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  1. It depends, yes steam will get the game more noticed but they will take some of the profits; I'm fine with it as long as its their servers and not Valve's servers ( also you can always just add the game as a shortcut to your library )
  2. At this very moment? Boring o'l water...
  3. Figured I might as well take a shot in the dark here and see if there is anyone else on the forums who enjoys the hacking and slashing romanticized fiction game that is dynasty warriors
  4. Anything Melee based since i like to be up close and personal for the most part, if possible, i'd like to have a Halberd, or something not commonly seen in a MMO, like tonfas
  5. I wish there was a new race though .-., but the new stuff for classes and another class sounds amazing enough for me ( also i wish they didnt talk so much about nothing during the reveal .-. )
  6. Hyyyyyyype... cant wait for the new stuff
  7. I'll just wait in the side lines for both sides to weaken each other, then strike them both..
  8. I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2, mostly just for dailys as of now; Egarly awaiting what Heart Of Thorns is going to bring..
  9. There badgers, and not mice? Oh well, i guess i'll horde all the mushrooms instead
  10. Pls, i want to horde all the cheeses from the humans, and build a gerand fortess out of the cheese, muhahaha!
  11. Not sure if this should go here or not, but, a customer service that actually cares about its players and responds to their questions/concerns instead of dismissing them
  12. the Mouse people, I will hoard all of your cheeses!
  13. That would be an example of ignorance, or plain stupidity, or maybe reckless abandon, not trying to start anything here.
  14. That one NPC that says the same line to you over and over again, as if you were deaf.
  15. I'm all for respecs so you can try new stuff and develop new strategies, But they should't be free ( nor should the cost prenuim currecny -.- ), Instead, the cost of a respec should ascend per 1 point specd into anything
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