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  1. If only we could submit more entries~ Maybe make a small drabble challenge. (Kinda disappointed that there's no new lore yet~)
  2. Psh. I don't know about your Crows, but my Crow remembers all of her past lives! (A little bit more lore from the Devs would be nice though.)
  3. Challenge the gods, defeat them and take their own bodies as Vessels!
  4. Basically, we're a Crow. A Crow is something like a spirit that can take over dead bodies. The Vessels are technically dead bodies of old heroes/adventurers etc. We'll be able to accumulate Vessels and dismantle/upgrade/modify them etc. The Vessels can be stored in your inventory just like other items. This is as far as I recall. (I can try to answer more questions if you have any and find sources if you need them.) Everything is still subject to change though, but so far I think everything I said is accurate.
  5. I understand your point about enriching EKs and putting a risk factor and everything, but I've just never seen it implemented well in anything. Looking at it from an in-game perspective, then sure, it'll make the game even more realistic and engaging, but I still draw the line for pure gambling. I'm not saying you're wrong or anyone is wrong, we're all just giving out opinion, really. I just know a few friends and family that have gone into gambling and I do not want anyone going through that whether in-game or out-of-game. First it'll just be gambling away some resources or two, then some armor, then your weapons, then your EK buildings, then your VIP then suddenly they'll be funneling money to gamble more. (Maybe a bit of gambling here and there isn't a problem, but some people can't stop. I'd rather nip it in the bud.) It might just start as gambling a little in a game, but sometimes it transitions into the real world. I know it is easy to say, 'Hey! Be responsible! Know when to stop!", but Crowfall will be also played by kids as well as adults. I don't want anyone, kids or adults, to start getting into gambling. It is a habit just as bad as smoking. (Sorry, I'm against smoking too x.x Unless it's weed, then from time to time sure~)
  6. Eh, my argument dies if you just say 'Life is a gamble, everything you do is a gamble.' Maybe I should have specified that only gambling I'm talking about is what the OP was talking about. Like Dice games / Lotteries / RNG boxes / Card games. If it can be exploited, it will be exploited. There are better things for Crowfall to focus on than gambling. (I mean, that was the original topic right? Not capturing Forts or Pvp, just plain gambling.)
  7. True! That hotdog could be infected and you turn out to be the first zombie. But, using that train of thought, well, everything becomes a gamble. (Might not want to leave your house, there's a chance a meteor could hit! )
  8. Future a success or not doesn't matter though. You still get the product no matter how good or how shoddy it is. (You did buy it. Unless buying a hotdog from a place I haven't been to is a gamble because I'm not sure if it's good or not.) By gambling, well, normally, you either gain a lot or lose everything. I dislike RNG and don't gamble, there are just too many ways to cheat and cause unnecessary problems/grief. (Unless I can skew the favor, but that really isn't pure gambling anymore. I'll pass on arguments on semantics.) I mean, if a player likes gambling, then I guess they like loot boxes too.
  9. Wow, that is going to be hard to properly siege. So much high ground and possible drop locations for defenders.
  10. Melder, Shifter of Bodies. Role: Support Specialist Overview: The Melder can travel between ally bodies giving buffs and casting spells while within them. The Melder uses 'Soul' as a resource and can be generated while within an ally body. Support: The Melder can replenish life to whichever ally they are in passively and can also cast buffs. The Melder can also summon weaker fake souls of past bodies inhabited to aid them in battle. Offense: The Melder can choose to enter an enemies body to deal area damage and weaken the enemy, but their 'Soul' resource will drain. It can be risky since jumping bodies will have a limited range. If 'Soul' runs out before transferring to an allied body, the Melder will be pushed out and left vulnerable. Ultimate: If the Melder reaches full resource, the Melder can use all their resource to deal massive amounts of AOE healing and damage in a huge area around their host. This can only be done within an ally. Seemed like an interesting take on a support class. The main idea of the class came from Abathur from Starcraft 2 who is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.
  11. Oh good point x.x I should have done that, but the rules say I can't edit it. So, I'll just put it here. Link to the Contest: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13363-the-most-awesom-crowfall-compititon-in-the-histori-of-the-wurld/
  12. Thanks! It was honestly fun writing something for Crowfall~ It would be nice if the Devs made more community contests and stuff. Helping with the Lore no matter how small would be awesome. Cybele is <3.
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