  9. While we are at it, should not be able to destroy inventory items while In combat
  10. A couple streamers were DCd seemed they were on potato PC's though. Also see 5-7 between WH and UxA running back to temple portal, likely similar numbers at the other two temples. DIS had 31 in comms, with 1 person solo trebbing another keep
  11. Many guilds are willing to organize scrims in infected that are balanced number wise. But that generally reveals other issues such as gear/vessel disparity, experience etc. When DIS first joined we were getting our butts handed to us, but with the assistance of clam mercenaries, we got valuable experience on how to be carried. Biggest thing is showing up and to keep trying, talk afterwards about what can be improved on a personal level, talk to your opponents and learn. Before you know it, your 15 vs 20 may not be so rough and they will actually be more fun when outnumbered.
  12. Alliances are Important in games like this. There's numerous reasons it is necessary. I personally play with a massive blob guild that is all about quantity over quality. We don't have off hours, we will need an ally guild to do the boring circle capture stuff during off hours to keep us in the running conquest wise when we need export slots. They won't cap for us, they will detract points from our enemies. While the points don't matter the rewards export slots will, we are fat and have many mouths to feed. Atm this isn't happening but when the rewards are in place it will matter m
  13. Thank you Hungry for leading DIS to victory
  14. I would recommend that passive trees automatically start ticking points as soon as an account is created and logs in to the game server. The trees it should start is Combat and Exploration basics. Its easy enough for crafters to switch right when they log in. The pace for point accrual is pretty rough at the start, i went through this already on test. Crafting and combat is fine imo for accrual speed, but the issue becomes whats locked in the exploration basics. While i still agree with the rate of point generation, perhaps its time to include a starting points to the exploration tre
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