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  1. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Sad news to hear. My condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I have had the same problems updating, and trying to log in, I have given up.
  3. Please advise

    Blueshadow, welcome to the Crowfall forums. What GPU are you running on your PC?
  4. Low FPS help

    So matching the Nvidia settings to the game settings really made a difference. I wasn't on much but I did run around my EK a bit and ran around Corruption West and I was really amazed. I was getting up to 120 FPS in both instances. Up to this point I was getting around 30 or so. Cheers.
  5. Low FPS help

    I had my settings set to Balanced in my Nvidia settings. I set it to Performance and will see how it looks on Friday.
  6. Can my PC run the game?

    I have my settings on windowed mode, 1600x900 Medium, No V-sync, No shadows and yes I would think it would run CF fine, but up to this point I haven't had any luck. Also, I have an i5-3570K CPU, 16 GB RAM Samsung 840 SSD and Windows 7-64.
  7. Can my PC run the game?

    No sir, the 6GB model.
  8. Servers and data

    Hello Taos, Welcome to the CrowFall forums. I haven't seen any word of a dedicated Aussie server but I have seen a European server during testing. As far as having having any carryover from Beta testing to Launch, I think there is supposed to a total wipe before launch. Hope that helps... Cheers.
  9. An In-depth Critique of Skill UI

    Good post Cicaeda, I thoroughly agree, the UI Powers icons are confusing AND underwhelming at this point, like many of the other game features,
  10. Can my PC run the game?

    Good luck with the GTX 660, myself and other community members have had problems getting CF to run with them. I bit the bullet and picked up a GTX 1060 and now CF runs OK except when there are more 5 or 6 players on screen then it becomes a slideshow.
  11. Great to see the character creation beginning to look like a REAL game feature. I'm still wondering, after we have all these different variations on creating a character, will we STILL be stuck with our account name for all characters we create?
  12. dowloader is not working

    Are you running in Admin mode? Some players have mentioned they have problems unless they run in Admin mode. You can also try support@artcraftent.com.
  13. Hello Noquid, welcome to the forums. I would email: support@artcraftent.com. Good luck.
  14. I'm having difficulty placing the Fort/Throneroom-Lodge in my EK. Wherever I try to place either one of them, I get an error message, "Building Placement Fail. Previously, I have already placed 2 of the same type of structure in other areas with no issues. I am able to put down other misc. wall pieces with no issues.
  15. Placing Walls and Buildings

    Did you try relogging? I had an item placement issue and it was resolved by restarting the CF client. I hope its that easy for you. Cheers