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  1. You should really turn on hunger dome asap, even if its glitchy and drops players. Currently you have tons of new players coming in the door looking around then leaving, I really think this is down to them looking for pvp content. But its just to hard to find as a new player I have leveled 3 characters to 30, every time I don't see a soul from the other faction. I really was hoping to get ganked, be the ganker, steal peoples gathering stuff off thier dead bodys. But the game just had non of this, people told me go skyworld that's where people are, i go their (which takes forever to
  2. Having really just got in to crowfall this weekend, dragging in two friends. I can tell you right off the bat, the UI and how things are explained is just wrong. Everything is in the wrong place and is just confusing. Non of us read any of the information, it was just not to the point enough. you should of had cut scenes to show players what is what, not read this boring text on a stand. But main issue is where is the pvp, you see tons of people while in the starter zone, but once u get to 30, you hardly see no one. Infact me and a friend spent hours looking for players, he got 3 kills an
  3. where is HungerDome ? please turn it on
  4. Also why is their a hunger system, just why..... it is completely pointless
  5. For a PVP game, their is zero pvp. I was expecting to least fight other players as I levelled up. Once I got lvl 30 I spent a good a hour or two looking for players in the sky world place and saw no one. From a fresh person - UI is really really bad - Hard to see what skills are being used (as a meele they all just look the same, I also ended up wasting chain skills thinking the mob had more hp than it did, it takes too long for the hp and effects to apply) - Boss mobs look like normal mobs, really annoying as u cannot run away from them, this just annoys new players when
  6. Will there be another test today? How can i pre make the lvl 30 character for the test?
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