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  1. FYI- @Jah Gordon Walton (Crowfall) Sep 20, 2020, 8:44 GMT-5 The extra bank space is not available in-game yet, but when it is we will all that option to the store. Thanks! Gordon
  2. I emailed them and the issue was escalated. Waiting for the higher ups to respond now.
  3. I'm pretty disappointed that I have a midlevel tiered account and have to upgrade to ANOTHER mid level account (same price I already paid) in order to get the increased bank space, while newer folks are paying $10 to increase. Way to penalize older packs. I'll be passing on any upgrades that require the same amount I already paid, especially while LIVE is virtually unplayable.
  4. 100% agree, though Stormcallers did suffer a baby nerf on the last patch- so AOE isn’t as powerful, but still very effective. However, I haven’t yet tested the difference in damage or general use in large scale groups between confessor and stormcaller.
  5. I had to change my username too- they're extremely fast in response time!
  6. Yes indeed. When we get that upcoming optimization we will surely see even better videos!
  7. Yeah otherwise if they don’t fix FPS I won’t be in next dregs, and I know I’m far from the only one. Freezing while pvping in a pvp game makes no sense.
  8. I had essence burn hit me and i'm level 10- this was a problem in test as well. Also hit me as stormcaller. Please fix.
  9. I am a stormcaller and had essence burn damage in Dregs- Why? (your essence burn drained you for 847 essence)
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