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  1. the archer class is worth nothing in 1 V1 unless it is poke by a duelist, if we play well "mole Hunter" and if we can "Sustain" are burst and play well equip better to win the duel. However it does not have a real impact which gives the sensation of being an anti-sniper. Let him balance the base archer first before talking about the variant on Assasin
  2. WE WANT TO SHOW! WE DON'T WANT TO PLAY ON A GAME because it is not bad. WE WOULD LIKE TO PLAY BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME, Amazing ... we want to see the whole class because are strong in the world map rager alpha warrior boatman = 48% SLAYER Remote: 40% acher frustrated sins frustrated and perhaps confessor and frost12% No thanks, See you soon BETA YES ACE CAN!
  3. Je demande simplement de faciliter la lecture de la distance cible puisque je joue en basse rĂ©solution pour optimiser mes performances, je deviendrai myope, astigmate et aveugle avant le dĂ©but de la bĂȘta #Archer EXEMPLE:
  4. CLIKCLIKCLICKLCIK right clik doesnt function here
  5. Disengage + root + trap = 3 reset Mob when he cant hit me.
  7. skilltool bar Black skil function but we doont look the cooldown (for a new player...)
  8. can we have a user guide ?? maybe i believe all players make this random ! and we are looking what is better but what is this realy ? what perf we can make with what processor ? what is appropriate for a graphic carf HIght ?Low ?
  9. specialty seals can not be fitted on the chest and head in armor to cook are this normal? The thrall Nomé la nuit which gives soul gems do not all have the same rate of appearance: Friar, siege enginer, naiad, banshee pop all the time and Mole hunter, blacksmith is realy rare it's normal? How to know if it's a bug;)
  10. First champ created in LIVE NEW PLAYER first SKILL unloked=> FIRST TIME toolbar skill LOcked or buged or ...black..
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