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  1. So the issue with drops/vendor gear is that it undermines the whole early game or low level economy, and crafting/harvesting/trading game loop. Low level crafted gear is roughly only on par with drops but requires considerably more effort and game knowledge to procure than simply grinding mobs- which give you both gear and cash. This means that low level armor/gear crafting is essentially useless, which also makes low level matts useless. By removing the drops/vendors you immediately create high demand both for low level crafted gear and for matts. So how would that improve things
  2. When its pope or ape, etc. opinions count, when its someone else (who as actually bought the game) its a "random potential customer" complaining about a system that works great
  3. I can see why the devs would be very unwilling to pull out content that they had worked hard to implement in the first place (drops and vendor gear), but in what way do you think taking out those things would require a lot of extra work? I am getting the impression you and some others think extra/new systems would need to be added or something? Incidentally, I don't see this as a proposal that would only benefit players at the start of the game. Sure it would fix the immediate issue of weapon/armor crafting being useless and the absence of any economy, but it would also benefit new player
  4. Well I wish we could just discuss it properly, because I feel like I am not getting through to you about what I am experiencing in the game as a new player. But like I said previously, I can see a lot of great potential in this game, and I'm confident ACE will be able to steer the game in a good direction with help of passionate and intelligent backers like yourself (and others that have kindly posted here). I have no illusion that my suggestion will be adopted or taken into serious consideration by any of the devs, it is just a purely honest observation of my experience in the game to da
  5. Thank you, I am glad other people can see the obvious issues with the mob drops and vendors.
  6. I see, we are back to you telling us it won't work because you tried it out a couple of years ago in pre-beta in a massively different environment that included hugely accelerated progression and a few testers. You have not added any further progression to you argument, and in fact everything else you have said has only supported getting rid of the vendors/drops. The logic behind my suggestion is exceedingly clear, and it was in fact the original concept behind the game - its not some new fangled idea I am trying to push- which is indeed what you are attempting. It would not require any
  7. Haha, its debatable about which one of us is "still not getting it". You seem to be very wrapped up in pushing your own idea of how the game's crafting system should work, and while there may be some merit to your ideas, my premise is that the system is already pretty good- once you get rid of the drops and vendors that were put in the game to solve a problem that no longer exists. You are also misrepresenting, or misunderstanding what I am saying. I am not saying, as you claim above, that crafted gear should be as good or better than dropped gear, I am saying there should be no dropped g
  8. One of the problems with having a decentralised marketplace in CF is that the game is not a single coherent world. We have to log out to the server select page whenever we want to change "worlds", which is going to make the player vendor idea really awkward in practice. Player vendor systems can be interesting in games with a single world because it provides increased immersion, and gives meaning to different areas in the game world, but I don't really see any benefits of having it set up this way in CF- it only makes the game even more disjointed.
  9. Just for reference, the quote above is the first thing you said. And here is what you said in a post a little later. There is a large difference between those two statements, and early level/game crafting is the bridge that should span between them, but has been replaced with gear drops and vendors. In fact, nearly everything you have said only emphasises how badly drops and gear vendors have damaged the game loop. You say we cannot harvest materials people want, but that is because gear drops and vendor gear have made early level crafting meaningless. If there were no drops
  10. That's awesome! What is the purple aoe field you put down at 0.26?
  11. I just want to add that I am really impressed by the passionate, reasonable, and intelligent community of backers in this game. I am sure that with people like Pope and others you will be able to find your way through this and other conundrums. In this case the arguments I am hearing are not very convincing because they basically boil down to "because I played it in early pre-beta", so we can't even have a proper discussion of the idea based on its merits as it applies to the game in its current state. Even so, its not necessarily the end of the world. As some here have suggested the eco
  12. You haven't played this specific system, the game is in a very different state now than when you last tested a pure player-driven economy. Your assertions about how the game works don't even make any sense: you say players won't be able to harvest resources without vendor gear and mob drops??? Maybe that was true in some pre-beta version of the game, but its pretty easy to harvest atm. Unfortunately it serves basically no purpose since you can just buy gear or get it from drops. In other words, what you have claimed were problems in the past, do not seem to be relevant in the game's
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