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  1. Look at that poorly made dergs. That is the combat system we have now. Skills hit as long as you are pointing at a valid target when the button is pressed. You really want to tell me that enables skillful gameplay? At least combo chains can be interacted with.
  2. Yeah, that could work: Ults could be rarer (maybe moving the 300-500 ones up to 750?) and have the PDM be active when dodging instead.
  3. Is it though? Even in the smallest scale, it's SO hard to make a CC actually stick.
  4. [citation needed] Look. I'm just advocating for adding some skill to the game. In order for one to be 'good at Crowfall', there needs to be some opportunity for them to bring their reflexes, decision making, and prediction skills to bear. Given that the combat system doesn't let you dodge or interrupt short skills, I think combo chains are the best alternative without having to make massive changes.
  5. Define: "worked better". What I see is a shallow combat system where the gameplay is limited to pointing at the other player and pressing buttons. Aside from buffs and debuffs, one of the few areas where it does have some depth is the ability to dodge or interrupt skill chains. Lord knows dodging doesn't work:
  6. I'm not saying it is a good or bad ability. If landing the 3rd skill is not worth the risk of attempting the chain, then yes it should be buffed. I was responding to the specific claim "Knight has too many skills that are combos", and I don't think that's true. I think it's a lot of other classes that don't have enough combos. Yes, the combos should be tuned for how difficult they are to successfully execute in combat. Edit: Also, to clarify, I said I use combo skills that "often miss the final skill". By this I mean my opponents often dodge or interrupt me before that skill can g
  7. I have used it, and I currently use multiple combo skills on my build that often miss the important final skill. That's a good thing. It is opportunity for counterplay. Being locked out of restarting the combo is part of that counterplay. If you could just spam the combo all the time, then the opponent wouldn't have gained anything by interrupting or dodging your skill!
  8. Yes! Exactly! Stunning you out of your combo or dodging the last part of it is good! It means they could observe the fight, see what is about to happen, and do something about it to prevent themselves from taking lots of damage. So from your perspective, you want to hold on to your big combo until you're pretty sure they won't be able to avoid it (eg. right after they used their CCs or dodges). Maybe you drop a ground AoE to get them to dodge, then pounce on them and attempt your 3-part chain. If Onslaught isn't worth attempting, then perhaps it should be buffed so that it's more rewarding
  9. Well, the alternative is skills that always hit if you are in range and have your reticle pointed somewhere in the general vicinity of your target. That tends to reduce fights to just pointing at the other player and pressing your buttons and hoping your build beats their build. (yes .. there are still debuffs and effects) Maybe 3-part chains are too long - depends on how good the 3rd hit effect is, but 2-part chains definitely introduce counterplay. I can't count the number of times an opponent has interrupted the 2nd part of my poisoner chain and prevented the DoT. That's interesting ga
  10. Combo chains are good! More classes should be like Knight rather than the converse. Given that most skills cannot be dodged once the attacker has initiated them, there is very little opportunity for counterplay in a fight. Combo chains introduce some. Eg. if you see your opponent attempting the first two animations of a 3-part chain, you might take action to prevent the third from connecting. Even though you can't dodge the first attack, you can notice the pattern by the second attack and actually manage to avoid it or interrupt them or block.
  11. When playing a CC promotion (Vandal), I feel extremely ineffective against a lot of opponents. Certain game mechanics conspire to make landing CC feel like an uphill battle. I've complained about these before, but I just want to list them again for visibility: 500 (or sub-500!) SP cost ultimates that break CC means that even if I exhaust my opponent's stamina, they can break out of my CC at least twice, often with damaging consequences to me since their ultimate hits me in melee and I have to either ult in response or soak the damage - dodge doesn't work. Related to the above, this
  12. If you want bandage to break on damage, either Bandage would need to be ~5x more effective to compensate for being broken almost immediately in a larger fight or even in a smaller fight Personal sustain across all classes and disciplines would need to be rebalanced. Otherwise it's too good for builds with lifesteal / barrier and too punishing for those without. Like it or not, in-combat bandaging is a part of the game balance we have right now. It's not particularly overpowered. It requires a stationary channel. It can be out-dpsed. It can be interrupted. It's fairly slow. It h
  13. That's all well and good for those classes with plenty of built-in sustain (barrier, lifesteal, etc), but there are a lot that don't have any. Bandaging in combat is their sustain. They need to be able to pull back a bit in the middle of a fight and get a bandage off without having it cancelled by a random hit of aoe damage.
  14. @EvilGhandi is probably the most correct in that no one had taken it because it was a waste of gold better spent on other things at this point in the game The castle was also a 'public good' that provided a neutral respawn in zone for all players. Claiming it may force non-earth players to zone twice after a death (there and back), potentially adding many minutes to their respawn and some frustration. The siege on Saturday was fun, yes. However, it is only fun on siege night. The rest of the time, it makes Infected slightly worse for everyone. (Non-earth players take longer t
  15. In addition, low-cost, flash-cast ultimates make it much harder to actually make a CC stick on a player. Not only can they retaliate multiple times, if they run out of stamina, they can pop their ultimate to grant them a few seconds of CC immunity while their stamina recharges. Some ultimates are quite low cost (~300 SP) and charge very quickly, effectively leading to a cycle of near-total CC immunity. Retaliate until stamina is gone while charging ult -> ult while stamina recharges -> retaliate until stamina is gone
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