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  1. One thing that always seems to be overlooked in these discussions: AoE skills are not evenly distributed across classes If you uncap AoE, you are effectively making certain classes much stronger than other based on how much AoE they have access to. Maybe a group of 5 mages slinging fireballs can punch up against a group of 30 enemies if they all land their AoE, but a group of 5 warriors swinging swords is just as screwed as they were in the first place.
  2. They did. It was the September Q&A. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1135041628 Timestamp: 55:35 The specific quote: I just don't understand. There is no bottom. There is the market clearing price. Anything above that is just waste that has to be created from friction and inefficiency and lack of information.
  3. @Brindylln I'm not buying it. Guild Wars 2 did it amazingly well almost 10 years ago. New World did it this year. Compare the videos of Crowfall vs New World in this thread: Crowfall should do better. Now, GW2 and NW get their reactive gameplay by having invulnerable dodges and evading movement abilities. Fine. If that is the compromise, then DO IT. It is absolutely worth it to make the action combat feel right. Crowfall feels like a lie. It presents action combat to the player but isn't really action combat.
  4. How can we have a skillful pvp game if there is literally no counterplay to abilities. Look at this! I know exactly what my opponent is going to do. I'm custard ready for it. I react to the animation and ... nothing.
  5. I think I've been saying this forever, but Barb - 300 cost ult, undodgeable, breaks CC. That means they can do it basically every 5 seconds in a fight. That means they are not interacting with the stamina system at all. They can basically never be CCed and also have a spammable "I win" button against any kind of melee. As a melee control spec, I can literally never get a CC to stick because they're always going to have either retaliate or an ult up. That means anything I do is going to be disadvantageous to me, as they will just ult out of it and hit me for more than I hit them. Edit: not to mention the additional CC immunity post-ult, plus the PDM
  6. First, thanks for increasing the draw distance from 75m to 100m. That's way better .. but it's still not close to enough. We need player models (or at least some kind of placeholder) to be rendering at the same distance that effects are currently showing up. Imagine a commander looking out across an empty flat battlefield in clear weather and just .. not being able to see their forces one second and seeing all of them the next. It's jarring, unrealistic, and it makes it too difficult to make good decisions about where to go based on enemy movement.
  7. Elken racial power, probably, and the compound bow if you don't already have one. I don't think 75m is possible though. I think the limit is 60-something.
  8. There's a base ranged distance for ranged attacks - eg. 15m. The ranged distance bonus stat will increase the range of these attacks up to a certain point, which is the ranged distance bonus cap. By default, I believe the cap is 20m, so you can potentially get up to 35m range on that 15m attack. It's relatively easy to get ranged distance bonus in Crowfall, but pretty difficult to get ranged distance bonus cap. Only a few things (ranger talents, Elken racial, compound bow) will increase the cap as far as I know. Everything else is just plain RDB. If you're trying to optimize, you probably want to aim to have your RDB = RDB Cap so you're not wasting any distance.
  9. Because game development costs time and it costs money. Any time and/or money that goes toward this is, in my opinion, a waste when there are more pressing concerns in the UI department, like chat for example. It's not a simple matter of just "loading up WoW" and "stealing" it. There's programming and testing. That has a cost. Thus, my opinion on the design review: Don't do this at all.
  10. Opinion: This is ultimately a waste of developer time that could be spent on other things. Reason: Loot in Crowfall is in general not valuable enough to be worth taking time to roll on. For the most part, the really good stuff is all crafted, and the other items come so quickly when farming a camp, it would be tedious to be clicking on a loot window all the time. If anything, I think it should just be a basic round-robin loot distribution or else looter take all like the current system. Crowfall is a guild-focused game, and most of the time players are going to be grouped with guild members that they trust. They can work out a fair loot sharing policy between themselves.
  11. I mean, I'd take that even further. I don't want to run back to temple at all to check what vendors are selling. I also don't want to run from vendor to vendor mousing over items once I'm there.
