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  1. @Fefner So, as I mentioned above, I really doubt this will work out like you think. Instead of having Big Blob Guild with 100 people in campaign, you'll have 4 new guilds form all of a sudden: BBG2, BBG3, BBG4, BBG5. .. All these guilds may not be in a formal alliance, but they sure will cooperate to have Big Blob Guild win the campaign. I think this would result in even less PvP than we have now. The reason players fight over them at all is because those windows are the ONLY time to take the forts, so both attackers and defenders know to show up then. If they could b
  2. Examples of frame hitching and skips. This happened with very few players around as far as I know.
  3. @veeshan 100% agree with this. I'm frankly surprised these cards don't exist already. I don't think this is the silver bullet you hope it is. As has been shown, large guilds and alliances can feed a small guild items and large objectives like forts and keeps. IMO, a card that avoids this would have to be something like: outposts capped per player or maybe kills per player, but even then a large alliance could help a small guild win. I dunno. I'd rather see 2 zergs (guilds, alliances, whatever) duke it out over forts rather than everyone picking a fort and sitting o
  4. To avoid cluttering the feedback threads, I'm going to suggest we post disagreements with each others' opinions here. This way we can argue pointlessly for pages and pages without frustrating ACE devs any more than we probably already do.
  5. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). The NA Times are perfect! ... but also, "Times" at all are annoying - at least for forts. They tend to only generate real pvp in the last 10 minutes of any window. That means 50 minutes of standing around waiting for action. Even worse, when 2 forts are up at the same time, guilds that would otherwise fight each other over them, instead each sit on one for a full hour! I still like the fights over the forts, but maybe if they were staggered more, it'd help avoid some of that boredom. Eg. have some forts vulnerable at
  6. File this one as trivial / doesn't matter / wontfix, but the downsides of world drop food are way worse than the upsides. That is a ~1.5% increase in health for a ~10-15% loss of stamina. Stamina is really important. If it was a 15% increase in health for a 15% loss of stamina, I'm not even sure if I'd want to take that trade. I don't have any other food on me to demonstrate, but all the "downside" foods I can remember reading had absolutely awful benefits and really punishing harmful effects. Could these be tweaked so that players might actually be tempted to eat th
  7. If anything, I think Assassin and Confessor ults should not clear faerie fire. After all, if ults clear it, its only purpose is preventing OOC stealth, and that's not a huge issue in actual fights. That's more for running down a roamer that's trying to flee.
  8. This seems odd to me. If anything, that's exactly what Faerie Fire should be for, right? You see a [confessor,duelist,assassin], predict that they are about to pop their ult and stealth, so you put faerie fire on them so they can't do that. Now, if Faerie Fire is too punishing to those classes (and it can really punishing with how often rangers can apply it), I think it would make sense to reduce the uptime, or otherwise make it more tactical rather than spammed .. but I don't think it makes sense to have ults clear it.
  9. As fun as this would be, what would *actually* happen is one of two things: PvP XP is really good, so players sit next to the res statue on different factions and trade kills to level each other up. PvP XP is not good, so players continue to mostly ignore each other as they finish their brief grind to 30.
  10. Blackjack Toss is probably hitting too hard for the kind of skill that it is. I barely have any AP and it's punching pretty damn hard right now. -Posting this in the bug thread because I feel like this might be unintended scaling. If it's not, then I'll repost in feedback as an opinion that it should be lower. IMO, it should scale *up to* maybe 1.3k non-crit. That seems fair for a 30s cooldown.
  11. I see no issue. I see opportunity for trade. I see the potential for a market, which I think this game really needs. It is really unfortunate you didn't get any from crafting or thrall drops but .. we did, so perhaps we could sell you some? Perhaps we could *give* you some and you'll owe us a favour? Scarcity is good!
  12. Yeah. I know. It sucks, but consider: I alone got like 4 or 5 armorsmith discs from farming thralls last campaign. Now, if I were a solo player just trying to make a buck, I'd probably want to sell those to you at .. whatever the market determines they're worth. You need them. I have them. Maybe you have some discs I need. We could trade. I do think it should be a grind to collect enough discs to finish equipping your Purple vessel. Purple is going to be .. what, 9 green discs? Suppose it takes you 1-2 months of campaigns to get them all (or get enough gold to buy them all). That's r
  13. Yeah. I think a lot of the players complaining about the difficulty of getting some thing or other aren't considering the fact that in the 'real' game world, items won't be wiped every few months. Getting that discipline should feel like a real accomplishment. Disc rarity should also mean you'll be able to buy/sell them for a decent price. If they're common enough that anyone can just go out for an hour or two and come back with all the discs they need, then they won't be worth anything.
  14. There's way too much uptime on anti-stealth abilities. It should be cut by like 50% at least. These should be short bursts of anti-stealth vision, not near-permanent stealth sight. As it stands now, there's no real stealth minigame going on. It's just "oh, they have a ranger so I can't stealth. that's dumb". I'd rather be playing like "oh, that ranger just popped their anti-stealth, so they can see me for 10s, I'll make them think I'm going this way, but then juke that way after 10s are up and their anti-stealth window is gone". I also wouldn't mind a small amount of pa
  15. I do think it takes a while. You can cross half a zone in 2 minutes on a fast mount, and that's the short way. I just timed it in the Emlee zone in campaign. Guessing it's 5-6 minutes to cross it the long way end to end. Now however far you have to go, double it because you need to fly there and ride back. Then add a minute for loading at each portal you cross and another 30s on the end of each portal to make sure everyone has loaded and is ready to go. Then add time to reapply buffs, charge ults, change up parties if people left or joined, etc. On an average run-back, the
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