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  1. Some further thoughts on the NPE around the passive skills. As mentioned it takes a while before the passive skills really feel like they're giving me anything to work with and thinking about them and the slow progression turns me off from the game. A few things that could be done to help either individually or as a combination: Maybe have points accrue faster at the start and slow once you get above 25%, 50% whatever. Allow people to start specing into any of the deeper trees from the start. Maybe have points in these accrue slower than the starting one until you unlock certain skills. Maybe change the current mechanic of needing 5 pips to unlock a skill be used to improve the point accrual speed for those tree. That would give some trade off and theory crafting of which is better? Pointing points into the base skill to increase point accrual and then jumping to a deeper tree, or jumping right into a deeper tree from the start. Rework the trees to put some of the more meaningful pieces up front and easier to reach with further nodes expanding on those. For example in the crafting tree move all the deeper tree unlocks to be the second ring of nodes, with the other things (like experimentation success, harvest speeds, etc.) being after unlocking those skills. I think any of the above would help the NPE giving you a more immediate sense of accomplishment in the trees while still having the depth and overall function that currently exists.
  2. The difference is WoW still had dungeons, mythic dungeons, daily quests, an auction house, farming for transmogs, rep grinds, paragon rewards, and other things for people that didn't want to do the big raid and arenas. Sure there may still be some people that are just there to be social but I imagine a lot of those social connections were formed during any of the listed activities.
  3. Unrelated question, @Pann, did you play UO on TFL as Pandora decades ago?
  4. I'm in the same boat. Only been playing for a week or so but aside from leveling a few different classes to see what they're about I feel mostly done with the game. Crafting is completely useless right now until I get enough passive points to do anything. Even with a guild if timing doesn't work out to all be on together there isn't much for me to do. I could possibly grind mobs hoping to get gear or useful drops but even that feels completely random.
  5. New Player Experience NPE - Crafting I just starting playing last week and wanted to provide some feedback on the NPE. First the Test server is a huge improvement over the time I spent on the LIVE server at the start. I also acknowledge that there isn't much in the way of start or intro tutorials at all so the addition of those would be a huge help. Onto everything else: As a new player crafting is where I feel the biggest gap between myself and existing players. I have the basic crafting for tools and beginner weapons but after that it's all a mess. In the city I can find all the different crafting benches and some give me additional crafting options but not much. For example I can craft "intermediate armor" but it seems to just be cloth, I can't seem to craft leather. At the blacksmith table I can see the various components I can make, but little information about how to use them. It also shows components I can't make use of because I don't have any recipes that call for them. The worst example I've seen of this is the intermediate harvesting tools, I can make them but it doesn't give any indication that I can't use them, or what is needed to use them. It is also unclear what items can be crafted and how to learn new recipes. As a ranger I can see that I can use bows, spell bows, high tension bows, etc. but I can't see any way to craft them, or anywhere to buy them. Same with quivers. I see some player vendors that may be selling them at some point but the prices are far more than I can afford. I can guess that some of it might be behind the passive skills/professions for crafting, but even that is a guess. I had gone through one of the crafting trees and complete the "Blacksmith Basics" a pip in the starting "Crafting Basics". Mousing over that node says "Unlocks the blacksmith skill tree" I initially thought it would give me more blacksmithing recipes but realized too late that this was one of the 5 pips needed to actually unlock blacksmithing. While the idea of these account wide passive skills sounds neat it also makes it really intimidating to jump into because there are so many permanent choices to make. Additionally it's hard to figure out what to pick without having more detail, are bows blacksmithing? Woodworking? Other? I can see that I can craft bow parts with blacksmithing but who knows after that? It also makes it overwhelming knowing that it's account wide and leatherworking might be good for my ranger but leaves my lacking if I have a plate-based class. Because they're account wide It led me to spread points all over the place or to try and focus on things that (seem?) like they'd be useful for all classes like necromancy and runemaking. The other big thing I've noticed is the importance that upgraded vessels have. The tooltip shows my vessel as being Legendary but it's actually white. There isn't any real information in game around the vessels and how they work. Can I change my race with them? Do I start leveling over again? Do I need to create a new character to use it? How do I get them, are they crafted? I've seen some player vendors sell them but, again, they're too costly for me to get any time soon. The upgraded vessels seem to provide a lot more for stats so running around in a default vessel leaves me feeling very exposed. Finally how do disciplines play into all of this? The only exploration disciplines I can get from a vendor are harvest specific. I equip them but don't really notice any benefit, they mention harvesting pips for skills (like I remember seeing on Live) but I don't see them at all when I harvest. How do the major disciplines work? If I buy the blacksmith related one will that unlock blacksmithing recipes? I understand that it's an MMO and you're meant to play with friends, find a guild, and play together, but that isn't always possible for people. There are a lot of people that might play solo for different reasons. Even with a guild or friends playing there's still the issue of people being on at the same time, needing to get resources and parts across different players.
  6. The end game has a lot going for it, or at least what it could be. One of the biggest issues with PvP in mmos is being able to get the class balance right and with this many races, classes, and subclasses that is a LOT of variables to have to balance. Is there a reason this approach was taken instead of having half as many races and classes that could be tweaked, polished, and released sooner?
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