  12. If the game is only going to render players once they're already in your face, could we maybe get the "fog" effect from some of the swamp areas in the entire rest of the game? It would feel more realistic.
  13. 1 ult charge is still not enough for playing Cutthroat/Vandal in any kind of fight that's not a 1v1. Blackguard doesn't need it because it has ridiculous sustain, but the other two promotions need something because they can't trust the ult to actually work. There are too many rangers everywhere with detection up, and more importantly, the fight just often requires ulting more than once. This is a game where you can take 5k damage in the span of a second if a confessor so much as looks at you. Ult is literally the only tool assassin has to get out of that. What happens if a confessor looks at you .. twice? 1 ult is not enough. Someone in another thread suggested refunding SP on a kill or assist. I think that would be a good compromise.
  14. I use 1v1 as an example because it simplifies things without having to cover every possible combination of classes fighting each other, but also because players themselves assume that there is some semblance of 1v1 balance. You hear it in general chat every time someone is thumping their chest like "hurr, you needed 3 people to kill me". It's not. Example: Neckbreaker. What do you think the conterplay to Neckbreaker is supposed to be? Well, from the animation, you would assume it is to dodge or move out of range before the opposing player slams back down to the ground. You'd be wrong. That doesn't work. So if you're another melee class, any time a champion presses their neckbreaker button, (and they can press it really often), you are going to take a lot of damage. Most melee skills work like this. They just go off and there's nothing you can do about it. (well, maybe the block classes can proactively block, but it's not like they can see the animation THEN choose to block)
  15. It's not *just* the damage though, and your second post gets at that. It's the fact that skills are unavoidable. Stuff just happens. Damage, PDM, these are all factors that can tune the game, but don't address the core issue, and that is lack of counterplay. You want to be able to go up against opponents and say things like: I saw the Warden attempting to enable Trap Master and I interrupted it with my suppress, so I won that fight. I heard a Champion leap from behind me so I instinctively dodged forward and avoided it, giving me an advantage. Then I saw them use Neckbreaker so I dodged again and caught them with a stun while they were in the recovery animation. I saw that Fanatic throwing fireballs at me, so I moved behind a tree while they were in flight and didn't get hit. A Cutthroat started opening on me from stealth, but I dodged in time to avoid their follow up damage, so I only lost 10% HP and was able to fight back. I interrupted a Blackguard's Dagger Spin 3 times in that fight, so they weren't able to keep their sustain up. But right now, none of that is possible because skills don't work like that. You technically can interrupt skills, but because of how slow everything is, it is mostly done by accident. (If you just happen to be using CC at the same time an opponent is attempting a skill). You can only dodge skills if you do it before they are used, which isn't really dodging. It's guessing. So, sure, look at the damage, but tweaking damage + survivability alone isn't going to create fun interactive fights. Counterplay is key.
  16. 1. Given that it currently is a tab targeting system sans tab button, I don't think it's okay that some of the ranged skills do as much damage as they currently do: That's insane considering it can come out from anywhere in a second after the confessor ults and can't be avoided. If that's really what a ranged class (45m!) is supposed to be doing, then a melee class should just instantly delete them from full health once they close distance. That doesn't strike me as good gameplay for either player. It's just a race to see who gets their ridiculous burst off first. Not very interactive... For that reason, and also because the engine currently only draws player models at 75m, I don't think adding extra range is the best solution. It feels really unfair to just have a player appear in front of you and start unloading that kind of damage with no warning. If you could at least see them coming (at like 200m+), then you could maybe take action to LoS and avoid the burst or avoid the engagement entirely. I really think having more frequent iframes on skills (dodge + probably other skills too) is critical for this game, and if that's not going to happen, a lot of tweaks need to be made to the system to encourage interactive fights.
