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  1. ... of course it's subjective. However, you're just making your own definition of what a battleground is, which isn't what many people define it as. A battleground is just like you described, when WoW brought in AV, it had a beginning and a definite end. That's it. You cannot call DAoC, UO, or Darkfall as "persistent battlegrounds", that's just using the word improperly. But I imagine you'll reply with some defence for it. I can stick around because I'm curious about video games? Is that ok with you? Dad? Can I please stick around on an online forum on the internet?
  2. There comes a point when I just didn't understand what he was getting at. I wasn't defending him, I was just saying that this game isn't for everyone, he seemed to be someone like that.
  3. I don't think you understand what I mean when I say "battleground", or rather maybe you simply don't understand it when people use the term. Battlegrounds are essentially non-persistent "matches" that have a beginning and an end. UO was persistent. Darkfall is persistent. DAoC's main end-game PvP was persistent. I think you simply don't understand.
  4. If you're a backer, I don't believe the Kickstarter has ended. Pull your pledge. No money lost.
  5. Darkfall, DAoC, UO. Camelot Unchained, in the future. However, you can say that any MMORPG that has world PVP fits my argument. I'm saying that PVP doesn't exclusively take place in a "battleground-style" setting. It doesn't have to.
  6. I have no idea what you mean any longer. Crowfall was a MMORPG in the sense that the Eternal Kingdom's was the "persistence" element. This allowed them to call themselves a MMORPG. However, the actual game has always been advertised as a battleground-style system where you join, and it has an ultimate end. Rinse, repeat.
  7. I'm going to laugh when selling VIP tickets ruins the economy.
  8. Because all PvP takes place within a battleground-like mechanic?
  9. @OP One should realize that you will never actually get objective and unbiased commentary from the official forums. Everyone will either berate you for not having the same hive-mind mentality, or you'll get replies that are seemingly just trying to convince you of this supposedly amazing, groundbreaking game mechanic. Unfortunately, it is exactly what you think it will be. I don't think you should feel bad for having a negative outlook on the game. It's not something you're looking for. I, for one, am in that same boat. I won't support the game and I'm definitely immune to hype after so many years of absolutely atrocious slop games. EK's, as they're currently described, are useless to people who don't care about that kind of stuff. With that said, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the core game. However, I agree that this game is simply a glorified battleground, but people want to see what they want to see. Good luck in deciding your path.
  10. I've not backed yet because I'm still not sold on the whole EK part of the game. It means nothing to me, which unfortunately, is a pretty big chunk of the game. Or at least, so far from what I know, it's one of the reasons why you even care about the campaigns (aside from actually playing the game, that is). Also, the timeframe is ridiculous. End of 2016, is almost certainly going to mean 2017, at least spring. If you do not agree, you're fooling yourself. That is a long time for only ONE part of the whole. Even though that PART is the one I'm most interested in (The Dregs), it doesn't make me eager to throw money at it. I'll probably just wait and not back. I guess I'll see where CU is at.
  11. lol at calling Darkfall even close to Quake. Get out of here.
  12. No offence to you, or the developers, but what you described is a lobby. As I said earlier, it's a pretty one! But a lobby nonetheless. Choice enabled-PvP kingdoms that cannot be destroyed serve exactly how you described: as a hub. I never said it was going to be a web-browser screen, I realize it'd still be IN GAME, but it's a "glorified" lobby. A very pretty lobby with a few more things to do.
  13. Or, I don't know, make it so you actually have to think about where you're aiming your attacks. Clumsy? Incompetent? Uggggggggggggh. I hope not.
  14. I guess since this game will have physics, it comes with the inherent risk of: a) being collapsed on and wouldn't it be fun to detect the tunnel only to have the force have to exit one at a time and get destroyed by the group waiting for them? As long as there is an optimal way of detecting (ie, don't put necessary detection only to one archetype) I don't mind.
  15. Comes back to to do what? Hang out? Trade (maybe, some worlds don't allow imports)? Build an indestructible castle? Sounds like a lobby to me. A pretty one, mind you.
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