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  1. I hope you are right. as of now I dont fully understand everything so maybe it will get better once I do.
  2. just a noob but from my few days of experience I would have to say the crafting system is very disappointing as it stands. (for me anyway) Its not too fun to work on something continuously without gaining some sort of exp on it. To go out and mine ore for hours or to go make metals/weapons/armors with no gain in mining or blacksmithing afterward....well it just doesnt feel good. From a crafters perspective, its fun to be able to achieve something and continuously get better as you master your craft. To be able to do better at whatever it is your doing by continuous work and effort, not buying something and slotting it. I understand the desire to be unique with the tree system but at the same time its taking benefit away from the "doing the work" part.
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