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  1. I sure feel like I'm getting out-dps-ed by ranged here. My big 5-point diffusion hits for like 1.3k. Their lmb hits for near that much and rapid fire hits for way more. If ranged doesn't get nerfed, that's fine, but what kind of damage should I be hitting for in melee here? 3k diffusion? 500 damage autos?
  2. Sure.. but sometimes there is an opportunity for pvp I don't want to let slip away. Regardless, it wouldn't have changed the outcome of that fight. If I used it offensively, the blind would have been retaliated. If I used it defensively, I would have taken damage while casting it and the stealth would have been immediately removed.
  3. No it is not, and after 45 seconds of fighting, it's not even close to being charged. For how hilariously ineffective it is, it should have like 10x its current charge rate.
  4. And here, feel free to tell me I'm a trash player too. I have the element of surprise, expose, spirit dart, land an early kidney shot and probably a near-max damage diffusion, but @veeshan (a better player than I, to be sure) just casually kites away and deals double my damage from range with rapid fire and autoattacks, while not even taking significant damage themselves. If assassin isn't strong in this situation, I just don't know what to say. I don't expect to necessarily kill all my targets like this, but I expect to feel powerful here. This is what assassin is *for*, isn't it?
  5. Apologies to @TheMadEmperor for using his video as an example, but I think this fight presents a perfect clip showing the many ways that Assassin is awful right now. Fight starts at 30 seconds. Situation: Mad Emp's group of 6 (+ pigs) has run into 3 enemies and are engaging them. Let's do a quick play-by-play. Assassin begins in stealth and exposes a juicy target. That target dodges away and he can't catch them so he settles for opening on the closer cleric. .. It's not very effective. He does barely any damage despite being in melee behind his target unloading attacks basically uninterrupted. Thanks Frost Armour... Next, he catches up to the original target, a stormcaller with a full array of debuffs, and starts actually doing acceptable damage. However, the stormcaller turns around and hits him with a stun and emitter in the span of a few seconds. These ranged abilities basically take him from full health to almost 0. He has to immediately disengage and break combat to heal or he would have died (and taken his team with him). A full MINUTE later, he's managed to bandage to ~40% health and made it back to the fight - in stealth and not contributing anything while his teammates continue on 5v3. With his teammates having just managed to kill the stormcaller after 60s, he joins the fray again to make it 6v2. There's a half-health frostguard and cleric left. He jumps on the frostguard. That's maybe the wrong choice with the healer still up, but the frostguard is also about to kill one of his teammates. Unfortunately, he has to wade through volatile spam, which takes a bite out of his already-low HP. He retreats again, but the frostguard senses an easy target and follows. Looks like the teammate did go down, so now it's a 5v2. He retaliates another volatile and dodges away. He keeps running as his teammates heal him and chip away at the frostguard. Eventually he gets back in the fight and contributes pretty unimpressive damage. After an immense amount of focus, the healed frostguard goes down and almost a minute later, the cleric does too. ... This, my friends, was the story of how an assassin trying to do assassin things contributed nothing and almost died twice in a fight where they outnumbered their opponents 2:1. Could Mad Emp and his team have played better? yes. .. but really, would landing a few more kidney shots or diffusions really have changed what happened? I don't think so. Could the class / balance devs, please have a look at this and consider whether assassin is performing as intended in this kind of engagement?
  6. True, but even on icecaller, refreshing ice is not a great use of mana - more like an emergency small heal if you really really really need it. In most situations, I find it's just better to have more cool ice up. The only time I find myself using it is if I or a teammate has missing health *and* they're in range of the cool ice stacks *and* I plan to move the cool ice stacks soon *and* there's not enough time to "pick them up" by placing stable ice. I guess continuously weaving it is decent in some situations too, but overall, it doesn't feel like a very strong heal even on a full support icecaller.
  7. This is kind of what I have in mind when I picture bow on assassin - finishing a kill on an opponent that is more mobile and chooses to run: I just wish it worked better - needs longer range, need to be able to use assassin skills on the ranged tray, etc. Edit: Also, I feel like it ought to generate a pip on anything more than say a 40% shot charge rather than the 66% I think it currently is.
  8. Assassin ult isn't bugged afaict. It's just really bad. It does put you in stealth but you can still be hit by your opponents, which immediately takes you out of stealth... I think the blind does work but you have to use it basically on top of your target - that's kind of a waste of ult too because it takes *SOOOO* long to charge. The devs should just replace it with the confessor ult temporarily until they fix it. Alternatively, if it's supposed to be so easily countered, it should have like 5x its current charge rate so you can use it multiple times in combat.
  9. Hey, that's fine! In that case, could we get Sharpshooter and Arcane Archer improved to allow better bow gameplay for non-ranger classes or allow more class skills on the ranged tray?
  10. Want: Clear goals, clear feedback on the progress to those goals. Like, it doesn't necessarily need to show you yours or your enemies' progress on an objective. That can be hidden, but it should give feedback when you personally make progress toward something (eg. upgrading a structure to the right level, sacrificing a required item). What we had in the last campaign was a situation where guilds were guessing on how to interpret the cards. Some guessed correctly. Others didn't. That's not much fun.
  11. I'd like that option for sure. I've been trying to make a ranged poisoner assassin work but it kind of doesn't. Seems like all the power of bows is limited to 1 class - ranger. The AA/SS disciplines don't grant enough skills to really make bows viable on other classes. An alternative option I'd like is if more skills could be slotted on multiple bars. Eg: Disengage. That'd be perfect on the ranged bar, but it doesn't work.
  12. Blackguard's Payback talent is bugged. It provides a 15s barrier after kidney shot and generates an associated buff in the top right list, but the skill cooldown can be lower than 15s. If the skill is activated again while the buff is still up, the barrier does not get reapplied. Example:
  13. As an aside, I really dislike this attitude among players in this game (have seen it quite a bit) - everyone hoarding information, afraid to share lest others learn their tricks. This is a very new game with a very small population. If something works well, people will find out and it will get around. You might as well do the game community a service and share what you know publicly. That way everyone can learn and new players won't feel so out of the loop. .. but whatever. In regards to Archdruid being one of the best supports, I just don't see how that can be true if it is forced to either compromise its bombing ability by being in-group and having its "bomb orbs" eaten by melee or random allies or compromise its support abilities by being out of group and only being able to bomb / debuff. Yes, you can use Blight to make Stormcallers better, or your own autoattacks more powerful, but I think that's more of an issue with Stormcaller/emitter being borderline OP than with Blight being particularly useful.
  14. Doesn't that just make it even more gimmicky though? It would just do its thing more effectively, but would still have all the problems you list. In a team game, I don't think a class is working correctly if it's forced to play out of group - especially when it's a class that comes with healing and group buffs. That's why I think having Archdruid orbs change from green to purple after being consumed for healing would be a nice change. Then you could have an Archdruid in group doing its bombing thing while at the same time supporting its team (although, not as much as EK, because it'd be missing support power and other abilities).
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