  17. The issue I have right now is that it's not obvious what is intended gameplay and what is a bug. Consider: If this is how the engine is supposed to work, then I think it seriously affects balance. If skills are indeed meant to be unavoidable, then IMO, balance needs to be about creating more of a chess match between players, with ramping damage abilities, long combos, and opportunity to interrupt and stop these big damage skills from going off, rather than the current game where huge damage skills just hit regardless of movement or evasion skills. If the engine is *not* supposed to work this way, then I think it needs to be fixed ASAP because that means things that should be avoidable currently are not, and that means they're effectively hitting every time when maybe they should only hit if players skillfully aim / time their abilities correctly. You can't even start to balance the game with this question open. Decide how the engine is supposed to behave, then balance.
  18. Not sure if you've noticed, but there aren't many ways to really be 'gewd' in this game. Because everything just hits and dodge doesn't dodge, the only 'skill' in the game comes from choosing what skill to use at what time, having a more effective build for the task than your opponent(s), and also poorly considered balance realities. Part of the skill that does exist in the game is the stamina/retaliate gameplay. You choose which CC to retaliate and which to allow through. If you're sitting on the ground too often, it might be because you wasted your retaliate on a CC when you didn't need to. On the other hand, it might also be because you're being focused and there's nothing you can do (see: Dodge doesn't dodge). However.. some classes don't have to play the stamina game because their ults charge so quickly. Eg. Champion, especially Barb. That class can ult out of CC approximately once per 5-6 seconds, and can bank those ults to do it up to 4 times in a row, getting CC immunity and PDM each time. Combine with its leaps and a speed buff discipline, and it is extremely effective at getting away. You will never lock down a class like that, because they're just not interacting with stamina, really. They'll always have either a retaliate or an ult up. Yes, melee classes do have good gap-closing tools, but all classes (including ranged) also have pretty insane undodgeable damage skills. It's hard to say whether it's balanced or not. Like, is it fair that a confessor can do ~5k damage at 45m in 1 second with no way of avoiding it? I don't think that's good either.
  19. One minor thing I'd like to change would be not putting players "in combat", damaging their gear, when they're not actually engaged with an enemy. If you use a skill or attack just to test it out in temple or away from enemies/mobs, you shouldn't take durability damage. There are a lot of fun skills in the game. Sometimes players just want to test out their combos, or get their rotation down, or just make some sparkly effects go off because they can.
  20. What is the counterplay to this? As far as I can tell, there isn't any except "Press Q and run away". That's not very interactive gameplay. For the record, I feel the same way about Assassin burst and honestly most skills in this game. Everything just hits. Dodge doesn't dodge, projectiles aren't blocked by obstacles once they've been fired. Skills are hitting for insane chunks of players' health considering there is nothing they can do to avoid them.
  21. I just want to underscore how COMPLETELY NOT OKAY this is. How can you have any kind of tactical gameplay when you can't see opponents until they're already in range of you?
  22. So apparently player models draw at 75m. That is WAAAAAAY too short. Consider that some classes can start attacking at 65m. You need to be able to *see* opponents at long distances. It's fine if the nameplate doesn't render, but their character models, or even just some kind of placeholder should be visible. It's so jarring to have players just "pop in" so close like it's Vanilla WoW or something.
  23. I don't think stats and K/D numbers are the way to go about it, though they can certainly highlight a potential problem. I'd rather the balance devs lay out their design intentions for balance and then evaluate whether certain classes/discs/abilities are overperforming relative to these ideals. A DPS build should be able to do X amount of damage per second over the course of a 1 minute fight A DPS build should be able to burst Y amount of damage in a 5 second window ^ same but for healing ^ same but for CC / utility Some explanation of how these values should trade off against each other, if at all How much synergy should disciplines have with core class skills? Is it okay if a certain discipline multiplies a class' effectiveness at something by 50%? What should TTK be, approximately? What counterplay should exist to each ability? When is it okay to break these rules? Etc. This is really hard, but IMO, it's the only way to have grounded balance.
  24. You assume your conclusion here. It's only bad positioning to clump up if you're facing uncapped AoE. Historically, it has been good to clump up when not facing uncapped AoE. So if you're going to argue for uncapped AoE, fine. Just don't say "because clumping up is bad strategy". Whether it is bad strategy really depends on a lot of factors.
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