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  1. Good evening, I am not going to insist more on the fact that the ultimate of all that is stealth is no longer a stealth Ulti, but an Ult of clean Great capacity to engage Choice of clean power all Dot posed without the need for stealth, Clean being the objective Choice of being able to re-engage, or leave Finally he has all the decisions in the fights assasins who leave at 1% heatlth under Shrivel, bleed and who never die, it looks like poorly made dergs what is the goal of ? One shoot so that there is no time to get out? or now in 1 V 1 until 5 v5 it will only take an alertness to overcom
  2. Hello when the myrmidon's Wirhind is canceled by a control, often the anime crashes and we keep hearing this anime hitting the enmies around either however, in truth the spell is canceled, it is often confusing.
  3. spé Brigand +225 Puissance and the spé archer add just cap distance who can over cap to 64,75 in legndary but you can add the dmg with craft but the armor can be up to and when you make 10 seconde for try crit dps the poeple can be make a lot of action, the control brok this combo to. he is medium in mono target and very bad in Aoe For real And his "Barrage" is usless if you cant brok this cast
  4. When i'm in my mount i believe that desactiv my (sifflet)
  5. the Wood elfe is cap at 315dex i'm never go 240 dex+ i believe the halfe elfe is cap at 250 ? this cap for an distance dmg is reserved only for the late gamee ?
  6. For the only One dps, Physical Distance no need a parser for look his Dps in format 5 v 5, 10 V 10 is realy bad. his best hit is with the bow charged to 100% and the combo make some time when you are in fight his Aoe are realy without impact. his ricochet shoot (spécial archer skill) hit at 320dmg in crit on infected armor (3 target) and his root can only root other 24 seconde the suppresssion shoot it's the best skill in aoe because he is instant cast and can hit to 600 dmg in crit for 5 target isnt a damage distance... we will say it's an crontrol distance ? who can be impac
  7. for a distance dps class it does not play its role in comparison to magic kits like archmage or stormacaller, the dps is very single target because the skills have a ridiculous damage, which would make it almost a remote control class. and will never be favored in 5 V 5 // 10 V 10 format. it becomes fun from a 15+ format
  8. 1 slot on skill bar for realy no impact in fight
  9. Zankara


    Wouldn't it be really more FUN than having an Archer Class with 3 different specs? and 9 Domain with storm protection dark, music /// ice, fire, music /// storm music dark or other? DPS support hybrid ..?
  10. I found the esoteric runestones, but put them here in a basic blacksmith composition? are normal?
  11. i dont know if it's a bug or other. Now archers spéciality have acces to all arc but you cant use an slashing ,piercing ,Crushing's quiver with a spéllbounb longbow ....the quiver doenst proc commentaire: Storm: Ice Quiver the over cap range at 49,75 is possible only with compound.Bow. The (Opti )"speed charged bow" stat is only possible with speelbound bow. (without speak to rune's quiver) The barrage ? use escape for brok cast why ? Ankle shot for a big choice in passiv his result is not realy efficace The fire's Quiver ? .
  12. Hello, this is maybe a bug or maybe other ? here the bows of the Elvish Court vol1 is equiped but the Esoteric Runestones isnt avaible on compo craft for Runic weapon.
  13. Zankara

    Archer Quiver

    Guys are you testing the Quiver Slashing with the executioner profencency ? this doesnt function like we want. the dama havent realy not the EXECUTION function ? this is in function ?
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